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With Twenty Two Review: Pre-wedding Bridal Photography in Singapore

Hannah, Founder of With Twenty Two, first picked up photography casually when she was 13. At a young age of 18, she started doing portraits and conceptual shoots to bring quirky concepts to life. 

In 2019, she got hired by her friend’s sister to do a pre-wedding shoot and to her surprise, she fell in love with everything about it! The directing process, the interaction and conversations, natural intimacy and authenticity. And from then on, she started With Twenty Two to specialise in wedding photography.

Hannah finds beauty in photography, especially in its rawest form. That’s why she offers film photography for her packages — to her, it’s not about chasing the picture perfect moment or nailing that great post-edit; photos don’t need and shouldn’t always be perfect to tell a story.

8 years of photography experience
Open to unconventional shoot locations and concepts
Offers digital, film and polaroid photography

Disclaimer: The photoshoot was sponsored by With Twenty Two. However, this is not a paid review and all opinions are my own.

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Hannah did a 1.5 hour pre-wedding bridal shoot with us! Here’s a detailed review of our experience with her 😊

Communication Prior To Pre-wedding Photoshoot

Chatting with Hannah is so easy! She’s great at providing suggestions when I asked her what my fiancé should wear (it was a casual shoot initially), and what colour scheme should I get my bouquet in. 

Months before the shoot, Hannah took about 1 to 5 working days to reply. I thought this was okay as the shoot was still far and my questions weren’t urgent! Nearing the shoot, she replied quickly within 1 to 2 working days 😊

Additionally, my gown was a little ruined by my tailor and I asked Hannah for advice if the flaws would show up on camera. She advised accordingly and true enough, they didn’t show up at all!

We also changed shoot dates twice from August to October 2021 and to January 2022 but she still held up her end of the deal which shows her good work ethic! 

Experience During Pre-wedding Shoot

We intended to head to Upper Seletar Reservoir but due to bad weather, Hannah proposed Gallop Extension at Botanic Gardens instead! Thankfully, the rain stopped after a while and we managed to get some light 🙂 

During the shoot, she asked us questions to make us feel comfortable (this is a common practice for photographers and videographers). She also tried to make us laugh so that she could capture some natural laughing shots 😂

Final Delivered Images After The Shoot

5 weeks after the shoot, Hannah delivered the edited images in Google Drive. We were so surprised to see so many shots taken in just 1.5 hours! There were a total of 110 good photos (91 digital + 19 film).

Digital Shots

Couple walking along Gallop Extension
Groom kissing bride's forehead
Couple looking at each other in the midst of greenery
Backview of couple at Gallop Extension

I absolutely love the colours of the shots! The composition, the variety of poses and accurately capturing our emotions ☺️

We had our video shoot at Botanic Gardens previously but this turned out to have a different vibe. Gallop Extension is quite versatile as it has architecture and greenery; we can see why it’s a popular wedding photoshoot location!

Shot of couple through windows

Hannah specialises in more “artsy” shots like this! I’m usually not a fan of these kinda shots (I’m more mainstream cuz I like the basic poses 😂) but there were some taken that I really like, such as this one! 

Couple looking at each other (black and white photo)
Black and white shot of couple's legs

She also did some black and white shots that showed finesse and elegance. Similarly, I typically don’t like black and white shots but these are just too beautiful!

I can imagine the one with our legs being framed up and placed on one of our shelves at home to add an artistic touch 😍

Couple looking at each other at Gallop Extension

And of course, we can’t do without the iconic shot at Gallop Extension! The white architectural building has a grand look that’s super recognisable. 

By the way, my makeup and hair were done by Alyssa Hair and Makeup! ☺️

Film Shots

Couple looking back
Couple looking at each other - shot through the window

Hannah also provides film photography in her packages! This is definitely her USP (unique selling point) as most photographers usually only provide digital shots.

We didn’t know what to expect but the colours actually turned out to be more vibrant than the digital shots! There were some super cute shots taken — we love them so much that we’re using them for our e-invites 😛

Couple embracing each other

This one has a cinematic look and really added to the romantic factor of the shoot!

Also, I have to say that film photography is quite stressful cuz there’s no option to delete and retake the shot 😂 but it was a great experience!

Overall Review: My Experience With With Twenty Two (Hannah)

Rating: (out of 5😂)

Easy to communicate with
Great work ethic
Adaptable to bad weather
110 good photos (91 digital + 19 film) taken in 1.5 hours*
Edited photos delivered in 5 weeks+
2 polaroid photos included

Overall, it was a super fun experience! 

We were slightly late to the shoot due to the weather but Hannah was kind enough to extend the shoot a little to finish up her film roll. She even sent us directions to the place from the drop-off point since it’s our first time there.

We love the filters that were used on the edited images — even though it was quite gloomy cuz it just rained, the photos look so beautiful and the colours are very pretty!

“I love that I am able to do photography for a living. I love being able to capture moments for others, moments that don’t last for a month or two, but for their lifetime. I love experiencing the intimate and candid moments between a couple and translating them into photographs.

I love the genuine interactions and conversations I have with my couples, which makes my job so fulfilling and meaningful. I am humbled to be chosen by my couples, who put their trust in me for such a milestone in their life.

I also love being able to continuously learn, humble and improve myself along the way – there is always something I can take away from any photoshoot to become a better photographer.”

– Hannah, With Twenty Two

Out of the 110 photos sent to us, we saved 103 and that goes to show the number of quality photos that we were satisfied with! 

Oh and the shoot was held just before Chinese New Year so Hannah prepared goodies and drinks for us. So sweet of her 💕

*For a 1.5 hour shoot, a minimum of 80 edited photos is usually returned by With Twenty Two.

Getting The Perfect Wedding Shot With Photographer With Twenty Two

With Twenty Two wedding photographer taking photo of a couple

With Twenty Two’s services include digital, film and polaroid photography. Each package includes at least 2 polaroid originals, which I thought is a nice keepsake for the PWS experience!

I highly highly recommend Hannah if you like an efficient, young, artsy and affordable photographer. My fiancé dislikes photoshoots, but he said that he really enjoyed this! Would engage W22 again when we get our place to do a home shoot 😊

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Quote “5offW22” for 5% off all wedding photography services!
Pre-wedding packagesPrice
Basic 1.5 hours
  • 1 location
  • 2 photography mediums: digital and polaroid
  • Min. 80 edited photos
  • 2 polaroid originals
  • $380
    Basic Lux 2 hours
  • 1-2 locations
  • 3 photography mediums: digital, film and polaroid
  • Min. 80 edited photos
  • 2 polaroid originals
  • $520
    Classic 3 hours
  • 2 locations
  • 2 photography mediums: digital and polaroid
  • Min. 120 edited photos
  • 2 polaroid originals
  • $700
    Premium Lux 4 hours
  • 2-3 locations
  • 3 photography mediums: digital, film and polaroid
  • Min. 160 edited photos
  • 2 polaroid originals
  • $960
    Actual day packagesPrice
    6 hours
  • 2 photography mediums: digital and polaroid
  • Min. 400 edited photos
  • 8 polaroid originals
  • Photo montage video
  • Personalised wooden keepsake box
  • $1,500
    8 hours
  • 2 photography mediums: digital and polaroid
  • Min. 500 edited photos
  • 8 polaroid originals
  • Photo montage video
  • Personalised wooden keepsake box
  • $1,800
    10 hours
  • 2 photography mediums: digital and polaroid
  • Min. 600 edited photos
  • 8 polaroid originals
  • Photo montage video
  • Personalised wooden keepsake box
  • $2,100
  • Additional coverage: $180/h
  • Morning surcharge (before 7am): $120/hour
  • Split day charge: $250
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