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24 Outdoor And Indoor Wedding Photoshoot Locations In Singapore For That Unforgettable Photo  

Every couple wants their wedding photographs to look stunning, but with the current restrictions, an overseas trip just isn’t convenient. Fortunately, there are plenty of photogenic locations all over our lion city which you and your wedding photographer can get creative with!

We’ve gathered 24 outdoor and indoor wedding photoshoot locations in Singapore, with info on their fees (if any) and whether a permit is required! 

Outdoor Photoshoot Locations

1. Canterbury Road 

Shot by HappyPhotoPeople (top), With Twenty Two (bottom)

 Location is free to use

With its open plains, lustrous forests and clear views of the sky, Canterbury Road is a breathtakingly beautiful location for wedding shoots! The best time to shoot is at sunset, when the unobstructed scenery allows you to capture the golden hour easily.

Due to the spot’s immense popularity, it’s recommended to hold your shoot on Tuesdays to Thursdays.   

Address: Canterbury Road, Singapore 199796
Opening hours: 24 hours

2. Flower Field at Marina Mall Road

Shot by Depth of Tales

Location is free to use

One of the hidden gem spots discovered by photographer Depth of Tales, this gorgeous flower field is located at Marina Mall Road 😍 Couples are advised to drive down to this place from Marina Barrage for easy access.

Do take note that the density of the flower pots may vary during different periods, so it depends on your luck. The more dense they are, the dreamier they look in photos!

Address: Marina Mall Road
Opening hours: 24 hours

3. Helix Bridge 

Shot by OneThreeOneFour

 Location is free to use

If you’re both fans of Sci-Fi movies, the helix bridge located near Marina Bay Sands is an iconic monument fit for your wedding shoot! The bridge has a futuristic look with its twirling metal structure and colour-changing lights. 

On top of this, you get a backdrop featuring Marina Bay Sands, ArtScience Museum and if you time the shoot right — Spectra, the light and water show at the Marina Bay waterfront! 

Address: 6 Bayfront Ave, Singapore 018974
Opening hours: 24 hours

4. Old Holland Road Big Field

Shot by Depth of Tales

 Location is free to use

Old Holland Road is a less crowded alternative to the popular Canterbury Road. It features a wide open field that’s perfect for sunrise nature shoots.

You can opt to have your pre-wedding or actual day shoot here to achieve some refreshing scenic shots!

Address: Old Holland Road
Opening hours: 24 hours

5. Portsdown Road

Shot by The Synchronal (top), With Twenty Two (bottom)

 Location is free to use

Portsdown Road is a charming location that’s rustic and natural. From dense woods to aged buildings, you have multiple scenery options to choose from!

The famous abandoned water tank resembles a forgotten space shuttle, and is sure to be an intriguing centrepiece for your photo.  

Address: 4 Woking Road, Singapore 138688
Opening hours: 24 hours

6. Punggol Open Field

Shot by Depth of Tales

 Location is free to use

If you’re an eastie, this open field at Punggol is perfect for doing a sunrise or sunset shoot! Marvel in the huge open field and luscious greenery.

The best part about this location is that no permit is required, it’s free to shoot here and it’s a less known place (for now) 😉

Address: 662 Edgedale Plains
Opening hours: 24 hours

7. Quayside Isle at Sentosa 

Shot by UnderTheStars (top), Depth Of Tales (bottom left), Quayside Isle (bottom right)  

 Location is free to use

For couples who love the sea, Quayside Isle features a stunning waterfront, wooden boardwalks and plenty of yachts that will serve as elements for your photoshoot! 

The area looks best during the golden hour, where the orange glow of the sunrise or sunset reflects off the water and boats. While a permit is not required, it’s recommended to do your photoshoot on weekdays to minimise crowding. 

Address: 31 Ocean Way, Singapore 098375
Phone: 6887 3502
Opening hours: 10am – 10pm (daily)

8. Seletar North Link Bridge 

Shot by Eric Oh (top), Multifolds (bottom) 

 Location is free to use

If you’re looking for a natural area that doesn’t look like it’s in Singapore, the bridge at Seletar North Link could be a great choice. The lush trees along the reservoir’s banks and the sky are clearly reflected on the peaceful waters, creating an enchanting scene.

Address: Seletar North Link, Singapore 797607
Opening hours: 24 hours

9. Coney Island (NParks)

Shot by Knotties Frames (top), Multifolds (bottom)

 Location is free to use
Permit is required for more than 5 pax

Coney Island is an offshore island filled with ethereal pine trees, serene beaches and picturesque lalang fields. On top of the gorgeous landscapes, the island is generally tranquil and you’ll be able to take your photographs in peace.

Note that photography won’t be allowed within the forested areas away from the trails anymore due to recent updates to regulations.

Address: Punggol Promenade Nature Walk, Singapore 829325
Opening hours: 7am – 7pm (daily)

10. East Coast Park (NParks)

Shot by Depth of Tales (top), Bridelope Products (bottom)

 Location is free to use
Permit is required for more than 5 pax

Did you know that East Coast Park is the largest park in Singapore? That means that it’s great for a photoshoot and video shoot, especially if you’re shooting both on the same day and need a ton of angles!

You can even do both your casual and formal shoot here and no one will be able to tell 😉

Address: East Coast Park Service Road
Opening hours: 24 hours

11. Fort Canning Park (NParks) 

Shot by OneThreeOneFour (top left), Just Like Magic Co. (top right), Darren and Jade (bottom)

 Location is free to use
Permit is required for more than 5 pax

Fort Canning is one of Singapore’s most iconic landmarks. The area has colonial-style structures and surrounding foliage that make for great shoot opportunities!

The spiral staircase is a popular spot for wedding photography and it’s easy to see why. It looks good from every angle, and you can choose to either style the area or keep it natural. 

Address: Fort Canning Road, Singapore 179618
Opening hours: 24 hours

12. Jurong Lake Gardens (NParks) 

Shot by Andri Tei Photography (top), Juxtapose Pix (bottom)

 Location is free to use
Permit is required for more than 5 pax

If you live in the west, Jurong Lake Gardens is a convenient location for your shoot! Here, you can attain the lalang field shot of your dreams. 

There’s also a single bare tree amidst the lalang, which can serve as a distinctive focal point in your photographs. 

Address: 104 Yuan Ching Road, Singapore 618665
Opening hours: 24 hours

If you intend to have a wedding shoot at any of NPark’s reservoir parks or nature reserves, the following guidelines will apply:

• A permit must be obtained for groups with more than 5 pax. The request for the permit must be submitted 2 weeks prior to the shoot.

• Shoots are highly recommended to be carried out on weekdays during off-peak periods, typically between 6am – 9.30am or 6pm – 11.59pm.

• Photography subjects are the only ones who may unmask during the shoot. Masks must be put on when there are extended off periods between shoots.

• Photographers are only allowed to bring a tripod as equipment. Other equipment, night flash photography, props and throwing of confetti or flower petals is strictly prohibited as the biodiversity might be harmed.

13. MacRitchie Reservoir Park (NParks) 

Shot by Bottled Groove Photography

 Location is free to use
Permit is required for more than 5 pax

Aside from being a prominent hiking and jogging trail, MacRitchie Reservoir park is also a great location for a natural-themed wedding shoot. There are a couple of pavilions and bridges overlooking the waters that you can use as a background.

Once you’re done with the reservoir shots, you can escape into the forest for a change of scenery!

Address: Central Catchment Nature Reserve
Opening hours: 24 hours

14. Singapore Botanic Gardens (NParks)

Shot by Chris Chang Photography (top), Depth of Tales (bottom)

 Location is free to use
Permit is required for more than 5 pax

With its variety of diverse tropical plants and flowers, quaint gardens and aesthetic gazebos, the UNESCO heritage site proves itself to be a top destination for wedding photography. 

You can explore the garden’s many trails to find the perfect spot! It’s versatility also makes it ideal for wedding videography as there are a ton of different areas to shoot at. Gallop Extension (pictured in the bottom row) is also a good option for IG-worthy pics!

Address: 1 Cluny Road
Phone: 1800 471 7300
Opening hours: 5am – 12am

15. Upper/Lower Peirce Reservoir Park (NParks)

Shot by Awesome Memories Photography (top), Andri Tei Photography (bottom)  

 Location is free to use
Permit is required for more than 5 pax

Every part of the Peirce Reservoir Park is photogenic, giving you multiple opportunities for a natural shoot. At Upper Peirce (pictured in the top row), you’ll find delicate trees and stoney riverbanks.

During the golden hour, Lower Peirce (pictured in the bottom row) looks especially captivating, as the sunlight reflects off the open surface of the lake. 

Address: Old Upper Thomson Road
Opening hours: 24 hours

16. Upper/Lower Seletar Reservoir Park (NParks)

Shot by UnderTheStars (top), HappyPhotoPeople (bottom)   

 Location is free to use
Permit is required for more than 5 pax

At Upper Seletar Reservoir (pictured in the top row), you’ll find the famous Casuarina tree, which is known as the ‘Seletar wedding tree’ due to its popularity in wedding shoots. The tree is sandwiched between 2 benches and overlooks the reservoir, allowing you to play around with different angles and poses. 

Lower Seletar (pictured in the bottom row) is equally as beautiful, with rocky river beds and a clear view of the reservoir’s waters. 

Address: Yishun Avenue 1, Singapore 769139
Opening hours: 24 hours

17. Gillman Barracks

Shot by Awesome Memories Photography

 Outdoor locations are free to use, entrance fee may be required for paid exhibitions

Gillman Barracks is a visual arts cluster with local and international art galleries. It’s a versatile location for a shoot, as they have both loud and quirky backdrops and clean monochrome buildings. If you can’t decide on a single vibe, just go for both! 

If you intend to shoot in the galleries, remember to check out which exhibitions are ongoing and whether you can access them for commercial photography before you proceed!

Address: 9 Lock Road, Singapore 108937
Phone: 6333 4103
Opening hours: 24 hours

18. Universal Studios Singapore

Shot by Knotties Frame

Bookings must be made at least 2 weeks in advance

Everyone knows Singapore’s internationally-acclaimed theme park for its thrilling and fun rides, but it also has a variety of themed settings for your photography session!

You can select between a retro diner, the streets of New York City, a magical castle and more — the possibilities are endless.  

Wedding photography and videography packageFrom $388 for 2 hours (maximum of 5 pax)
Subsequent hours$75 per hour

Address: 8 Sentosa Gateway, Singapore 098269
Opening hours: 12pm – 7pm (Fri – Sun)

Indoor Photoshoot Locations

19. Jewel Changi Airport 

Shot by GrizzyPix Photography

 Location is free to use
Permit is required (to be submitted 5 working days in advance)

Jewel at Changi Airport is another hot spot when it comes to wedding photography. It’s not hard to see why — the sunlight shines through the glass roof and you get the majestic HSBC Rain Vortex as a key element.

If you’re lucky enough, the sun rays will reflect on the fountain and a rainbow may form, adding a magical touch to that special photo. 

Address: 78 Airport Boulevard, Singapore 819666
Phone: 6956 9898
Opening hours:
9am – 1am (daily)

20. Atlas Bar at Parkview Square

Shot by Enoch Photography

Bookings must be made at least 1 week in advance

The design of the Atlas Bar at Parkview Square Hotel is inspired by the glamorous Art Deco architecture from the 1920s. With its dark wood and golden sculptures, the luxurious bar looks like it belongs to a scene in the movie “The Great Gatsby”!

If you’re looking for a unique backdrop, the Atlas Bar is certainly a huge contender. 

Shoot timePrice (min. 2 hours)
Within listed hours
  • 7.30am - 9.30am (Mon - Fri)
  • 7.30am - 11.30am (Sat)
  • $500 per hour
    Outside listed hours$700 per hour

    Address: 600 North Bridge Road, Singapore 188778
    Phone: 6396 4466 

    21. CHIJMES

    Shot by Andri Tei Photography (top), Bottled Groove Photography (bottom) 

    Bookings must be made at least 2 weeks in advance

    Featuring white gothic architecture and a cathedral with mesmerising stained glass, CHIJMES has a hauntingly beautiful photoshoot setting. This complements both white wedding gowns and coloured outfits. 

    The cathedral’s interior was also used as an actual set in the hit movie, “Crazy Rich Asians”! 

    Shoot timePrice
    (9.30am - 12pm, 2.30pm - 5pm)
    From $200
    (9.30am - 12pm)
    From $250+

    Address: 130 Victoria Street, Singapore 187996
    Phone: 6333 4103

    22. Cloud Forest and Flower Dome at Gardens By The Bay

    Shot by TLGraphy (top), OneThreeOneFour (bottom)

    Bookings must be made at least 1 week in advance

    Gardens By The Bay offers a value-for-money Personal Photoshoot Package that gives you exclusive usage of cordoned-off areas, buggy services and a complimentary 2-hour parking! You’ll get 2 hours in the conservatories, the Cloud Forest and Flower Dome, for your shoot. 

    With a balance of industrial design and nature, the Cloud Forest (pictured in the top row) and the Flower Dome (pictured in the bottom row) at Gardens By The Bay will give you interesting backgrounds. There are a ton of visuals that look equally stunning in both the day and night!

    Personal photography package$138 for 2 hours (maximum of 4 pax)
    Additional pax$20 per pax

    Address: 8 Marina Gardens Drive, Singapore 018953
    Opening hours:
    9am – 9pm (daily)

    23. National Gallery 

    Shot by The Synchronal (top and bottom left), National Gallery (bottom right)

    Bookings must be made at least 2 weeks in advance

    Before it became the National Gallery, the structure was the previous Supreme Court building. It hosts a Neoclassical-style exterior with Greek and Roman influences, making it look grand!

    On top of that, its interior is filled with several eye-catching spaces that will add dynamism to your wedding photographs.

    Personal photoshoot$374.50 for 2 hours (maximum of 5 pax)

    Address: 1 St Andrew’s Road, Singapore 178957
    Time slots: 7.30am – 9.30am, 10.30am – 12.30pm, 4pm – 6pm
    Phone: 6271 7000

    24. National Museum

    Shot by Bridelope Productions

    Bookings must be made at least 1 week in advance

    Established in 1849, The National Museum is the oldest museum in Singapore. It has witnessed many events in our history and is a meaningful place filled with picture-worthy spots. 

    The museum’s inner bridge is one such place, lined with pure white columns and light brown wooden floors. The onlooking glass ceiling ensures that the area gets plenty of natural light.

    Personal photography$184 for 2 hours (maximum of 5 pax)
    Large group filming and photography$254 per hour (more than 5 pax)

    Address: 93 Stamford Road, Singapore 178897
    Phone: 6332 3659
    Opening hours:
    10am – 7pm (daily)

    Dreamy Locations For Your Wedding Photoshoots

    Choosing an ideal location is one of the most important parts of a wedding photoshoot. It’s best to choose a background that will represent your shoot’s vision or theme, whether it’s natural, urban or eccentric. 

    We hope our list has inspired you with unique location ideas in our very own home country!

    Planning a wedding? Check out our wedding series that features wedding planners, gown rentals, makeup artists and more! Promo codes are included 🙂

    If you would like to be included in our lists, send us an email at!



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