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19 Unique And Thoughtful Wedding Favours In Singapore That Won’t Blow Your Budget

Any couple would want their wedding to be as memorable and special as possible. Having unique wedding favours will definitely go a long way in leaving a deep impression on your guests. 

Wedding favours are usually small gifts for wedding guests given by the couple as a gesture of appreciation. They can usually be personalised and customised to fit the theme of the event.

In this article, we’ve listed 19 unique and affordable wedding favours in Singapore so that your wedding can be memorable!

Edible Wedding Favour Ideas

Who doesn’t love food? Edible wedding favours are sure to be a huge hit among guests, especially with options ranging from sweet treats like chocolate to healthier options like dried fruits and nuts, and even bottled cocktails.

1. Hard Candy (Sticky) – $2.50+

Close up of Sticky hard candy design

Everyone knows Sticky for their vibrantly designed hard candy. But did you know that you can customise the design for your event?

For your wedding, you can choose the casing colour/pattern, text colour and add in a symbol or logo! These unique edible favours will leave your guests wanting more.

Minimum order quantity: 4kg ($200)

4kg$200.00Up to 8 letters
6kg$300.00Up to 10 letters
8kg$360.00Up to 12 letters
10kg$420.00Up to 14 letters

Prices exclude GST and packaging cost.

As a gauge, 4kg can give you 133 x 30g jars (going at $1/jar). So, the total cost will be $333.00 excluding GST.

Contact details
Email: ​​

2. Tea Blends (Kindred Teas) – $3.00+

Pink/purple bottles of Kindred Teas leaves

Kindred Teas specialises in curating exquisite tea blends inspired from the unique cultures of other countries. Their sophisticated flavours are further elevated by their elegant and modern packaging.

For wedding favours, they have 3 options:
• Blooming teas in pyramid box
• Tea pouch
• Tea favour tin

They range from $3.00/pax to $5.50/pax. For a balance of budget and aesthetics, we recommend going for the pyramid boxes with 1 bloom! 

Minimum order quantity: 50

Blooming teasPyramid box (white/pink/green) with standard “love” tag$3.20/box (1 bloom)
$4.00/box (2 blooms)
2 x teabags or
8g loose leaf tea
Clear ziplock pouch with standard Kindred Teas sticker$3.00/pouch
3 x teabags or
10g loose leaf
Round silver tin with standard Kindred Teas sticker$5.50/tin

Contact details

3. Baked Treats (Ola Lola) –  $4.00+

Mini tarts in boxes from Ola Lola

Looking for something classy and simple? Ola Lola is a muslim-owned company in Singapore that provides couples with wedding favours, and their bakes are crafted based on the idea of tasteful class and minimalism. 

They specialise in macarons and mini tarts, but offer many other choices like cupcakes, cake jars and even meringue drops. So you’ll definitely find the perfect, delicious wedding favour for your guests here!

Minimum order quantity: 30 sets

Mini tarts (2pc / 3pc / 4pc)$4 / $5 / $6
Meringue drops (10 - 15pc)$4
Cupcake (mini / large)$4 / $5
Cake jars (100ml)$5
Macarons (2pc)$6

All favours come with ribbons and custom prints.

Contact details
Email: ​​

4. Dried Fruits and Nuts (Garden Picks) – $4.50+

Dried fruits and nuts packed in packets

No minimumum order quantity

For over a decade, Garden Picks has been supplying Singaporeans with tasty and guilt-free snacks. Their products include more than 100 varieties of nuts, dried fruits, superfoods and more!

Depending on your budget and requirements, you can choose to opt for personalised pack favours, jars and tins favours, or even wholesale cartons for DIY favours. Garden Picks also offers free-of-charge personalised messages on any of their generic labels!


Berry MixDiced apricots, cranberry, green raisins and sultanas (140g)$4.50/bottle (excl. GST)
Fruit MedleyDried kiwi, dried guava, dried cherry tomato and dried apricot (110g)$4.50/bottle (excl. GST)
Vegetable Chips MedleyVegetable chips (50g)$4.50/bottle (excl. GST)
Trail MixBaked cashews, baked almonds, sunflower seeds, roasted chickpea, green raisins and goji berry (120g)$4.80/bottle (excl. GST)
Classic Nut & Berry MixNatural walnuts, baked almonds, roasted peanut, cranberry and green raisins (120g)$4.80/bottle (excl. GST)
Deluxe Nut MixNatural walnuts, baked almonds, baked cashews, natural brazil nuts and roasted hazelnuts (120g)$5.50/bottle (excl. GST)

*Price list only includes some of their more popular items.

Contact details
Phone: 6659 4859

5. Cookies and Donuts (Wedding Knots) – $5.00+

Bride and groom sugar cookies from Wedding Knots

Wedding Knots by LAVISH is a wedding caterer with more than 15 years of experience. Apart from catering, they provide sweet treats for your guests which can be packaged as favours for them to bring home. Treats include cookies, donuts and cupcakes!

ItemPriceMinimum order quantity
Bride and groom cookies$5.0060
Mini chocolate donut with sprinkles$5.0060
Marble couple name with silver leaf cookie$5.5060
Geode cupcake with individual cup cake box$8.50100

Contact details
Phone: 6392 2688

6. Honey Jars (HoneySpree) – $5.45+

Honey jars with customised label from HoneySpree

No minimumum order quantity

HoneySpree offers mini multifloral honey jars as door gifts for any occasion. They have standard design wrappers starting from $3.95 per jar. If you’d like to customise the design, prices start from $5.45 per jar. You can choose from over 10 different designs and add in names or short messages.

These small honey jars are Halal certified and weigh 80g in total (50g jar + 30g honey). There are also wedding favour sets where other products such as honey soap and hand sanitiser are included! All products are hand wrapped by stay-at-home mums to keep them employed ☺️

Standard design: $3.95+/jar
Customised design: $5.45+/jar + $20 customisation fee
(Customisation fee is waived for orders above $300)

Contact details
Phone: 8686 2990
Email: ​​

7. Chocolate Bars (Fossa Chocolate) – $6.00

Customised chocolate bar packaging from Fossa Chocolate

Fossa Chocolate handcrafts chocolate bars from scratch using cocoa beans. You can customise the packaging of each bar using these standard templates or overlay your own artwork.

The chocolate bar is 25g (11.7cm x 7cm) and features a single origin 70% dark chocolate with up to 2 toppings. What a unique edible favour!

Delivery fee: $35.00

8. Bottled Cocktails (The Shake Affinity) – $12.00+

Bottled cocktails from The Shake Affinity

The Shake Affinity is a mobile bar and beverage catering service, offering wedding favours including personalised keypad locks, candy, mini whiskey bottles and champagne bottles.

They’ve crafted over a million beverages, and served more than 500,000 guests. You can be assured that your guests will be letting loose and enjoying themselves on your special day!

Minimum order quantity: 100

Bottled artisan customised cocktail (200ml)$12.00+/bottle
Bottled artisan customised mocktail (200ml)$10.00+/bottle

Each item comes with a customisable round or square label

Contact details
WhatsApp: 8218 1411

Non-Edible Wedding Favour Ideas

Gifting your guests something practical is a great way to express your appreciation. 

So, we’ve done the research for you and listed some of the most affordable non-edible wedding favours in Singapore!

9. Lifestyle Items (Simply Wedding Favours) – $1.00+

Small colourful bear towels from Simply Wedding Favours

Simply Wedding Favours aims to provide a huge assortment of affordable and elegant wedding favours. Each item has a small minimum order quantity of 30, with bulk discounts for orders over 200 items.

If you’d like to see the items in person, you can call them to arrange for a viewing at Playfair Road!


ItemPriceMinimum order quantity
Candy towel$1.0030
(Bulk discount for quantities over 200)
Soaps (various designs)$1.00
Bookmarks (various designs)$1.90
Small bear towel set$2.50
Salt and pepper shakers (various designs)$3.50

Items featured are non-exhaustive.

Contact details
Phone/WhatsApp: 9751 8831

10. Personalised Wood Keychains and Coasters ( – $1.99+

Customised wood coasters from Shopee

No minimumum order quantity has several personalised gifts such as wood engraved keychains and name coasters going for $2.50 and $5.89 each respectively.

These favors add a personal touch and can also double up as your guests’ seat names, allowing you to save costs on printing name cards!

Keychain: $1.99+
Coaster: $4.30+
Delivery fee: $1.00 (Free for orders $20 and above)

11. Lifestyle Items (SONDER by Co.) – $2.00+

Marble coasters in many shapes from SONDER by Co.

Lead time: 2-5 weeks

SONDER by Co. provides premium wedding stationery and a wide selection of lifestyle items suitable as wedding favours.

Products include but are not limited to
• Mask holder: $2.00
• Leafy tea infuser: $3.00
• Sanitiser pouch: $4.20 – $4.50
• Leather name card holder: $5.00

What’s unique is that they also provide Singapore’s first interactive favours booth! If you can’t decide on one single favour, book their booth package so your guests can choose their gifts at the event venue. 

Price varies for each product.
Minimum order quantity: 30

Contact details
Phone: 9828 4589
WhatsApp: 9298 9236

12. Room Mists and Candles (Shrokasha) – $4.70+

Travel candle and room mist by Shrokasha

Lead time: 3 months

Shrokasha has classy and elegant wedding favours such as room mists and candles. Considered as classic gifts, these are no-fail options for any guest — that is, if you pick the right scent.

So before picking a scent, do consider getting their scent testers to try all 3 fragrances for just $2.50! Complimentary customised stickers are also included so you can give your wedding favours a personal touch.


ItemPriceMinimum order quantity
Room mist (100ml)$3.80100
Travel candle (30g) and room mist (30ml)$4.70
Travel message-in-candle (30g) and room mist (30g)
  • Customised message on candle (up to 20 words)
  • $4.90

    Each item comes with a packaging box and customised sticker of your choice to be pasted on the item.

    Contact details
    Instagram DM: @shrokasha

    13. Scented Candles and Sprays (Lynk Artisan) – $5.90+

    Scented Candles and Sprays (Lynk Artisan)

    For the aroma lovers, Lynk Artisan’s products range from scented candles to room sprays, and even hand sanitiser sprays. Plus, there are many different scents for you to choose from.

    The ingredients used are all clean, safe and non-toxic. Additionally, their products are packaged using environmentally-sustainable materials. You’ll definitely find the perfect wedding favour for your guests at Lynk Artisan!

    Minimum order quantity: 100

    Scented candles (100g)$22.00/candle
    Scented candles (200g)$38.00/candle
    Hand sanitiser spray (20ml)$5.90/bottle
    Room spray (50ml)$21.90/bottle

    *Price list only includes some of their more popular items.

    Contact details
    Phone: 8198 6978
    WhatsApp: 8898 7037

    14. Candle Wax Tablets and Floral Crystal Candles (The Rituals Co.) – $12.00+

    Mini crystal candles from The Rituals Co

    The Rituals Co. has 2 options for wedding favours — crystal wax tablets and floral crystal candles. You can choose from 10 different scents and customise the colour scheme! 

    Additionally, a complimentary customised design sticker label will be provided for a minimum order of 100 candles. For tablets, there’s a complimentary add-on cotton pouch with customised stamping.

    Botanical crystal wax tablets: $12.00/piece
    Mini floral crystal candles: $13.00/piece

    Contact details

    15. Scented Candles (PartyForce) – $13.90

    Scented candles from PartyForce

    No minimumum order quantity

    If you have a bigger budget and want to go for something more premium, PartyForce has scented candles in glass jars that are great as wedding favours. Scents include misty forest, lavender eucalyptus, bamboo green tea, citronella and zumarong.

    Delivery fee: $1.49 (Free for orders $20 and above)

    Stores With Both Edible And Non-Edible Wedding Favours

    Still unsure about what to gift your wedding guest? Between delicious snacks and practical items, the next few wedding favour companies we’ve listed offer the best of both worlds!

    This way, you can have a mix of edible and non-edible favours for your guests to choose from.

    16. Edible and Inedible Favours (SG Wedding Favours) – $1.35+

    Wedding gifts from SG Wedding Favors

    Established in 2008, SG Wedding Favours specialises in providing wedding favours in Singapore. They’re constantly on a hunt for the most unique and tasteful gifts that fit any occasion.

    On top of gifts, they also have packaging to pack your gifts in. The best part is — the more you buy, the cheaper each unit is!

    Mini jam jars$1.35Rose soap$2.00
    Smoked sea salt flakes from UK$3.90Fork and spoon set$2.55
    Tea leaves$3.50Bottle opener$2.95

    Prices stated are the maximum price. Items featured are non-exhaustive.

    Contact details
    Phone: 6278 9069
    Email: ​​

    17. Flowers, Cookies and Honey Jars (Whipped Love) – $1.40+

    Flowers, cookies and honey jars from Whipped Love

    No minimumum order quantity
    Halal options availabe

    Whipped Love, founded by Zu, has curated a wide selection of wedding favours catered to different group sizes. Here, you can select edible and non-edible gifts and customise things like the cloth cover, ribbon type and words on the tag. 

    Note: Do enquire with the team for availability before placing orders via the website!


    Honey jars$1.90Bunga rampai in glass jars$3.80
    Gem biscuits jars$2.00Bunga rampai bouquet$3.80
    Chipsmore jars$2.20Rose in packaging$4.50

    Items featured are non-exhaustive.

    Contact details

    18. Personalised Gifts (A Love Knot) – $1.80+

    Nuts and kaya butter wedding favours from A Love Knot

    A Love Knot has been providing couples with personalised, carefully crafted wedding favours for nearly a decade. Their products include honey jars, hand sanitiser sprays, chocolates, bath salt and many more!

    Additionally, all of their products are handmade, halal and affordable. Their tags and labels can also be customised to your liking — just pick the typefaces and design, and they’ll get the artwork crafts done for you!


    ItemPrice per unitMinimum order quantity
    Chai in test tubes$2.20+20
    Honey in hexagon jar$3.30+ (medium)
    $4.50+ (large)
    Kit Kat chocolate bar$1.80+ (2-finger)
    $2.20+ (4-finger)
    Soy candle in amber jar$5.00+ (medium)
    $7.00+ (large)
    Hand sanitiser sprays$2.80+-

    *Price list only includes some of their more popular items. Do note that favours are non-refundable and sold in multiples of 10.

    Contact details
    WhatsApp: 8951 1218

    19. Sanitiser Spray and Snow Fungus Collagen Drink (Skinny Art Space) – $3.90+

    Snow fungus collagen and sanitiser spray from Skinny Art Space

    Skinny Art Space is a local illustrator that provides digital illustrations, hardcopy prints and uniquely designed sanitiser sprays.

    Personalised illustrations can also be printed on sanitiser sprays and snow fungus collagen jars as wedding favours! This is great for couples who are looking for practical gifts.

    ItemPriceMinimum order quantity
    Snow fungus collagen$3.90120
    Sanitiser spray$5.9050

    Getting Wedding Favours For Your Guests

    If you think about it, wedding favours aren’t really compulsory. However, they tell your guests that you appreciate their presence and love. It’s a small way of saying thank you to your guests, and this goes a long way.

    Favours need not be overly expensive or fancy — it’s meant to be a little token for your guests to take home so that they have a fun memory of your special day. There are many options available, so you can definitely find something from our list of ideas 😉


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