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46 Lifestyle Bloggers In Singapore Who Are Nano-, Micro- And Mid-tier Influencers

Today, the number of lifestyle bloggers in Singapore have been constantly growing. This glamorous job has made it difficult to sieve out transparent and authentic content and reviews.

Hence, we’ve collated a list of 46 lifestyle bloggers in Singapore who are both authentic and engaging! The list includes nano-, micro- and mid-tier influencers.

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*Disclaimer: Bumble Scoop is not liable for any false or misleading information mentioned by these bloggers.

Editor’s Choice

Best All-rounded Lifestyle Blog:
William Tan
Most Unique Lifestyle Topics:
Cheryl Tay
Badge for best all-rounded lifestyle blog: William Tan
Badge of most unique lifestyle topics: Cheryl Tay
William is an all-rounded blogger who shares about topics ranging from food to travel to tech and even beauty. The array of content he covers makes Only William a versatile and fun blog to read!If you’re looking for a lifestyle blogger with fresh content, Cheryl’s blog is the one to follow! Her blog is largely focused on cars, motorsports, fitness and photography.
Most IG-Worthy Lifestyle Images:
Yina Goh
Most Aesthetic Lifestyle Blog:
Michelle Ng
Badge for best IG worthy lifestyle images: Yina Goh
Badge for most aesthetic lifestyle blog: Michelle Ng
The images used in Yina’s blog are high-definition and share a similar filter that dials down on the yellow tint without losing the photo’s vibrancy. This reminds readers strongly of Instagram profiles with a highly-curated feed.The design of Ice Frost Diary is minimalist and her layout is incredibly organised. The homepage is clearly segmented into her wishlist, latest blog posts, pinterest and Instagram images.

Lifestyle Bloggers who are Nano-Influencers (1K – 10K Instagram Followers)

1. Melvin and Jacqueline (1.2K followers)

Couple holding a glass of wine and a baby lying on mother's chest

 Topics covered: Entertainment | Travel | Astrology

A Winsome Life was created by a couple, Melvin and Jacqueline. 

Aside from their travel diaries as a family, the couple also shares about interesting movies and games that they’ve come across. 

They’re also the only blog in this list to have a category solely on astrology. If you’re keen on finding out more about astrology and spirit animals, you should definitely check out their blog!

2. Joyce Lim (1.3K followers)

Asian girl with brown hair hugging a large pikachu soft toy

 Topics covered: Beauty | Fashion | Shopping | Food | Travel

If you’re looking for a lifestyle blogger who also shares about her personal life, Joyce is the one to follow!

Aside from the typical posts about food or product reviews, Joyce often shares about her life including her journey towards weight loss or her stories about being a cat mum. Her sharing gives readers an insight into her daily life, making them feel more connected to her.

3. Tan Shi Hui (1.4K followers)

Asian girl with brown hair wearing black and white stripe top

 Topics covered: Food | Beauty | Travel

Despite the name of Shi Hui’s blog, her posts don’t solely revolve around reviews. As an avid lover of all things beauty, Shi Hui occasionally shares skincare tips for her readers. 

She also posts videos from her YouTube channel as an alternative to her posts. While she has a YouTube channel which she updates regularly, she prefers to be known as a blogger over a YouTuber.

4. Jaclynn Seah (1.5K followers)

Woman in striped singlet and sunglasses

 Topics covered: Shopping | Travel

As the name of her blog suggests, Jaclynn is an avid traveller. Her blog is largely filled with detailed travelogues that take her readers directly to each destination without being there physically! 

Apart from her travel escapades, she also does reviews about travel essentials. 

Currently, as she’s unable to travel due to the pandemic, she explores Singapore to show her readers the beauty of her homeland 🙂

5. Monice Cheung (1.6K followers)

Girl with large sun hat bending to smell red flowers

 Topics covered: Beauty | Food | Shopping | Travel | Pets

Monice doesn’t have a significant following on her Instagram account as compared to many others in this list. However, her lifestyle blog has been awarded a number of accolades including Foodpanda’s Top Lifestyle Blogger in 2016.

She covers a variety of topics such as beauty, food, shopping, travel and pets. In recent months, Monice has shown a great interest in food, so if you’re searching for a place for your next meal, check out her blog for some ideas!

6. District SixtyFive (1.6K followers)

High tea setup with coffee and cakes

 Topics covered: Beauty | Food | Arts | Travel | Entertainment

Aside from her personal blog, Monice Cheung has also created another lifestyle blog with her brother, Colman. Known as District SixtyFive, the site also shares about all things related to food, travel, beauty, entertainment and the arts!

Their high-definition images are truly a treat for the eyes and help to complement the minimalist design of the blog.

7. Geri (1.9K followers)

Four kinds of toast - banana, blueberry, kiwi and strawberry

 Topics covered: Food | Travel | Home and living | Shopping

Spring Tomorrow is a lifestyle blog revolving around food and travel. Geri’s inspiration for her food posts comes from her travels, which in turn inspires her to cook various cuisines including Asian, American, Spanish and Middle Eastern.

She also does product reviews and touches on home and living articles. You should definitely check out her home and living articles for inspiration on home decor!

8. The Wacky Duo (2K followers)

Two boys posing in front of red wall with traditional art design

 Topics covered: Family | Travel | Food | Tech | Entertainment

The Wacky Duo is a unique blog managed by a family of 4 – two parents and two sons. As such, their blog provides different points of view, making it an interesting read.

The blog covers an array of topics, from parenting to finance articles and even arcade reviews! Thanks to their wide variety of content, they were awarded the winner of the Best Lifestyle Blogs 2019.

9. Alexis Cheong (2.3K followers)

Woman with light purple hair

 Topics covered: Beauty | Food | Events | Travel | Tech

Alexis is a passionate blogger who shares about food, travel, beauty and technology. She also shows her tiny interest in decor as she often notes the interior design of the restaurants and cafes she visits.

Additionally, Alexis inserts vlogs into her posts that add a fun and personal element to her blog!

10. Dawn Chan (2.7K followers)

Side view of woman with eyes closed with pink lantern and sakura tree

 Topics covered: Events | Beauty | Food | Pet | Travel

Unlike many of the lifestyle bloggers in this list, blogging is not Dawn’s career. She has a professional career in digital marketing and makes her blog unique by sharing marketing tips for aspiring marketers!

Aside from these tips, she also takes to her blog during her spare time to share about beauty, food, travel, pets and events.

11. Darren Ang (3.6K followers)

Guy in white shirt and denim jacket posing in front of Doraemon statue

 Topics covered: Entertainment | Food | Home | Travel | Beauty | Fashion | Tech

Darren began his blogging career in 2005 and his site has since grown to win numerous awards in the local blogging scene. Despite being a nano-influencer, he has worked with huge brands such as Disney and SingTel.

He covers content from food to travel and even beauty and fashion. He has also produced video content for his YouTube channel that showcases his dining and travel experiences.

12. Janel Ku (3.8K followers)

Woman eating hotpot with lots of condiments

 Topics covered: Beauty | Food | Shopping | Travel | Wedding

Janel began her blog writing about food but later evolved to cover topics such as beauty and travel. Her passion for these topics shines through her posts, especially her travelogues. Janel strives to provide readers with the most candid reviews on products and services, including sponsorships. She also remains transparent about the brands she advertises for by using an “advertorial” tag.

13. Michelle Ng (4K followers)

Woman with black hair waving to the camera

 Topics covered: Beauty | Food | Shopping | Travel | Wedding

Michelle started Icefrost Diary in 2009 as a beauty blog. Over the years, she began exploring different content topics such as travel and makeup. 

She also started writing wedding-related articles as she entered that stage in her life, adding a personal touch to her blog.

If you’re searching for an aesthetically pleasing lifestyle blog, you’re sure to love Icefrost Diary!

14. Angie Sim (5K followers)

Middle-aged couple taking a selfie on a snowy day

 Topics covered: Parenting | Food | Shopping | Travel | Craft

Life’s Tiny Miracles is a lifestyle blog started by Angie, a mother of two. While Angie is the main contributor to the blog, her husband, David, also uploads posts occasionally. 

Their blog shares about their experiences as parents and documents some intimate stories about their lives such as Angie’s struggle with cancer. Their optimistic take on life makes their blog a worthy read, even if you’re not a parent!

15. Vikki Phoon (5.2K followers)

Woman with hair tied in a low ponytail

 Topics covered: Beauty | Food | Shopping | Fashion | Entertainment

Effynius is a blog used by Vikki to document her life’s journey, experiences and thoughts. Similar to social media influencers, she shares life updates with her readers.

Aside from her posts on beauty, food, fashion and entertainment, she also has a special category under her blog for her thoughts, where she shares intimate aspects of her life such as her experience with depression.

16. Vivian Tian (5.4K followers)

Girl with brown hair in denim jacket posing with a cup of coffee

 Topics covered: Beauty | Food | Shopping | Fashion

Dokivee by Vivian is yet another minimalist lifestyle blog. She blogs about content related to beauty, food, shopping and fashion.

Her style of blogging alternates between food and product reviews and stories about her life.

17. Alvin Sim (6.2K followers)

Side profile of man drinking tea in front of a table of desserts

 Topics covered: Food | Travel | Photography

Created in 2010 by Alvin Sim, Chapters of Escapism is a blog that shares about photography, travel and food-related content.

Though travelling to other countries is tough and even impossible during this pandemic, Alvin keeps this wanderlust alive as he continues to share about things to do during trips to places such as Vietnam.

18. Our Parenting World (7.2K followers)

Fighter jets flying in the sky and an airshow

 Topics covered: Parenting | Beauty | Food | Entertainment | Travel | Events

Our Parenting World is a blog run by a group of parents with the aim of creating a supportive community.

They not only share their parenting journey with their readers but also cover a wide array of subjects such as beauty, food, entertainment and travel. Additionally, they introduce lots of fun activities that you can do here in Singapore!

19. Mitsueki (8.4K followers)

Girl with dark brown hair in black plastic glasses

 Topics covered: Beauty | Food | Shopping | Travel | Fitness | Photography

Similar to a diary, Mitsueki uses her blog to document her daily life. During this pandemic, she used the opportunity to share her experiences working from home and little adventures after the circuit breaker was eased in Singapore.

The personal tone she uses in her articles also makes her seem like a long-time friend of her readers, which serves as the unique selling point of her blog.

20. Tiffany Yong (9.1K followers)

Woman with brown hair posing with her face resting on her hand

 Topics covered: Beauty | Food | Shopping | Entertainment

Tiffany may be familiar to some due to her acting stints at Mediacorp. Aside from her acting career, she is an active lifestyle blogger. 

She does movie reviews frequently, showing her passion for the entertainment scene. If you’re looking for new movies or shows to catch, you should definitely check out Tiffany’s blog.

Lifestyle Bloggers who are Micro-Influencers (10K – 50K Instagram Followers)

21. Martini Blanc (11K followers)

Woman with sunglasses posing in a crowded subway

 Topics covered: Beauty | Tech | Fashion | Travel | Fitness

Martini Blanc is created by a team of talented women with a passion for beauty, fashion and food, among many other topics. Their blog covers a variety of products and is a great detailed resource.

If you’re looking for an all-rounded blog, this is a great place to start!

22. Sharon A. Chia (11.4K followers)

Woman with side ponytail in floral dress carrying a handbag

 Topics covered: Beauty | Food | Fashion | Home and living

Sharon began blogging in 2004 but took a break to pursue her full-time career. In 2012, she revisited blogging again and has been actively posting ever since!

Her beautifully-edited photos complement her articles and she’s not afraid to share photos of her family members. Her blog finds the right balance between various topics, which is great for readers who are looking for a general lifestyle blog!

23. Gwendolyn (11.7K followers)

Cheese platter with 7 different kinds of cheeses

 Topics covered: Shopping | Food | Events | Travel

As the name suggests, oo-foodielicious focuses on food reviews. However, the blog also shares about other topics such as travel, shopping and events.

The blogger, Gwendolyn, places significant importance and emphasis on her photos. The images on her blog are high definition and vibrant in colours, especially her food images, making readers salivate from simply looking at the pictures!

For more mouth-watering photos, check out this list of must-follow food blogs in Singapore!

24. Hpility (14.4K followers)

 Topics covered: Beauty | Health | Technology | Food | Travel

Hpility is a well-known lifestyle blogger who covers a notable amount of topics such as food, technology and entertainment. You may be surprised to know that he also produces content related to beauty and fashion! Cosmetic dentistry, hair colouring services and facial treatments are just some examples of the product reviews he has done before.

He also focuses on great self-care tips to improve general health such as stress management, meditation routines and getting the best sleep.

25. Soon Koon (14.5K followers)

Man wearing blue striped shirt with sunglasses carrying a young boy

 Topics covered: Health | Food | Travel | Parenting | Home and living

Lemon Film Blog is managed by a Singaporean father who shares his thoughts on parenting and home and living. He occasionally talks about mental health issues of children, making the blog an interesting read especially for parents. 

Aside from those topics, he also covers food and travel. His travels take him around Asia and Australia so check out his blog if you’re keen on family travels!

26. Adrian Eugene Seet (16.9K followers)

Man with black glasses posing mouth wide open with chicken in one hand and rice in the other

 Topics covered: Tech | Food | Shopping | Finance | Events | Travel

Super Adrian Me is an interesting blog that covers finance topics aside from the usual food, shopping and travel. While the posts are typically short and focus on insurance, they are an informative and useful resource for readers.

However, Adrian doesn’t focus greatly on the design of his blog so don’t be surprised at its simplicity!

27. Hazel (17.4K followers)

Side profile of woman sitting at a table behind a glass looking out the window

 Topics covered: Beauty | Food | Shopping | Travel | Entertainment | Photography

Hazel Diary is a lifestyle blog specialising in food, travel and photography. Hazel has travelled around various countries in Asia such as Macau, Bali and Vietnam. As such, her food and hotel reviews are focused on the countries that she’s visited.

Her blog also introduces events and entertainment destinations in Singapore, so if you’re looking for your next outing destination, check it out for some inspiration!

28. Hannah Chia (22K followers)

Woman with shoulder-length hair holding a glass of alcohol in a bar

 Topics covered: Beauty | Food | Photography | Travel

Mshannahchia was started as a personal blog to document her own food adventures. However, Hannah found passion in blogging and began sharing about beauty, travel, photography and shopping.

Her blog still remains largely about food and is now run together with a team who shares her passion for the abovementioned topics.

29. Cheng Kai Ting (23.7K followers)

Girl in white shirt with black stripes on the side hugging a golden retriever

 Topics covered: Beauty | Food | Fashion | Travel | Shopping | Wedding

Aside from being a blogger, Kai Ting is also a real estate agent. Her blog serves as her personal outlet to share about her passions including beauty, fashion and travel. She has done reviews on her blog for beauty brands such as Zenyum and St. Ives. 

Additionally, she has worked with many wedding-related companies so do check out her blog if you need some resources for your big day!

30. Peggy Chang (27.2K followers)

Woman with blonde hair, yellow hair piece and black earrings

 Topics covered: Beauty | Food | Fashion | Travel | Life

By day, Peggy is an owner of two cafes, Tiramisu Hero and Butter My Buns. By night, she’s a blogger of Six Pegs, a lifestyle blog covering topics like beauty, food and life.

In recent years, Peggy began sharing more personal stories such as her struggles with loneliness and her idea of forgiveness. Through these posts, readers can learn more about her and this adds to her blog’s authenticity.

31. Myke Motus (31.4K followers)

Side profile of guy in brown jacket sitting on a chair

 Topics covered: Design | Food | Tech | Fashion | Beauty

Given Myke’s passion for design and photography, it’s no surprise that his blog is incredibly aesthetic in design. The minimalist aesthetic makes his blog easy to read and enticing for readers.

Aside from his articles on design, food, tech and fashion, he also includes a portfolio of his photography works, which you should definitely check out!

32. Elaine Heng (31.9K followers)

Woman with long black hair wearing a green watch

 Topics covered: Beauty | Food | Fashion | Motherhood

Elaine is a model and blogger who has won multiple awards for both modelling and her lifestyle blog.

As a model, she’s big on fashion and beauty and loves sharing about her experiences. She also blogs about her journey as a mother and shares about her food adventures here in Singapore.

33. William Tan (32.7K followers)

Side profile of man sitting on a queen bed in hotel room with orange walls

 Topics covered: Entertainment | Food | Shopping | Travel | Tech | Beauty

William is one of the male bloggers in Singapore who covers all kinds of lifestyle content ranging from food to travel to technology. His blog has won 2 awards – Feedspot’s Top 100 Singapore Blogs and Asian Lifestyle Blogs Award 2018.

His blogging has also gained significant recognition as he’s written articles for F&N and Safra Singapore. Additionally, William welcomes guests to write on his blog, providing a different perspective and angle.

34. Pooja Kawatra (33.5K followers)

Woman hugging her son in front of Universal Studios statue

 Topics covered: Parenting | Food | Travel | Beauty | Events

Pooja started her blog in 2011 writing about her parenting experiences and sharing food recipes. Since then, her blog has grown to include other topics such as travel, events and beauty reviews.

She also writes about interesting tips relating to a variety of lifestyle and wellness topics such as mental health or how to move to a new house with children!

35. Shub (33.7K followers)

Indian woman in colourful top and denim skirt

 Topics covered: Life | Food | Entertainment | Shopping | Parenting

Since Shub began writing Rainbow Diaries, the blog has won countless awards such as the Top Lifestyle Blogger 2020 and Edarabia Top 20 Bloggers.

Her blog focuses on parenting so she has written a couple of articles on children such as caring for children with asthma. 

Additionally, she also does food, entertainment, shopping and home and living articles, making Rainbow Diaries an all-rounded lifestyle blog to look out for!

36. Cheryl Tay (41.3K followers)

Woman with ash blonde hair and green top

 Topics covered: Fitness | Photography | Cars | Motorsports

Having established a name for herself in the world of cars and motorsports, Cheryl is a unique lifestyle blogger that covers topics such as fitness and cars. She’s also taken interest in photography and has since hosted workshops and judged photography competitions.

She shares articles related to her areas of expertise and has since become a renowned blogger and influencer in these unique areas of content.

37. Maybeline Sim (41.5K followers)

Woman in pink top and grey skirt

 Topics covered: Beauty | Food | Fashion | Tech

Despite the name of the blog, Maybeline Sim is a couple lifestyle blog managed by both Maybeline and her partner. The couple are definitely big foodies as their blog is peppered with food-related articles.

Aside from food, they also touch on a series of topics such as beauty, fashion and technology. The couple has also done multiple advertisements for brands such as G2000 and Superdry.

38. Sheila Mandy (41.5K followers)

Pregnant woman in blue dress with white patterns sitting on a sofa

 Topics covered: Beauty | Food | Fashion | Travel

Sheila is the founder of blogshop Hollyhoque and co-founder of a baby products online store Bloombubz. Aside from her full-time jobs, she also blogs during her spare time.

Her blog touches on beauty products and services, food, fashion and her travel escapades. She has also shared about her life’s milestones such as her wedding.

Lifestyle Bloggers who are Mid-tier Influencers (50K – 100K Instagram Followers)

39. Joyce (54.2K followers)

Kaya toast on paper inside a basket

 Topics covered: Food | Entertainment | Travel

As the name suggests, Eat What Tonight is a blog featuring an array of food recipes. However, Joyce’s blog also features other lifestyle topics such as entertainment (movie reviews) and travel.

If you’re looking for a food blog with elements of other lifestyle content, Eat What Tonight is a great blog for you!

40. Sally Vevo (55.1K followers)

Girl with brown ponytail winking into the camera

 Topics covered: Beauty | Food | Fashion

Sally is relatively new to the blogging scene as compared to the rest on this list, with her first post being in 2017. As such, her blog is limited to topics on beauty, food and fashion.

Her most recent article, however, shared about her personal life – her pregnancy! She talked intimately about her postnatal issues and shared tips with her readers on how to deal with them.

41. Flora Isabelle (62K followers)

Woman in black dress holding her baby and a camera

 Topics covered: Beauty | Fashion | Parenting | Travel | Wedding | Home and living

Flora Isabelle is a lover of all things beauty, fashion and travel. Since she became a mother, her blog has transformed to focus on parenting and home and living.

Her long-time readers are, therefore, given the opportunity to join her on her journey as she transits through the major stages of life such as her wedding, pregnancy and motherhood!

42. Yina Goh (65.1K followers)

Woman in green top eating pizza

 Topics covered: Beauty | Fashion | Home and living | Travel

Yina Goh is a well-known lifestyle blogger covering topics such as travel, beauty and food. She was featured in Singapore Women’s Weekly to talk about beauty, showcasing her expertise and recognition in the field.

Her blog is well organised and features IG-worthy images, adding to the overall aesthetic of the blog. She also owns an online boutique, The Velvet Dolls.

43. Zoe Raymond Tan (73.9K followers)

Woman wearing a black top sitting in the car passenger seat

 Topics covered: Beauty | Fitness | Fashion | Travel | Food

Zoe began her blog in 2008 as a diary to document her travelogues and food adventures. Her blog has since grown together with her interests to cover fitness, beauty and fashion.

Her passion for fitness began after her attempt at weight loss through yoga. Since then, she’s been an active advocate for health and fitness and she showcases this through her blog!

44. Joanna Soh (75.6K followers)

Woman in pink dress carrying a handbag on her shoulder

 Topics covered: Beauty | Shopping | Home and living

Joanna has been blogging since 2015 and has been juggling between being a blogger and a social media influencer.

While many of her posts feature beauty products and services, she also does product reviews and some articles on home and living. Her blog is also a personal space to share about her life such as her thoughts and relationships.

45. Michelle Hon (80K followers)

Woman with wet hair and swimsuit

 Topics covered: Motherhood | Parenting | Home and living | Finance

Don’t be misled by the name of her blog. The Chill Mum is a blog that not only touches on parenting and motherhood, but also shares about interesting topics such as insurance and online businesses.

These unique topics stem from her experience of being an entrepreneur. She provides her own mentorship programmes and even has her own book about motherhood!

46. Sophie Willocq (86.5K followers)

Woman in purple top and denim skirt posing in front of a table

 Topics covered: Beauty | Food | Shopping | Travel

Sophie Willocq is no stranger to many of us, being friends with some of Singapore’s top bloggers like Xiaxue and Mongabong. 

This gorgeous French-Chinese blogger has been in the local blogging scene since 2005 and covers an array of topics such as beauty and travel. 

In recent years, she has been more active as an influencer. However, her blog is still a great resource for readers wanting to learn more about these lifestyle topics!

Getting Your Daily Dose Of Lifestyle Tips And Content

Each of these lifestyle bloggers has their own areas of expertise and unique aspects. With this extensive list, you’re sure to find one where you can get your daily dose of lifestyle tips and content.

Who have you begun following? 🙂

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