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16 Popular Wedding Emcees in Singapore to Enliven Your Special Day

Image credit: Botak Kai

A wedding marks the beginning of a lifelong journey with your partner. Thus, making sure the event runs smoothly is of utmost importance. Having a wedding emcee promises a lively atmosphere and engaging night for everyone!

However, being a wedding emcee isn’t just about reading a script to a room full of people. It’s crucial that you entrust this huge role to someone professional and experienced to help you idealise your perfect wedding ceremony. 

Here, we’ve compiled a list of popular wedding emcees in Singapore to help you find a trustworthy one suitable for you and your partner!

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Freelance Wedding Emcees

Freelance wedding emcees are generally more flexible and easy to communicate with, while also being more affordable!

As solo workers, freelance emcees are motivated to do a good job to suit your requests as it’s in their best interest to exceed your expectations. 

Here’s a list of popular freelance wedding emcees to consider!

1. Botak Kai

Wedding emcee Botak Kai

Rating: 5.0 (106 reviews)

Languages/Dialects: English, Mandarin, Hokkien

Having Emcee Botak Kai host your wedding pretty much guarantees an exciting and engaging night for both you and your guests. Humorous and full of witty jokes, Botak Kai definitely knows how to create a heartening atmosphere for all to enjoy. 

However, don’t let his carefree and laid-back personality fool you. You can expect a high level of professionalism when working with Emcee Botak Kai as he guides you and your partner through the planning stage of your wedding.

Package includesPrice
  • Planning and conceptualising
  • Hosting services throughout
    ↳ Entire banquet
    ↳ Solemnisation
    ↳ Tea ceremony
  • $688

    Early bird promo: 
    • $88 off if you book 8+ months before wedding day 
    No deposit required!

    Contact details
    Phone: 9385 6844 (WhatsApp)

    2. Stan The Man

    Wedding emcee Stan the Man

    Rating: 5.0 (104 reviews)

    Languages/Dialects: English, Mandarin, Hokkien

    From being a wedding emcee to hosting charity events and even roadshows, Stan the Man is equipped with the versatility to handle any crowd presented to him. This multi-talented personality will ensure that there won’t be a single dull or awkward moment.

    He has over 16 years of experience and will be able to guide you through this nerve-wrecking event smoothly — from your actual ROM day till the final stage of your wedding.

    Package includesPrice
  • Guidance throughout entire wedding process
  • Consultation session
  • Hosting services for solemnisation and tea ceremony facilitation (Valid only for same wedding date)
  • Bespoke planning and coordination
  • AV specialist (+ 2 laptops and a 4G iPad)
  • $1,288

    Contact details
    Phone: 8691 8186
    Email: stanleysoh@emceestanley.com

    3. Alex Tan

    Wedding emcee Alex Tan

    Rating: 5.0 (53 reviews)

    Languages/Dialects: English, Mandarin

    Quote “I LOVE BUMBLESCOOP” when enquiring for 10% off!

    With over 10 years of experience hosting more than 175 different events, Alex is definitely someone you should consider engaging. 

    Additionally, beyond emceeing, he’ll also take the initiative to fill other roles, such as coordinating your wedding and taking charge of AV on your wedding day. 

    Need vendor recommendations? Alex is known to share his contacts for florists, hair stylists and bridal car rentals!

    Package includesPrice
  • Hosting services for banquet from start to finish (no set duration) + solemnisation and tea ceremony (if held at the same time and venue)
  • Laptop + assistant to manage montages and music
  • Wedding song playlist (if required)
  • $799

    Contact details
    Phone: 9107 3563 
    Email: emceealextan@gmail.com

    4. Kevin (Kevin Wedding Emcee Services)

    Kevin wedding emcee services

    Rating: 5.0 (36 reviews)

    Languages/Dialects: English, Mandarin

    Quote “Bumblescoop” when enquiring for 5% off!

    Kevin is one of the most professional, passionate and reliable wedding emcees in Singapore. He is extremely flexible and will make sure everything goes smoothly even when impromptu changes have to be made.

    Additionally, Kevin always provides his clients with personalised scripts so they won’t have to worry about being put on the spot on their wedding day, a definite plus point for people with shy personalities!

    Package includesPrice
  • 1 wedding emcee
  • English and Mandarin hosting
  • Personalised script writing services and full programme planning
  • Virtual meetup services (2-3 weeks before actual day)
  • Covers from coordination briefing, solemnization, tea ceremony to end of event
  • $688
    (Includes $100 non-refundable deposit to secure your booking)

    Contact details
    Phone: 9297 0903
    Email: kevinweddingemcee@gmail.com

    5. Jacks

    Emcee Jacks hosting a wedding

    Rating: 5.0 (18 reviews)

    Languages/Dialects: English, Mandarin, Japanese (conversational)

    Being highly affable and humorous, Emcee Jacks will keep your audience on the edge of their seats as he prepares them for your keynote and program. His quick-witted nature also allows him to turn any awkward situation into comedy, leaving guests with a good impression of your event.

    The best part is that he’s super accommodating and will help you achieve your ideal wedding to the best of his ability!

    Packages includePrices
    No Frills package includes:
  • Meet up before the wedding to discuss and draft the program for the banquet
  • Sharing of experiences of what you can expect/do for the wedding and possible activities for the program
  • Actual day hosting, engaging and entertaining your audience
  • $688
    Standard package includes:
  • Meet up before the wedding to discuss and draft the program for the banquet
  • Sharing of experiences of what you can expect/do for the wedding and possible activities for the program
  • Actual day hosting, engaging and entertaining your audience
  • 2 x games/additional activities + logistics to create a more unique and memorable wedding
  • Laptop + assistant to control the videos and music for the banquet
  • $888

    Contact details
    Phone: 8112 8331
    Email: jacks@emceejacks.com

    6. Collin

    Wedding emcee Collin

    Rating: 5.0 (11 reviews)

    Languages/Dialects: English, Mandarin

    Emcee Collin is a dynamic emcee whose magnetic personality engages the audience unlike any other. With a background in emceeing, singing and acting, entertainment will be the one thing you won’t have to worry about on your wedding day!

    Collin is also extremely professional in his course of work, and will ensure the quality of his services by spending time getting to know his clients prior to the wedding day.

    Package includesPrice
  • 4.5 hours of service on your wedding day (inclusive of earlier arrival to conduct liaising)
  • 3-4 hours of face-to-face meet up to understand couples better
  • Use of Ahaslides services (including live quizzes like Kahoot)
  • While Emcee Collin doesn’t have a fixed rate, you can expect the cost of engaging him to depend on these factors:
  • Venue
  • Number of food courses
  • Number of guests
  • Emcee candidate(s)
  • Market trends and competitor rates

    Rates range from $888 - $1,088 (without discount) and $568 - $788 (with discount).
  • Contact details
    Email: collin@feel.sg

    7. Derek Ho

    Wedding emcee Derek Ho

    Rating: 5.0 (3 reviews)

    Languages/Dialects: English, Mandarin, Hokkien (conversational), Cantonese, Malay

    Having been an emcee for many different events, Emcee Derek Ho is equipped with the versatility to suit any event and audience. 

    He’s constantly on-the-ball and always keeps himself updated with the latest news in Singapore, making him extremely relatable to people of all ages. If you’re worried about your guests feeling uninvolved or even bored, Derek is the man to look for!

    Emcee package is priced at $688.

    Contact details
    Phone: 9118 2769
    Email: hello@emceederekho.com

    8. Chunjia

    Wedding emcee Chunjia

    Rating: 5.0 (2 reviews)

    Languages/Dialects: English, Mandarin

    Apart from providing emceeing services, Emcee Chunjia can double up as a wedding coordinator so that you can have an easier time working with your other vendors. He has also helped his clients make interview videos in the past.

    If you’re unsure about engaging him, you can arrange a meetup to help you get a gauge of his character and your chemistry!

    Package includesPrice
  • Hosting services (usually solo, unless you request otherwise)
  • Wedding coordinator services if required
  • Film and edit an interview video for you and your partner
  • $788

    Contact details
    Phone: 9173 0172
    Email: cj@hellochunjia.com

    9. Jia Yang

    Wedding emcee Jia Yang

    Rating: 5.0 (1 review)

    Languages/Dialects: English, Mandarin, Hokkien, Cantonese, Korean, Malay (basic)

    Emcee Jia Yang is fluent in a plethora of languages and equipped with the ability to hype up any crowd. Be sure to expect overwhelmingly positive feedback from guests if you engage him for your wedding day! 

    Plus, you won’t have to worry about blowing your budget as his prices are all within reasonable range.

    Package includesPrice
  • Hosting services throughout:
    ↳ Entire banquet
    ↳ Solemnisation if it is within the banquet
  • Suggestions and guidance throughout wedding programme
  • $500
    (+$20 for venues at Sentosa)

    Contact details
    Contact Emcee Jia Yang through Instagram DM as he’s more active there!

    10. Karin

    Wedding emcee Karin

    Languages/Dialects: English, Mandarin

    Looking for someone well-versed in the hosting scene? Karin has received guidance from industry veterans such as Radio DJ Flying Dutchman. But that’s not all, she has also done freelance work as a Mandarin radio DJ at MediaCorp LOVE 97.2FM!

    This friendly and fun-loving individual has helmed over 250 weddings and will be able to provide you with the guidance and reassurance you need for this once-in-a-lifetime event!

    Contact details
    Email: karin.emcee@gmail.com

    11. Dixon

    Wedding emcee Dixon

    Languages/Dialects: English, Mandarin, Hokkien

    Emcee Dixon is one of the most sincere and passionate hosts out there. Many couples who have engaged this bubbly individual are full of praise for his attitude towards his clients.

    As an event planner himself, Dixon is also able to value-add to event planning and operations with his knowledge from a huge variety of events that he has organised or has been a part of.

    Package includesPrice
  • Meet up session prior to actual day
  • Programme planning
  • Multilingual emcee services for entire banquet + solemnisation and tea ceremony if held on same day
  • Planning and execution of banquet activities
  • $688

    Contact details
    Email: dixontioh@gmail.com

    Companies With Wedding Emcees And Complementary Services

    You have to admit — one person can only do so much. If you have a higher budget, you can consider engaging a company with wedding emcees and complementary services. 

    These companies often offer a wider range of services including live band performers and singers apart from hosting. 

    You can also be rest assured that the quality of their services won’t be compromised, as many of these wedding emcees were hired based on their natural talent and ability to entertain!

    12. Merry Bees

    Merry Bees

    Rating: 5.0 (122 reviews)

    Languages/Dialects: English, Mandarin, Malay, Bahasa Indonesia

    Merry Bees has a huge selection of experienced wedding emcees along with their talented live performance singers. 

    This established company has provided their services for over 2,000 events across the past 8 years, and have entertained over a million people! The emcees at Merry Bees also work great with each other, ideal if you’re looking for duos who can host and perform together.

    Emcee rates start from $688 and live band rates start from $1,200 with sound system!

    Contact details
    Phone: 9232 9395
    Email: enquiries@merry-bees.com

    13. Stitch and Ferlyn (AnchorBlanc)


    Rating: 5.0 (80 reviews)

    Languages/Dialects: English, Mandarin, Hokkien, Cantonese

    Place your trust in Stitch and Ferlyn to provide professional emceeing services and a great live band performance! Couples who have engaged this dynamic duo often commend them for their unique style and chemistry.

    This exceptional duo is friendly, accommodating, and has a huge repertoire of songs for you to choose from. If you’re looking for quality performances at reasonable prices, look for Stitch and Ferlyn!

    A la carte emcee services range from $550 – $800 while live band services range from $900 – $1,400!

    Contact details
    Phone: 9278 2664
    Email: enquiries@anchorblanclivemusic.com

    14. Choy and Ernest (Two Of Us)

    Choy and Ernest

    Rating: 5.0 (58 reviews)

    Languages/Dialects: English, Mandarin

    Charismatic and full of positive energy, Two of Us will ensure that your wedding is well taken care of! 

    This multilingual duo is equipped with the ability to perform popular wedding songs across 10 different languages. As a married couple themselves, they definitely know what their clients are looking for!

    Contact details
    Phone: 9105 1980 (WhatsApp)
    Email: choyandernest@gmail.com

    15. Linus Lee (Masterpiece Entertainment)

    Linus Lee

    Rating: 5.0 (49 reviews)

    Languages/Dialects: English, Mandarin

    Quote “Bumblescoop” when enquiring for $200 off!

    Emcee Linus Lee is a veteran in his field of work, with more than 25 years of performing and over a decade worth of experience emceeing for weddings. 

    Outside of just hosting, he can also make wedding montages and double up as a wedding organiser. He’s also renowned for always going the extra mile to make sure everyone is having an enjoyable time.

    Package includesPrice
  • Wedding emcee
  • Singer and pianist
  • Wedding organiser and music advisor
  • Wedding photo montage video
  • $888 nett (U.P. $1,900)

    Contact details
    Phone: 9668 4820 (WhatsApp)
    Email: enquiry@masterpiece.sg

    16. Myo

    Vanessa Phang

    Rating: 5.0 (16 reviews)

    Languages/Dialects: English, Mandarin

    The Myo team consists of multi-talented entertainers including professional emcees, live bands, live streamers and dancers.

    They believe in providing a high chemistry team based on your preferred services and intended event. Popular wedding emcees include Vanessa Phang and Stan The Man!

    Contact details
    Phone: 8322 7032
    Email: themyoexperience@gmail.com

    FAQs About Hiring A Emcee For Your Wedding In Singapore

    Do I really need to hire an emcee for my wedding? 

    Pros and Cons of Engaging A Professional Emcee

  • Able to react in unexpected situations
    Professional emcees are used to unforeseen hiccups and maybe more adept at reacting on the spot.

  • They’re more engaging
    With experience, professional emcees know how to engage the crowd and connect with them.
  • Costly
    A lot of work is put in by emcees to make sure that your wedding day runs smoothly. Thus, hiring one will set you back at least a few hundred dollars.

  • They’re strangers to you
    As professional as they can be, they don’t know you personally and may not be able to provide a personal touch.
  • Pros and Cons of Asking A Friend/Family Member to Host Your Wedding

  • Your wedding will have a personal touch
    Knowing you personally, a friend/family member will be able to share personal stories and inside jokes — the little anecdotes that leave a deeper impression on guests.

  • You won’t have to worry about cost
    Having a friend/family member to emcee for your wedding will cost you essentially nothing (maybe just a small token of appreciation)!
  • Your loved one might find it hard to enjoy themselves
    It’s extremely likely that this loved one of yours has never hosted an event of this size and importance. Thus, most people aren’t used to addressing a crowd of this size which could place them under immense pressure.

  • Your guests may be left unengaged
    Your friend/family member may not be experienced in engaging with guests. This will often result in guests being more interested in their own activities rather than paying attention to the wedding programme.
  • Not Engaging A Wedding Emcee At All

  • You won’t have to worry about cost
    It goes without saying that if you choose not to engage a wedding emcee, you won’t have to pay one.
  • Your wedding might be disorganised
    The main responsibility of an emcee is to direct the flow of the programme. Without this major role being filled, you might find your event being a bit disorganised.
  • There are so many emcees available. How do I choose the right one for my wedding?

    Once you’ve decided to engage a wedding emcee, you’re faced with another dilemma. How do you decide on the right one with so many professional wedding emcees in Singapore?

    • Take your wedding guests into consideration 

    Firstly, you might want to think about the guests that’ll be attending the wedding. Consider their ages, sense of humour and even their likes and dislikes. Maybe you need a bilingual emcee or one who can speak in dialects so that older guests can participate.

    Or if your guests are music lovers, you might want to consider engaging a live band/singer. 

    • Get recommendations from others

    You can also get recommendations from friends and family who have previously engaged wedding emcees and ask them about their experiences.

    Reading reviews left by other wedding couples may also help you decide on whether a certain emcee is suitable for you and your wedding needs. 

    • Do your own research

    Contacting professional wedding emcees can also be a great way to help you gauge their personalities and sense of humour.

    Many of them are actually willing to do initial meet ups, so do use this opportunity to get to know their character better. This will help you find the perfect emcee for your wedding!


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