About Us

Bumble Scoop is a digital media website that recommends the best things online. We focus primarily on 2 things:

  1. Being a useful resource page — we do research to collate reputable companies for our readers’ needs 
  2. Being an honest reviewer — we review products and services so our readers can make better purchasing decisions

Our articles revolve around what users Google about. Topics include: food, beauty, parenting, weddings, home and technology. We also feature a ton of lifestyle products for readers who are looking for ideas on what to buy.

We’re passionate about discovering local companies, trying their products and services and reviewing them! All sponsored and/or paid reviews will be clearly stated in our articles. We only write the truth — we will not endorse any brands that we will not support ourselves 😉 

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To be a reliable resource for all things related to lifestyle


To become the go-to platform for product and service reviews

Our Team

We’re just like you! Our team is made of Singaporeans aged 20 – 35, thirsty to find the best products and services provided by local brands.

Bumble Scoop Founder - Charlotte Ang

Charlotte Ang, Founder

Charlotte enjoys hanging out with friends and meeting new people. Being a work-from-home mum is awesome but not easy — she has to constantly shop for nice furniture and baby products to perfect her WFH setups and motherhood journey!

Interests: Entrepreneurship, home & living, baby, motherhood

Bumble Scoop business development - Shawn Lim

Shawn Lim, Business Development Director

Shawn is always up for a game of DOTA. When he is not working, he is grinding away trying to increase his MMR or testing out new video games. He also spends his time geeking out at advances in technology or reading about science and business.

Interests: Gaming, technology, entrepreneurship

Bumble Scoop editor - Bernice Quek

Bernice Quek, Content Strategist and Editor

Bernice lives and breathes content! She’s deeply passionate about trying new things firsthand and sharing about her best finds. Once she finds something she likes, her loyalty is evident — she has watched the sitcom Friends ~7 times and is a huge fan of the anime Naruto!

Interests: Food, reviewing products and services

Bumble Scoop writer, designer - Emilia Wong

Emilia Wong, Writer and Designer

Emilia is a self-proclaimed foodie. She enjoys trying different recipes to recreate her favourite dishes at home. With this love for food, one of her favourite shows has definitely got to be MasterChef. One day, she hopes to visit Reynold’s KOI Dessert Bar and Dinner by Heston!

Interests: Food, skincare

We’re Hiring!

We’re constantly on a lookout for writers to add value to our content! Whether you’re looking for a one-time, freelance or full-time job, drop us an email with your resume and portfolio. 

We’ve worked with many talented writers before and welcome anyone from any (relevant) niche to contribute!

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Affiliate Disclaimer

Some of the links in our articles are affiliate links, which means that we may earn a small commission if anyone purchases through them. This helps to support our website so we can continue creating awesome content for you!

Note: Bumble Scoop is not responsible for the customer service and quality of products and services provided by affiliate partners. Kindly do your own research prior to making any purchases or booking any services.