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Alyssa Hair and Makeup Review: Bridal and Entourage Looks For Photoshoot and Wedding

Alyssa started picking up hair and makeup skills from Autelier Makeup in December 2019. Shortly after graduating, she started Alyssa Hair and Makeup as a professional makeup artist and hired models to practise her skills and build her portfolio.

She enjoys transforming brides and individuals into the best version of themselves and watching their confidence grow as they’re all dolled up! Despite the long and odd hours, she finds satisfaction in helping her clients achieve their dream look.

2 years of makeup experience
Specialises in natural makeup looks
Affordable service rates
Transport charges only apply for Sentosa, Tuas, Jurong Island, Changi and off-island

Disclaimer: The entourage and bridal looks were sponsored by Alyssa Hair and Makeup. However, this is not a paid review and all opinions are my own.

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Alyssa did 2 entourage looks and 1 bridal look for us! Read our detailed review below to learn more ☺️

Communication Prior To Events

I first contacted Alyssa via Instagram DM to check on her availability for 2 events:

  • Bridesmaids makeup and hair styling for 2 pax
  • Bridal makeup and hair styling for pre-wedding shoot (PWS)

After confirming her availability, we moved our conversation to WhatsApp. During the entire interaction, she replied quickly within a few hours! 

Alyssa also provided great ideas for different looks after I showed her our bridesmaids outfit and my PWS outfit. She’s really approachable and easy to chat with.

Something to note: I actually postponed my PWS twice — from 7 August to 23 October 2021 due to P2HA and again to 30 January 2022 due to HRWO. When plans changed, Alyssa readily accepted it and even sent her words of encouragement ❤️ 

Of course, wedding vendors don’t really have much choice but to accept it due to the unpredictable situation these days. But the way that they react and adapt to such undesirable situations really reassures brides-to-be! 

Bridesmaid #1 Makeup and Hair: 16 October 2021

Natural makeup and side braids for entourage
Side view of fishtail braid for entourage

Time taken: 2h 15min
Brief: Young, natural makeup look with side fishtail braids

I really wanted a braided fishtail to complement the toga dress style I opted for. Ngl, Alyssa did spend quite a bit of time to perfect it but I love the end product! The braids are really intricate and showcased my blue balayage well 😍

For the makeup look, I wanted something natural and young looking so Alyssa did a coral lip and pinkish eyeshadow. I still felt like me but without my flaws 😂

Before the session, I also told her that my hair dye might bleed to her fingers and her reply was “omg hahaha so strong but anyway i v chin chai one la so no worries!!” I thought that was really sweet of her 😭

What’s the difference between entourage and bridal makeup?
Bridal makeup services are usually more detailed and include things like eyelid adjustments. Hairstyles are also usually more elaborate. The duration takes 2.5 hours.

On the flipside, entourage makeup takes 1h – 1.5 hours and is mainly to conceal flaws and add a bit of colour. Eyelid adjustments aren’t done and hairstyles are less elaborate, unless requested for!

Bridesmaid #2 Makeup and Hair: 16 October 2021

Natural makeup and half updo for entourage
Back view of half updo for entourage

Time taken: 1h 15min
Brief: Young, natural makeup look with braided half updo

This was my first time getting my makeup and hair professionally done so I didn’t know what to expect. The hairdo turned out to be very cute but it didn’t last for the entire event (6 hours) – might’ve been because my hair is too soft!

If you have an important event coming up, avoid doing any hair treatment or masks at least 1 month before! The less moisturised your hair is, the longer your curls will stay.

As for makeup, I know very little about it so I just wanted to look young and natural. I felt that the end product lacked a bit of colour; can be a bit more heavy handed on the blush and eyeshadow imo. But it did achieve a young and natural look!

Overall, I had a good time chatting with Alyssa and I felt that she managed to capture most of the elements that I was looking for! It’s a pleasant first experience for me and I think the final look photographed pretty well 🙂 

— Bridesmaid R

Bridesmaids Looks During Photoshoot

Bridesmaids with the bride
Bridesmaids with the bride beside photo table

During our friend’s wedding, we had a short outdoor photoshoot under the hot sun. This was about 2 – 3 hours after both our looks were done!

In photos, we look very natural — the makeup wasn’t heavy and it concealed our flaws well while adding some colour. Our hairdos still look on point as well ☺️ 

Pre-wedding Bridal Look: 30 January 2022

Natural bridal makeup with half up hairdo
Natural bridal makeup eyeshadow
Half up hairdo with middle braids for bride
Half up hairdo with middle braids for bride (side view)

Time taken: 2h 40min
Brief: Natural makeup look that suited the outfit and half updo with braid down the middle 

The next time I met Alyssa was for my PWS in January! This time I could see her full potential as it’s full on bridal makeup service already 🙂 

Similar to my bridesmaid hairdo, Alyssa took a bit of time to work on the braids this time as well. And I really love it! She used the loose flowers provided by florist Whimsical Blooms really well to complement the vibe of the shoot. 

When it comes to makeup, I let Alyssa do what she deemed suitable cuz I’m a noob at it. I really like the shimmery eyeshadow and the pink lip that she used. It looks very feminine, plus the eyelid adjustment brightened my eyes and made them look bigger 😛

After that, Alyssa also helped with groom makeup to ensure that he looks flawless! 

Alyssa Hair & Makeup follow through during photoshoot

Alyssa followed us during the 1.5 hour shoot with our photographer! She helped to blot off any oil from my face to prevent shininess (my face gets oily easily) and curl my hair when the curls loosened a little. 

She also took the initiative to carry some of our belongings for us and kept a lookout for them when we went elsewhere to take shots. She was a really great help! ❤️

Bridal Look During Photoshoot

Side view of bridal makeup and hair during photoshoot
Bridal middle braids half up hairdo

Here’s how the makeup and hair looked when photographed professionally by With Twenty Two! 😍 

Photos were taken during our 1.5 hour outdoor shoot at a popular wedding photoshoot location, Gillman Barracks.

Overall Review: Our Experience With Alyssa Hair and Makeup 


Very nice to chat with
Loved the makeup and hairdos
Affordable rates

Alyssa is young and trendy, versatile with the makeup and hairstyles that she can achieve and friendly which made the long sessions better! 

Something to note though: 
She does take a little longer to finish the job and underestimates the time she needs. One advice would be to add 30 – 45 minutes to the time allocated (depending on how intricate your hairdo is) to allow for buffer time! 

I also recommend opting for a touch up or style change after 3 hours if you have oily skin and you’re outdoors — this prevents the makeup from getting patchy!

Overall, Alyssa is a pleasure to work with! She’s perfect for budget brides who are looking for an affordable and versatile MUA. Best suited for 1.5 – 3 hour outdoor shoots, or longer if indoors! 

Prices are affordable; considered low rangeOnly one makeup artist available
Specialises in natural makeup looks
Skilled at various intricate hairdos

Getting Your Bridal Makeup and Hair Done by Alyssa Hair and Makeup

Alyssa doing bridal hairdo

These days, it’s quite rare to find a makeup artist that only charges transport fees for ulu areas. This means that if you’re doing your makeup in easily accessible locations, engaging Alyssa will save you a ton of bucks 😉

I enjoyed working with Alyssa for the 2 events and would consider engaging her again if I have formal events to attend! 

Phone: 8333 1068

Quote “Bumble Scoop” for 5% off all makeup and hair services!
Pre-weddingFrom $260 per look
Actual day
Groom styling
(basic makeup and hairstyling)
Mothers, sisters and bridesmaids$150 per pax (1 pax)
$120 per pax (2 pax)
$110 per pax (3 pax)
$90 per pax (Hair OR makeup only; min. 2 pax)
Transportation fee$50 per trip
(Sentosa, Tuas, Jurong Island, Changi and off-island)
Early morning surcharge$50 (before 5.30am)
$30 (before 7am)

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