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Do you have a compelling idea or topic that you want to share with our audience? We want to hear from you!

Before you start, learn more about our submission guidelines and how to submit a successful guest post pitch below.

Benefits of Writing for Us

Boost your website’s traffic
Get exposure to our community of readers
Have your post featured across our social media channels
Build links to your websites
Boost your brand awareness
Build and strengthen your authority in the industry
Expand your subscriber base

Who Can Write for Us

We welcome pitches from everyone. Our authors come from diverse backgrounds ranging from experienced writers to newbies; you don’t have to be a professional to write for us!

Submission Guidelines

Types of Content Accepted

List posts

These posts feature numbered lists that are easy for our audience to read and share.

Some examples:
17 Best Gaming Chairs In Singapore That Are Affordable And Used By Popular Streamers
25 Best Standing Fans In Singapore In 2020 With Reviews

How-to posts or ultimate guides

How-to posts or ultimate guides are helpful pieces that educate our readers on a host of topics.

Some examples:
The Ultimate 3D2N Budget Itinerary in Singapore 2020
How To Get Rid of Cockroaches in Your Car

Product or service reviews

These are in-depth and objective product or service reviews to help our readers make informed purchase decisions.

Some examples:
Legend Age Lipstick Review: We Tried A Natural Colour-changing Lip Balm for 1 Week
Honest Review of The ViewSonic TD1655 Touch Screen Portable Monitor

Perspective posts

Perspective posts offer our readers insights into meaningful topics.

Some examples:
How My Neighbourhood School Changed the Lives of 300 Students with a Leadership Programme

Apart from the above, we also accept any types of articles that go with the tone of our website!

Topic Suggestions

Here are some suggestions from us:

We recommend you to check out the posts on our website to help you get a better idea about the topics we publish.


We only accept unique and original content that has not been published elsewhere or on our site.

We’ll also require your article to consist of the following:
• Title tag
• Meta description
• Title of the article

Length of Content

Articles should have between 600 – 2,000 words.

Document Format

Please include a link to your draft in a Google Doc.

Don’t forget to change the permissions to ensure that anyone who has the link can edit the document. This helps to make editing the content (if required) easier. 

State the details that should be intact as comments within the document. We will try our best to accommodate your requests.


To make the content easy to read, please ensure that you
use subheadings (H1, H2s, H3s, etc), 
use bullet points, lists, and other formats, 
use images and infographics and
write short sentences and paragraphs comprising 3 to 4 sentences at most.


Images should be submitted via Google Drive or Dropbox. Ensure that you include a link to the image folder in your submission email.

Additionally, please also
include at least 3 relevant images* within the article,
use only licensed images,
keep the image sizes consistent and at least 696px wide, and
ensure that images do not have any watermarks or brand logos.

*Landscape images are preferred.


Include links to our posts within the article where relevant
Only 2 links that point to your website, social network or other brand assets are allowed

How to Submit a Guest Post

Drop us an email at hello@bumblescoop.com and include the following details:
• Introduction of yourself
• 2 – 3 writing samples
• Your topic/area of niche
• Purpose of guest posting with us
• Optional: suggest a few article topics in your area of niche

What Happens After Submitting a Guest Post

  1. Our team will review the information that you’ve provided.
  2. We’ll proceed to propose a topic for you to write if you’re shortlisted.
  3. Submit the completed guest post to us within 8 working days.
  4. Our team will review your submission and make any changes if required. We will keep certain details intact as per your requests.
  5. Once you’re agreeable to the final draft, we will proceed to publish the article.

We look forward to hearing from you!