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Review of Master Goh Guan Leong from Way Fengshui: Auspicious Wedding Date Selection and Ba Zi Analysis

Way Fengshui Group was established in 1984 with 5 guiding principles that shape their identity and work ethic:

  • Integrity — forms the foundation in the way they practise Feng Shui and interact with clients
  • Professionalism — as representatives of the industry, they take their roles seriously
  • Responsibility — commitment to provide value-added services for clients 
  • Transparency — transparent prices with no hidden costs
  • Practical solutions — provide suggestions that are actionable and easy to implement

Their ultimate aim is to empower individuals to face life’s challenges with an objective outlook and to be able to make confident decisions. Today, Way Fengshui Group has 3 business units that offer Feng Shui services to clients worldwide!

37 years of experience
Friendly customer service staff
1 Grand Master, 4 Masters and a group of consultants available
3min walk from Bugis MRT

Disclaimer: The auspicious date selection service was sponsored by Way Fengshui Group. However, this is not a paid review and all opinions are my own.

Whatsapp +65 9720 3800 and quote “bumblescoop10” for 10% off!
Valid for wedding date selection services only.

In this article, I share about my experience with Way Fengshui Group and Master Goh Guan Leong for their auspicious wedding date selection and Ba Zi analysis services! ☺️

About Master Goh Guan Leong

Master Goh Guan Leong bio and services

Master Goh Guan Leong has a strong interest in Chinese metaphysics. In 2003, he was mentored by Master Chew and soon after, joined Way Fengshui as a Life Analysis Master. Thereafter, he had the opportunity to learn from Grand Master Tan Khoon Yong and elevated his Ba Zi and Feng Shui knowledge. 

His passion in Feng Shui has enabled him to constantly improve on his skills. This versatility is now showcased as Master Goh is able to provide a wide range of services including

  • Name selection
  • Career mapping
  • Ba Zi personal life analysis
  • Selection of wedding date
  • Residential Feng Shui

Aside from being a Geomancer at Way Fengshui, he’s also a proficient public speaker who’s done talks at the International Feng Shui Convention and author of best-selling Feng Shui books. 

Selection of Auspicious Date For Wedding

To ensure a smooth and favourable journey, it’s essential to select an auspicious date for important life events such as weddings. Auspicious dates are selected based on the couple’s Ba Zi (八字; eight characters), Chinese zodiac and some other factors. 

Information required

  • Couple’s date, time and country of birth
  • Year of birth and Chinese zodiac sign of the couple’s parents
  • Preferred year and month for the wedding
  • Preferred day for the wedding (e.g. weekday, weekend or public holiday)
It’ll also be good to mention the Chinese zodiac of anyone else who’s staying with you, for example, your grandparents.

You can also mention the zodiac of your siblings, bridesmaids and groomsmen, but that will be on the lowest priority when the Master chooses a date.

Communication Prior To Meeting Master Goh

Prior to meeting Master Goh, we were linked with Yeenee who’s a Sales Manager at Way Fengshui. She assisted us with the process and was the liaison between Master Goh and us ☺️ 

On 18 February 2021, we sent the relevant information required to Yeenee and received the report on 25 February. It’s within 5 working days, which is as promised on their auspicious date selections page.

When providing the preferred months for your wedding, it’d be best to provide at least 5-6 months for the Master to work with. This will speed up the process as it’s not easy to find an auspicious date that doesn’t clash with you and your parents’ zodiacs!

After which, I asked Yeenee quite a number of questions via WhatsApp. Replies are quick (within a few hours at max) and communication is easy! 

She assisted us to get an alternative auspicious date from Master Goh, as the first one clashed with our bridesmaids’ zodiac. She also booked a consultation with Master Goh for us. 

2 days before our appointment, Carolyn (another Sales Manager, I believe) Whatsapp-ed me to remind me about the consultation!

For face to face appointments, Master Goh is only available on Wednesdays to Fridays. However, the consultation takes about 45 minutes. So, working professionals can take half day leave to attend the appointment.

Alternatively, video consultations are also available if you prefer to chat virtually!

Consultation with Master Goh

Way Fengshui Master Goh with couple
Duration: 45 minutes

During the consultation, Master Goh took us through the actual wedding day practices and shared the auspicious dates that he selected for our Guo Da Li (过大礼; exchanging of gifts) and An Chuang (安床; setting the matrimonial bed). After which, he did a Ba Zi analysis for each of us. 

Throughout the consultation, Master Goh was very friendly and relatable! We’d say that he’s rather accurate when analysing our Ba Zi and how it applies in our lives. He also provided some useful insights and actionable solutions for each of our potential challenges in life.

He struck a balance between being fatherly and a good friend, as he injected a bit of humour during his explanations 😂 We could also feel his passion for his job, which made him a nice person to chat with! 

Overall Review of Way Fengshui and Master Goh


Auspicious date report generated within 5 days
Prompt replies from staff
Friendly and passionate Master
Practical solutions provided by Master

Before consultation:

Overall, we felt that the process was quick and easy! We received the auspicious dates within 5 working days, and proceeded to book our banquet venue. Yeenee was very helpful and prompt with answering my questions during this period. After that, it was easy to book a consultation with Master Goh as well.

During consultation:

Master Goh is very experienced and familiar with explaining the pre-wedding and actual day traditions. His cheerful personality and humour brought a positive vibe that’s infectious and encouraging! He’s really nice to chat with and more importantly, he hit the nail on many things in our lives and offered useful suggestions. 

One thing to note would be that the consultation was 45 minutes, which was just right to cover what he had prepared for us. It didn’t leave much room for questions from us. A 1-hour consultation would’ve been better!

Dates selected within 5 working daysConsultation can be longer to have time for questions
Fast replies from staff
Many Masters and consultants to choose from to cater to budget
Wide selection of Feng Shui services

Getting Auspicious Dates Calculated By Way Fengshui Group

Way Fengshui Group shopfront

Way Fengshui Group has 3 Masters who are skilled in auspicious date selection services. The service breakdown and prices are dependent on their years of experience.

MastersDate selection servicesPrices
Grand Master Tan Khoon YongGrand Master Tan Khoon Yong
  • Exchange wedding gift
  • Setting the bed
  • ROM or wedding
  • $1,164.16
    Master Goh Guan Leong headshotMaster Goh Guan Leong
  • Exchange wedding gift
  • Setting the bed
  • ROM or wedding
  • $415.16
    Master Chew Keat Leng headshotMaster Chew Keat Leng
  • Exchange wedding gift
  • Setting the bed
  • ROM or wedding
  • $308.15
    ROM or wedding only$222.55

    Apart from auspicious date selection, Way Fengshui Group also has other Masters and consultants who are proficient in baby name selection, house unit selection, residential feng shui, commercial feng shui and more.

    Way Fengshui is committed to upholding 5 values through the services they provide — integrity, professionalism, responsibility, transparency and practical solutions. Having over 35 years of experience, they’re considered as one of the pioneers in the Feng Shui industry.

    Email: enquiry@wayfengshui.com
    Contact: +65 6338 3800
    Address: Fu Lu Shou Complex, 149 Rochor Road, #02-10/11, Singapore 188425

    Tips For Engaging Feng Shui Master For Auspicious Dates

    Tip 1: Decide on what information you need from the Master

    Before approaching Feng Shui masters, it’ll be good to discuss with your partner what kind of information you’re looking to get. For example, if you only need ROM/solemnisation dates, only certain masters provide such services and it’ll be cheaper.

    But if you need dates for Guo Da Li and An Chuang or if you want Ba Zi analysis, be ready to fork out more!

    Tip 2: Consider your budget

    Weddings are expensive, so do think about your budget! Different companies charge differently for their services and within each company, different masters charge differently as well. 

    Think about whether you’re willing to pay a premium price for Grand Masters or are you okay to go with consultants? You might want to get a few quotations for consideration.

    Tip 3: Customer service of front desk staff

    For larger companies, you’ll most likely be communicating with the front desk staff at the beginning before meeting your Feng Shui master. This will include having your questions answered before and after the report is generated. 

    In such cases, you’d want to be able to click with and understand the staff well before committing to the service.

    Tip 4: Be open to holding your wedding in any month

    How auspicious dates are picked:

    Auspicious wedding dates are generated based on the 通书 (Tong Shu; all-knowing book) which is a calendar that states the dates that are generally auspicious for weddings.

    From there, the Feng Shui master looks at the couple’s Ba Zi and zodiacs (among other factors) to pick suitable dates. This narrows down the number of auspicious wedding dates that’s suitable for you. 


    It’ll be even harder to find a suitable auspicious date if your requirements are narrowed to 2-3 specific months and only weekends. 

    Thus, to make the process quicker and smoother, it’d be ideal to provide at least 6 months you’re open to holding your wedding and rank them according to preference. This way, there’s a higher likelihood that the master is able to find an auspicious date within your requirements. 

    FAQs About Feng Shui Answered By Master Goh Guan Leong

    Think of it like different job titles — the more experienced a person is, the higher their rank will be and the more expensive it’ll be to hire them.

    All masters use the same method (using Ba Zi and preventing conflict zodiac) to calculate auspicious dates. Thus, when choosing a master, it boils down to your budget.

    It depends on how fast you want to book your banquet venue. Feng Shui masters typically take about 2 weeks to generate a report, so do take that into consideration.

    Like all traditions, it’s not compulsory and the decision is based on personal preference. On top of choosing an auspicious date, a Feng Shui master will be able to advise on the meaningful traditions to preserve and simplify those that aren’t as essential.

    Not really, as it depends on the couple’s Ba Zi. However, in general, Chinese will try to avoid
    • Lunar 7th month (农历七月份 – 鬼节) and
    • Qing Ming season (清明节).

    Holding weddings during Lunar 8th Month (中秋圆满之月) is preferred!

    There are a few factors to consider:

    • The master’s background and experience
    • Reviews from past clients on Google and Facebook
    • Chemistry
    • No hidden costs
    • Ability to provide practical solutions that are actionable and easy to implement

    There’s a saying: 好的开始,就是成功的一半 (A good start is already halfway to success).

    In Chinese tradition, the 出家 (leave the house) timing is important as it symbolises the daughter getting married (嫁出去). Thus, there’s a need to find an auspicious date and timing for the groom to bring the bride out of her house.


    1. Hey Bernice,

      Thank you for writing the detail process!
      I have check-in with Way Fengshui and from my understand they doesn’t have the 10%, can I find out more in regards of the discount?
      Would you be able to clarify how do you get the 10% off?


      • Hello! Can I know how you contacted them and what service it is for? The promo code is only valid for wedding auspicious date selection services and can only be quoted via WhatsApp 🙂 hope this helps!

        • Hey Bernice,

          Sorry just saw you replied, I did the same through WhatsApp but another person contacted me 🙁 any way I can get the discount?

          • Hey TS, no worries! I’ve double checked with the Way Fengshui team and they’ve confirmed that the promo is still valid. Just WhatsApp 9720 3800 and quote bumblescoop10 🙂

            Do note that the promo is only applicable for wedding date selection services!

    2. Thanks Bernice! Confirming Master Goh has 10% off after re-texting Yee Nee. Thank you for helping to check with them! Appreciated that!!


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