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15 Fresh and Frozen Durian Delivery Services In Singapore With Prices

As Singaporeans, our favourite season is just around the corner! From June to September (and sometimes December to February), we get to indulge in all the durians that we want. 

Instead of leaving your home to get it, you can have this treat delivered straight to you. Our list of 15 durian delivery companies will show you where you can get both frozen and fresh durian delivery in Singapore!

Note: Durian stocks are subject to availability. Make sure to check with sellers for their updated list of durians and prices!

Here are the different types of durians including their colours, flavours and textures! 😉

Infographic - types of durians

Frozen and fresh durian delivery

1. Mr Durian

Mr Durian delivery

Google rating: 4.2 (138 reviews)

Replacement guarantee

Mr Durian is the distributor of the popular durian store at Rangoon Road in the Balestier area. The boss, Alan delivers fresh and mouth-watering durians to long queues of customers everyday. 

To satisfy your cravings, they provide same day delivery for orders placed before 5pm. All fruits are dehusked at their store just before delivery to assure freshness. Order via this Google form and WhatsApp them for any enquiries!

Frozen/freshType of durianPrice
FrozenOld Tree MSW$158.00 (2kg)
FreshButter King$32.00 (400g)
$46.00 (650g)
Old Tree MSW$38.00 (400g)
$55.00 (650g)
Golden Phoenix
King of Kings$40.00 (400g)
$58.00 (650g)
Black Gold
Black Pearl$42.00 (400g)
$62.00 (650g)

Contact number: 9619 4190 (WhatsApp)
Address: 140 Rangoon Road #01-00 Singapore 218418

Delivery fee: $10.00 (Free for orders above $160)

2. Best Durian Delivery

Best Durian Delivery website

Facebook rating: 4.8 (17 reviews)

Replacement guarantee

Best Durian Delivery is committed to educating durian lovers on the history of the fruit and things to know before buying durians. They believe in ensuring the best customer experience while being honest and offering affordable rates.

They offer frozen and fresh durians from their self-owned plantations in Johor, Penang, Pahang and Kelantan. Replacement is also guaranteed in the unlikely event that you get any unripe, sour or watery durians.  

Mao Shan Wang and D24 purees are also available if you’re planning to make a durian cake or pastry!

Frozen/freshType of durianPrice
FrozenMao Shan Wang$42.90 (400g)
Old Tree MSW$47.90 (400g)
Black Gold MSW$51.90 (400g)
FreshD13$28.90 (400g) - $72.20 (1kg)
Mao Shan Wang$41.60 (400g) - $104.00 (1kg)
Old Tree MSW$44.80 (400g) - $112.00 (1kg)
Black Gold MSW$48.00 (400g) - $120.00 (1kg)

Contact number: 8199 9766

Delivery fee: Standard: $9.70 (Free for orders above $80) | 1h express: $13.70 
Delivery timing: 11am – 11.59pm

3. Durian Express Delivery

Durian Express Delivery website

Google rating: 4.3 (39 reviews)

Replacement guarantee

Durian Express Delivery sources their durians from a dedicated durian plantation in Pahang, Malaysia that’s solely owned by them. This allows them to offer a wide assortment of durian varieties including their best-selling Old Tree Mao Shan Wang.  

Furthermore, they have a 100% replacement guarantee for defective durians so you’ll be assured of high-quality goods! Durians are delivered within 3 hours, or 1 hour for the express option.

Frozen/freshType of durianPrice
FrozenMao Shan Wang$42.90 (400g)
Old Tree MSW$47.90 (400g)
Black Gold MSW$51.90 (400g)
FreshD13$28.90 (400g) - $72.20 (1kg)
Mao Shan Wang$41.60 (400g) - $104.00 (1kg)
Old Tree MSW$44.80 (400g) - $112.00 (1kg)
Black Gold MSW$48.00 (400g) - $120.00 (1kg)

Contact number: 8116 8890 
Address: 594 Geylang Road, #01-01, Singapore 389533

Delivery fee: 3h: $9.50 (Free for orders above $80) | 1h express: $13.50

4. Kungfu Durian

Kungfu Durian delivery website

Google rating: 3.7 (42 reviews)

Kungfu Durian brings you the best of both worlds — fresh and frozen durians. The company is run by durian lovers who are passionate about providing the freshest durians at transparent prices.

Originating from Johor and Pahang in Malaysia, their D24 durians have a creamy texture and bittersweet flavour which is well-liked by many! Each bag is packed fresh, sealed and freezed at -30°C. 

To complement their durian fruits, they also have Mao Shan Wang puree and gelato — yum! 😋

Type of durianPrice
D24 (600g)$35.00

Contact number: 8118 6318

Delivery fee: $9.90 (Free for orders $98 and above)

5. 8 Durian

8 Durian website

Replacement guarantee

As durian lovers, the 8 Durian team searched long and hard for the best durians every season. That’s when they gathered extensive knowledge and the resources to become distributors themselves.

Their durians are grown in Pahang plantations with the most advanced technology and conducive environment. Only the oldest trees and best fruits are selected. Each fruit is dehusked and sealed in boxes to guarantee its freshness and flavour! 

Fresh/frozenType of durianPrice (450g)
FrozenMao Shan Wang$30.90
FreshD13 Red Prawn$32.90
Mao Shan Wang$39.80
Premium Mao Shan Wang$44.90
Premium Black Gold$49.80

Contact number: 84399788 (WhatsApp)

Delivery fee: $10.00 (Free for orders above $100) | 1h express: $18 
Delivery timing: 10am – 11pm

Frozen durian delivery

6. Durian Papi

Durian Papi frozen Mao Shan Wang delivery Singapore website

What’s better than having durian during the durian season? Having it all year round! Durian Papi sells the best quality Mao Shan Wang, frozen at -18°C to achieve a 1-year shelf life. These golden yellow goodness are handpicked by Pahang’s farmers based on smell, shape and colour.

You can now enjoy delicious, creamy durians during off seasons. Plus, you can also do your durian fanatic friends a favour by purchasing this as a gift for them.

All prices include free express same day delivery for orders made by 6pm. Buy 3 packets to get 1 packet free! 

Number of packetsPrice
1 (400g)$39.90
2 (800g)$78.00
3 (1.2kg) + 1 (400g) free$135.00

Contact number: 9732 3379

Fresh durian delivery

7. Ah Seng Durian

Ah Seng Durian website

Google rating: 4.4 (465 reviews)

Ah Seng Durian began fulfilling his neighbourhood’s requests by bringing in limited quantities of durians from Malaysia back in the 80s. With his longggg history of supplying durians, he has accumulated over 3 decades of experience. 

The motto that he lives by is “A happy customer is a repeat customer”. Thus, his dedication and expertise have allowed him to differentiate between the high and premium quality fruits to satisfy his customers!  

Type of durianPrice
Jia Lun$13/kg
Gang Hai
Black Pearl$16/kg
Mao Shan Wang$24/kg
Golden Phoenix
Black Thorn$25/kg

Contact number: 9465 6160
Address: (1) Ghim Moh Market Blk 20 #01-119 to #01-121, Singapore, 270020
(2) Bukit Merah Lane 1 Blk 119 #01-24, Singapore, 151119

Delivery fee: $10 – $20

8. Durian Delivery Singapore

Durian Delivery Singapore website

Google rating: 4.1 (388 reviews)

Replacement guarantee

Durian Delivery Singapore noticed that there was a demand for high-quality durians delivered at an affordable price. There’s also an issue with the smell as durians aren’t allowed on public transport.

Thus, their durians are packed freshly, sealed and frozen in airtight containers. This preserves the consistency in the taste and flesh. Additionally, they offer replacements if you received unripe, sour or watery durians.

On top of frozen durians, they also have fresh baked goods including crepe cake, mochi and mousse. 

Frozen/freshType of durianPrice
FrozenXO D24$43.90 (1kg)
Mao Shan Wang$59.90 (1kg)
$100.00 (2kg)
FreshMao Shan Wang$76.80 (800g)
Old Tree MSW$83.20 (800g)
Signature Black Gold$89.60 (800g)

Contact number: 9017 2853
Address: 502 Macpherson Road, Singapore 368204

Delivery fee: Same day: $9.70 (Free for orders above $100) | Express: $13.70
Delivery timing: 10am – 11.59pm

9. Golden Moments

Golden Moments durian website

Google rating: 4.4 (316 reviews)

If you’ve heard of Golden Moments before, it’s probably because they’re rated Food King Good by Night Owl Cinematics! They’re known for their decadent durian desserts including cakes, puffs, bonbons and french crepes.

But on top of that, they also deliver fresh durian including Mao Shan Wang, Old Tree MSW, Black Gold MSW, Lotus and D1. What’s more — celebrity Jeanette Aw is their brand ambassador and creative director! 

Type of durianPrice (350g)
Mao Shan Wang$35.80
Old Tree MSW$38.80
Black Gold MSW$43.80

Contact number: 8766 8960
Address: 110 Lor 23 Geylang, Victory Centre #07-13, Singapore 388410

Delivery fee: $12.00 (Free for orders $150 and above)

10. DURIAN 36

DURIAN 36 website homepage

Google rating: 4.1 (339 reviews)

Previously known as Fruits Top 1 Department Store, DURIAN 36 has been in the industry for over 20 years. They have recently revamped their brand to specialise in durian delivery, while also still supplying premium fruits.

DURIAN 36 practises a farm-to-table approach, which translates into high-quality products at competitive pricing. For orders made by 10pm, they’ll be delivered on the same day within 3h. Or you can also opt for their 1h express delivery!

Type of durianPrice
Green Skin King$27.20 (400g)
$54.40 (800g)
$81.60 (1.2kg)
$105.00 (1.6kg)
D13 Red Prawn$28.90 (400g)
$57.80 (800g)
$140.00 (2kg)
Mao Shan Wang$41.60 (400g)
$83.20 (800g)
$122.00 (1.2kg)
Black Gold Mao Shan Wang$44.80 (400g)
$89.60 (800g)
$132.00 (1.2kg)
Old Tree Mao Shan Wang$48.00 (400g)
$96.00 (800g)
$142.00 (1.2kg)

Contact number: 9751 8993 (Jane) / 9889 4906 (Alvin)
Address: 608 Geylang Road, Singapore 389547

Delivery fee: Same day/next day: $9.70 | 1h express: $13.50

11. Happe Durians

Happe Durians website homepage

Facebook rating: 5 (13 reviews)

Replacement guarantee

Happe Durians (previously known as Durian Factory) delivers premium quality durians to your doorstep! They promise to offer only the best-tasting fruits that are handpicked by their durian professionals. All durians are dehusked and packed on the same day. 

This direct-to-supplier strategy allows them to guarantee a certain level of quality and at the same time, keep their prices as low as possible. They specialise in supplying XO D24 and Mao Shan Wang durians!

Type of durianPrice
XO D24$25.00 (450g)
$50.00 (900g)
$73.00 (1.35kg)
$145.00 (2.7kg)
Mao Shan Wang$42.00 (500g)
$84.00 (1kg)
$120.00 (1.5kg)
$240.00 (3kg)

Contact number: 8904 0354 (WhatsApp)
Address: 422 Tagore Industrial Avenue, Singapore 787806

Delivery fee: Regular: $10.00 (Free for orders above $100) | 90min express: $13.00 

12. Tip Top Durian

Tip Top Durian website

Google rating: 5 (5 reviews)

Tip Top Durian is the leading durian exporter in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Their plantation provides a full suite of services from orchard management to processing and cross-border distribution. 

Certified by GAP and GMP, the cultivation and packaging of their durians are sure to be top-notch. Other than delivering fresh durians to you, they also have durian cakes, mochi and ice cream made with premium ingredients! 

Type of durianPrice
Old Tree MSW$40.00 (400g)
$80.00 (800g)

Contact number: 8388 8572 
Address: 572 Geylang Road, Singapore 389516

Delivery fee: $8.00 (Free for orders $99 and above)

13. Parkway Durian

Parkway Durian website homepage

Google rating: 3.9 (47 reviews)

In 1979, Parkway Durian’s founder began his durian career. His journey led him to starting his own store at Marine Parade Central, where he’s become a crowd favourite for Marine Parade residents.

Their online store and delivery services officially started in 2017, when e-commerce was on a rise. Now, you can get their durians in airtight sealed containers on the same day if orders are placed by 3pm. Advanced delivery can also be arranged with a minimum order of $60!

Contact number: 8344 4687 (WhatsApp)
Address: Blk 83 Marine Parade Central #01-568, Singapore 440083

Minimum order: $60.00
Delivery fee: $15.00 (Free for orders above $200)

14. SgDurian

SgDurian website

SgDurian was first established as a brick and mortar store at Upper Serangoon Road in 2011. Since 2016, they started providing delivery services via their new website with more than 10 varieties of durians. 

Customers can now purchase their durians online and have them delivered directly! Each packet is packed in a 20cm x 13cm sealed box on the delivery day to preserve freshness and flavour. 

Type of durianPrice (3 box)
Butter King$75.90
Red Prawn$79.90
XO Durian
Golden Phoenix$99.90
Black Thorn
Mao Shan Wang (AA+)$109.90

Contact number: 8577 7946 (WhatsApp)
Address: Blk 682 Hougang Ave 4 (Storefront beside NTUC FairPrice)

Delivery fee: Same day: $5.90 (Free for next day)
Cut-off time: Same day delivery: 1pm | Next day delivery: 8pm
Delivery timing: 1pm – 5pm

15. Just Durian

Just Durian website homepage

As owners of a huge plantation in Western Malaysia, JustDurian offers more than 10 types of top-grade durians. Past customers would be able to attest to the creamy taste and premium quality of their durians.

Contact number: 6850 5451

Minimum order: $60.00

Getting Your Durian Fix Via Delivery

Satisfying your durian cravings in Singapore is now easier than ever since you can get this treat delivered right to your doorstep! With this list, we hope that you have a wider range of options when it comes to durian delivery 😉

If you’re keen to be featured in this list, let us know in an email to!


  1. Msw and blackgold is the same cultivar. Blackgold is just a marketing name for msw. Just like how wang zhong wang used to mean msw too. However this term has been abused to a greater extent that sellers are using it for even thai cultivars.


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