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Whyzee Review: Chocolate Desire Cake and Biscoff Cupcakes

Whyzee was established in 2018 as a brick and mortar confectionary store that specialises in customisable artisanal cakes. To move with the changing times, they’ve pivoted from walk-ins to a purely online delivery service.

They’ve served over 30,000 customers to date and is one of Singapore’s leading online cake delivery services! Other than cakes, they also have other desserts such as cupcakes, brownies, lava cakes and muffins 😋

To spruce up your gift game, you can even add on flowers, customised balloons and plush toys to your cake orders! 

Express 1-hour delivery available
Free delivery for orders above $100
Complimentary card for every order
No preservatives added
Freshly baked upon order

Whyzee sent us their Chocolate Desire Cake and Biscoff Cupcakes, so we decided to do a review of their bakes!

Disclaimer: The desserts were sponsored. However, we were not paid to do this review and all opinions are our own.

Chocolate Desire Cake (6”)

6" Chocolate Desire Cake from Whyzee
Price: $43.90 (6”), $69.90 (8”)

Flavour: Sweet with slight bitterness, rich
Texture: Smooth with a bit of crunch from the feuilletine

According to their website, the Chocolate Desire Cake is the most popular Express Cake which means you can get it in just 1 hour after you’re done reading our review 😉 

The mousse cake came with a slight bitterness from the dark chocolate. However, the flavour profile was balanced — there’s just enough bitterness to counter the sweetness (and this is coming from someone who isn’t a fan of dark chocolate!)

The mousse was very smooth but may get surfeiting after a few bites. It was good, but would’ve preferred it if it was less rich so I can have more than 1 slice in one sitting 😛 

The cake was topped with milk chocolate slices and crunchy feuilletine, which added dimension to the texture of the cake. In fact, more crunch should be added! Overall, it’s a pretty good cake that’s perfect for chocolate lovers.

Biscoff Cupcakes (6 pcs)

Box of 6 biscoff cupcakes from Whyzee
Price: $25.90 (6 pcs), $44.90 (12 pcs)

Flavour: Buttery with subtle biscoff flavour
Texture: Dense sponge with smooth frosting

Right off the bat, I noticed that the colour of the sponges were inconsistent — most of them were a lighter shade of yellow, but there were 1 or 2 that were more towards brown. Also, there weren’t any sprinkled crumbs as claimed on their website 😅

But, looks can be deceiving! So, I looked past that and took a bite. The frosting was smooth and creamy and came with a hint of cinnamon flavour. The biscoff flavour was subtle, but worked well when eaten together with the biscoff cookie. (The cookie was soft and lacked crunch though — as what Hokkien people would refer to as “lao hong”.)

The ratio of frosting to the cupcake was just right and the frosting wasn’t too sweet. The sponge of the cupcake had a very buttery flavour, so if you like buttery desserts, this one’s for you. Overall, a strong take on biscoff cupcakes!

Add-on: Fresh Flower Bouquet

Bouquet of yellow flowers by Whyzee

Whyzee also offers flower delivery together with your dessert orders! If you’re trying to reach the minimum order of $100 to get free delivery, simply add a fresh or preserved flower bouquet. 

They also have flower domes for an added flair, or mini bloom bouquets if you have a smaller budget.

Whyzee: Cake and dessert delivery in Singapore

Whyzee paddle pop cheesecake + lava cake

We hope this review has been helpful! Hungry and need some cake now? Just opt for Whyzee’s express delivery and you’ll have cake in 1 hour 😂

In all seriousness: having only tried 2 desserts out of their extensive menu, I can’t say much for the quality of their other bakes. But if you’re looking for a last minute cake and gift for someone, Whyzee’s a good bet 🙂 

Self-collection and delivery
Delivery fee: $10
Delivery timings: 12pm – 3pm, 3pm – 6pm, 6pm – 9pm
Last minute delivery fee (Within 1h): $20
Self-collection timings: 12pm – 3pm, 3pm – 6pm

Contact details
Address: 11 Sin Ming Road, Thomson V Two, #01-30, Singapore 575629 
Opening hours: 10am – 6pm (Daily) / 24 hours (Online)
Contact number: 9773 2434 (WhatsApp)
Email address:

Let us know what you want us to try next! Should we test Whyzee’s 1-hour express delivery service? 😉

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