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21 Cold Brew Deliveries in Singapore For A Convenient Caffeine Fix

With Singapore’s fast-paced lifestyle, most of us need our daily dose of caffeine. Thankfully, our coffee culture is unique and diverse, giving us a myriad of options from both Eastern and Western influences.

If you’re tired of your regular kopi or teh, change it up and try cold brew, a caffeinated beverage commonly found in cafes. 

Since working from home has pretty much become a norm, we’ve listed 21 cold brew deliveries that can send these delicious beverages straight to your doorstep!

Cold brew vs iced coffee
Cold brew is a beverage made with filtered cold or room temperature water and roasted coffee beans or tea leaves. The process doesn’t utilise any heat, as the ingredients are soaked in water for a minimum of 12 hours to extract caffeine and flavour.

Iced coffee is regularly brewed coffee served with ice. Compared to regular coffee, cold brews are known to be less bitter and acidic, but still manage to be smooth, sweet and rich.

Coffee cold brew deliveries

1. Habitat Coffee

cold brews at Habitat Coffee

What’s special: Cold Matcha Coffee
Price: $6+ (1 bottle) 

Google rating: 4.1 (738 reviews)

Habitat Coffee is a cosy branch cafe well-known by cafe goers to serve delicious food and coffee at reasonable prices. You can get their cold brews delivered in a lovely breakfast box to start your mornings right.

Unlike a regular Matcha latte which uses milk and tea, their Cold Matcha Coffee has been infused with coffee, giving it an additional caffeine kick!

Contact number: 8750 5258
Email: info@habitatcoffee.com.sg
Address: 223 Upper Thomson Rd, Singapore 574355

Delivery fee: Varies according to distance (Free for orders above $50) 
Delivery timing: 11am – 8pm (working days) 

2. Parallel Coffee Roasters

Cold brews from Parallel Coffee

 Subscriptions available
 Multiple delivery options

Price: $25+ (6 bottles)

Google rating: 4.7 (79 reviews)

Parallel Coffee Roasters began in 2017 with a motivation to brew good coffee at affordable prices. Their delicious cold brews are available in black, white, mocha and a dairy-free oat milk version. 

If you enjoy their cold brews, you can select either a weekly or bi-weekly subscription to get your fix. But if you’re not ready to commit, you can place a one-time order as well! 

Contact number: 9750 8997
Email: parallel@brewsg.com
Address: 39 Duxton Hill, Singapore 089617

Delivery fee: Same working day: $8 | Next working day: $6 | 2-3 working days: $5
Cut-off time for orders: 5pm
Delivery timing: 10am – 7pm (working days)

3. Wake The Crew

Cold brews from Wake The Crew

What’s special: Cold brew concentrates
Price: $6.50+ (1 bottle)

Google rating: 5 (9 reviews)

Promo code: Quote “BUMBLESCOOP” for 10% off!
(Valid until 31 December 2021)

Wake The Crew aims to empower people to create their own coffee without the need for expensive machines or set-ups. As such, they offer a range of cold brew concentrates for you to make your daily brews easily. 

If you want to skip coffee making altogether, they also offer ready-made cold brew lattes. On top of that, you can customise them with milk and syrup options! 

Contact number: 9123 3226
Email: hey@wakethecrewcoldbrew.com

Lead time: 2 days
Delivery fee: $10 (Free for orders above $60)
Delivery days: Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday

4. Brew Brothers

White cold brew from Brew Brothers

What’s special: Black cold brew
Price: $22+ (4 bottles) 

Brew Brothers brews their signature coffee with whole coffee beans and no artificial sugars, additives or preservatives. The result is a clean cold brew that’s full of authentic flavour. 

Black cold brew might not be for everyone, but Brew Brothers has formulated theirs to be palatable and easy to drink. The recipe is light, invigorating and contains tasting notes of earl grey tea. 

Contact number: 9722 5332
Email: brewbrotherssg@gmail.com

Delivery fee: $7.50 (Free for orders above $40) 
Cut-off time for orders: 11.59pm (Tuesdays)
Batch delivery days: Thursdays

Tea cold brew deliveries

5. Craft Tea Fox

matcha and hojicha latte from Craft Tea Fox

 Subscriptions available

What’s special: Tea lattes 
Price: $7+ (1 bottle) 

Google rating: 5 (5 reviews)

Promo code: Quote “Bumblescoop15” for 15% off all orders!
(Up to $5)

For all Matcha enthusiasts, grab a cold Matcha or Hojicha bottled latte from Craft Tea Fox! They’re made from whisking cold milk with high-quality matcha, creating full-bodied, creamy and velvety smooth beverages. 

They’ve introduced an oat milk variety that’s free from dairy and vegan-friendly, but equally as delicious! In addition, their lattes last 2 to 5 weeks, so you can stock up and take your time with them. 

We tried 4 different drinks from Craft Tea Fox — the Matcha and Hojicha in milk and oat milk. Interested to know if they’re good? Read our full review!

Contact number: 9668 8793
Email: hello@craftteafox.co

Lead time: 3 – 5 working days 
Delivery fee: $8 (Free for orders above $40)
Delivery dates: Varies according to availability 
Delivery timings: 12pm – 7pm (Monday – Friday)

6. Hvala 

Matcha latte and donburi from Hvala

What’s special: Matcha Goma latte
Price: $7.28+ (1 bottle) 

Hvala specialises in cold brew Japanese teas and lattes made from premium and aromatic blends. If you enjoy the taste of sesame, you’ll love their Matcha Goma latte – fresh milk with a layer of whisked matcha and their in-house Goma syrup!

Email: enquiry@hvala.com.sg
Address: 30 Victoria St, #01-04/05, Singapore 187996 (Chimes) | 111 Somerset Rd, #01-10, Singapore 238164 (Somerset)

Minimum order: $50
Delivery fee: $8 (Free for orders above $70)
Delivery timing: 12.30pm – 9pm (working days)

Coffee and tea cold brew deliveries 

7. Chye Seng Huat Hardware

Cold brews from Chye Seng Huat Hardware

 Gift cards available

What’s special: Bundles that include banana cake and drip bags 
Price: $45+ (6 bottles) 

Google rating: 4.3 (1,616 reviews)

If you want to show your appreciation for a loved one, send them a care pack from Chye Seng Huat Hardware! Each pack contains their cold brews, freshly baked cakes and a ton of other goodies. 

You can either customise it or choose a curated pack from their collection. They also have Stay Home Care Packs retailing for $38+ and comes with a 7-inch banana cake loaf, drip bags and cold brews of mixed flavours. 

Contact number: 6299 4321
Email: cshh@pppcoffee.com
Address: 150 Tyrwhitt Rd, Singapore 207563

Lead time: 3 working days 
Delivery fee: $10 (Free for orders above $70)
Cut-off time for orders: 3pm (Monday – Friday) 
Delivery days: Monday – Friday
Delivery timing: 12pm – 9pm

8. Strangers’ Reunion

Cold brew from Strangers' Reunion

What’s special: Sea Salt Chocolate
Price: $6.90 (1 bottle) | $38 (6 bottles) 

Google rating: 4 (621 reviews)

Many people are familiar with Strangers’ Reunion; they’ve been around since the beginning of the hipster cafe scene in Singapore. 

They are best known for their popular White Magic, a bottled blend of espresso completed with fresh milk and chilled. For those who with a sweet tooth, you can try their rich Sea Salt Chocolate drink!   

Contact number: 6291 0227
Email: enquiries@strangersreunion.com
Address: 37 Kampong Bahru Road Singapore, Singapore 169356

Lead time: 1 hour
Delivery fee: Orders below $30: $10 | Orders above $30: $6 (Free for orders above $50)

9. Old Hen Coffee Bar

Cold brew collection from Old Hen Coffee

What’s special: Valrhona Dark Cocoa
Price: $6.50+ (1 bottle) 

Google rating: 4.5 (498 reviews)

Old Hen Coffee is known to be one of the pioneers for cold brew in Singapore, so you can rest assured that they know their stuff! For avid chocolate lovers, you can indulge in their Dark Cocoa brew, mixed with gourmet Valrhona chocolate.  

Contact number: 6341 5458
Email: hello@oldhencoffee.com
Address: 88 Rangoon Rd, #01-03, Singapore 218374

Minimum order: $35
Delivery fee: Regular: $5 (Free for orders above $55) | 3-hour express: $15 (Orders below $55), $10 (Orders above $55) 
Delivery days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday (Central, Northeast, East) | Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday (CBD/South, West, North)
Delivery timing: Regular delivery: 10am – 4pm 

10. Stamping Ground Coffee

Cold brews from Standing Ground Coffee

What’s special: Canned and 1L cold brews
Price: $25+ (4 cans) | $22+ (1L bottle)

Google rating: 4.2 (486 reviews)

Stamping Ground’s signature cold brew, Balanced Black, is packaged in quirky cans to keep it fresh for longer periods and easier consumption. They also offer their classic favourites in large 1L bottles for delivery, so you can get more out of your purchase!

To place an order, just drop them a WhatsApp text or a DM on Instagram. They’ll then provide payment and delivery details based on your order.

Contact number: 9070 7610
Email: hello@stampinggroundcoffee.com

Delivery fee: Varies according to location 
Cut-off time for orders: 5.45pm

11. Homeground Coffee Roasters

Concentrates from Homeground Coffee Roasters

 Subscriptions available

What’s special: Brew concentrates 
Price: $33+ (1 bottle of concentrate) | $45 (6 bottles of cold brew tea)

Google rating: 4.5 (426 reviews)

If you want to enjoy top notch coffee while saving money, you can get the best of both worlds with Homeground Coffee Roasters’s concentrated brews. Simply add your favourite milk and you’re good to go!  

You can make up to 8 cups with each bottle, covering your daily dose of caffeine for more than a week.  

Contact number: 8661 1035
Email: hello@hgcrs.com

Lead time: 1 – 3 working days
Delivery fee: $6 – $10 (Free for orders above $80) 
Delivery days: Monday – Sunday 
Delivery timings: 9am – 10.30am, 10.30am – 12pm, 6pm – 8.30am 

12. Mosanco Enchanted Cafe

cold brews from moscano enchanted cafeo en

 24-hour delivery

What’s special: Unique cold brew flavours
Price: $6.90 (1 bottle) | $50 (8 bottles) 

Google rating: 4.3 (382 reviews)

If you find yourself craving cold brew in the middle of the night, Mosanco Enchanted Cafe operates 24 hours a day! Their cold brews are available under their Fairytales Garden cafe in 12 flavours, including more unique ones like Bandung and Rose Chocolate.

You can purchase their Snow White and 7 Dwarfs set which comes with 4 coffee and 4 non-coffee brews to try. The best part is that it’ll only set you about $50 — so worth it!

Contact number: 8813 1086
Email: hello@mosancocafe.com
Address: 88 Rangoon Road #01-04 Singapore, Singapore 218374

Lead time: 2 hours
Minimum order: $25
Delivery fee: $5 (Free for orders above $50) 

13. Butler Koffee

cold brew from Butler Koffee

Price: $8 (1 bottle) | $37.50 (5 bottles) 

Google rating: 5 (33 reviews)

Butler Koffee is founded by Alicia, who discovered her passion after working in coffee shops in the UK. Akin to a butler’s service, the team ensures that every cup of coffee served is of perfect quality. 

Their cold brew range, Butler’s Brew, contains 4 speciality coffees and 2 flavourful teas.  

Contact number: 9326 3726
Email: hello@butlerkoffee.com 
Address: 333 Kreta Ayer, #03-22, Singapore 080333

Lead time: 2 days 
Delivery fee: $10
Delivery days: Monday – Tuesday, Friday – Sunday

14. 1degreeC Coffee

Cold brews from 1degreeC

What’s special: Masala Cold Brew Coffee, Blue Pea Cold Tea
Price: $5 (1 bottle) | $60 (12 bottles) 

Facebook rating: 5 (24 reviews)

1degreeC was started by 2 ‘elder-preneurs’, Richard and Yan, who believe it’s never too late to fulfil your dreams. They handcraft cold brews with only natural and premium ingredients to keep it healthy!

Their Masala Cold Brew Coffee is unlike any other — it’s infused with Masala spices to create a fragrant and earthy taste. 

Contact number: 9783 7423
Email: sales@1degreeC.com.sg

Lead time: 3 working days 
Delivery fee: $8 (Free for orders above $60)
Delivery timing: 11am – 6pm (Monday – Friday)

15. Kafve

Cold brews from Kafve Coffee

What’s special: White cold brew 
Price: $6+ (1 bottle) | $33+ (6 bottles) 

Google rating: 5 (16 reviews)

Kafve is a company that provides specialty coffee for both corporate and private events. They create their coffee using only the finest beans and professional brewing practices. 

Their speciality white cold brew is created from a popular blend of Brazil Cerrado and Indian Monsoon Malabars finished with cocoa and tangerine notes. This gives it a smooth, slightly sweet and refreshing taste. 

Contact number: 8779 8380
Email: contact@kafvecoffee.com

Lead time: 2 – 3 days
Delivery fee: $3 (Free for orders of 2 bundles and above)
Cut-off time for orders: 11.59pm (Tuesdays and Saturdays)
Delivery days: Thursday, Monday
Delivery timing: 10am – 8pm

16. Narrative Coffee Stand

cold brews from Narrative Coffee Stand

What’s special: Coffee Kombucha
Price: $6.50+ (1 bottle)

Facebook rating: 4.7 (13 reviews)

Boasting adorable illustrations on their packaging, cold brews from Narrative Coffee Stand are sure to make a great conversation starter. 

If you’re a fan of both kombucha and coffee, why not give their Coffee Kombucha a try? It’s an unexpected and refreshing combination that works brilliantly!

Contact number: 9180 2937
Email: narrativecoffeestand@gmail.com
Address: Blk 231, Bain St, #01-05, Complex, Singapore 180231

Minimum order: $25
Delivery fee: $8 (Free for orders above $40)
Cut-off time for orders: 10am (for same day)

17. Bootstrap Beverages

cold brew from bootstrap beverages

 Subscriptions available

Price: $6+ (1 bottle) | $35+ (6 bottles)

Facebook rating: 4 (12 reviews)

Bootstrap Beverages is driven by a passion for sustainability. In line with their vision, they use Arabica beans that have been ethically sourced from family-run farms in Bali. 

They also encourage this through their subscription program, which optimises delivery routes and reduces single-use plastics. When you sign up, you score a complimentary pack of 6 cold brews and free shipping! 

Email: info@bootstrapbeverages.com
Address: 5 Mandai Link, #10-06, Singapore 728654

Delivery fee: $5 (Free for subscriptions)
Delivery days: Monday – Saturday
Delivery timings: 12.30pm – 6.30pm, 7pm – 10pm (Monday – Friday) | 10am – 4pm (Saturday)

18. Cafe Cartisan

cold brews from cafe cartisan

What’s special: Lushie Golden Matcha latte
Price: $6.90+ (1 bottle) 

Google rating: 4.9 (11 reviews)

Melbourne is known for their vibrant cafe culture. This has been brought to Singapore by Cafe Cartisan, started by a coffee-lover who grew up there. 

If you find yourself spoilt for choice from the selection of handcrafted beverages, you can try their bestseller, the Lushie Golden Matcha which is Matcha latte mixed with malt. 

Contact number: 9853 0206
Address: 430 Upper Changi Rd, East Village #01-33 Singapore 486936, Singapore, Singapore

Lead time: 1 day
Minimum order: $50
Delivery fee: $9 (Free for orders above $80) 

19. Gather The Misfits

Gather The Misfits cold brew

What’s special: Single origin brews 
Price: $7+ (1 bottle)

Google rating: 4.9 (11 reviews)

Regardless of whether you like tea or coffee, Gather The Misfits caters to all. Instead of blends, their coffees are single origin which give more pronounced flavours and aromas.  They also have a variety of tea lattes ranging from Japanese Hojicha to French Earl Grey. 

As a bonus, their bottled cold brews are sealed with vintage bottle caps that’ll remind you of retro soft drinks! 

Contact number: 9298 7291
Email: hello@gatherthemisfits.com
Address: 217 Rangoon Rd, Singapore 218457

Delivery fee: $5 (Free for orders above $50)
Delivery days: Everyday except Tuesday
Delivery timing: 10am – 6pm (working days)

20. Kopiboy

Cold brew from Kopi Boy

What’s special: Flavours inspired by hawker centre beverages 
Price: $5 (1 x 300ml bottle) | $15 (1 x 1L bottle) 

Looking for an affordable coffee delivery? Kopiboy could be your new favourite joint. Their 300ml bottles only cost $5 each and you can get the 1L version at just $15. 

Aside from white and black coffee cold brews, you can find Singapore favourites like Teh Tarik and Authentic Kopi. 

Contact number: 8923 6672
Email: hello@kopiboy.sg

Delivery fee: $8 (Free for orders above $25)
Delivery days: Everyday
Delivery timings: 1pm – 7pm

21. Made Cold 

Black cold brew from Made Cold

 Subscriptions available

Price: $6.50 (1 bottle) | $24 (4 bottles)

Made Cold has created artisanal coffee and tea cold brews that are accessible to anyone from F&B distributors to single consumers. With their compact packaging, you can just throw one into your bag before heading out!

Their black cold brew, Breaking Point, has caramel tasting notes. But if you find that it’s too intense for you, they have a version with added milk and sugar known as People’s Choice. 

Contact number: 9389 1128
Email: order@madecold.com

Lead time: 3 – 5 working days 
Delivery fee: Varies according to distance (Free for orders above $50)

Delicious Cold Brew To Fuel Your Everyday

Whether you require a pick-me-up for work or simply want to enjoy a chilled beverage, cold brew is a drink suitable for any occasion. What’s better is that you can now enjoy this cafe drink every day with the wonders of delivery services!

Contact us at hello@bumblescoop.com if we missed out on your favourite cold brew delivery service!


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