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Craft Tea Fox Review: Matcha and Hojicha Lattes (Milk/Oat Milk)

As someone who enjoys cafe drinks, I appreciate cold brew delivery services that allow you to access and savour these premium beverages in the comfort of your home. 

You can’t imagine how excited I was when Craft Tea Fox sent us their highly-reviewed Matcha and Hojicha lattes in both the regular and oat milk versions to try! 

So, we decided to do a review of their drinks to see if they’re worth the hype! 

Disclaimer: The drink lattes were sponsored. However, this is not a paid review and all opinions are our own.

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About Craft Tea Fox 

Matcha and Hojicha lattes from Craft Tea Fox

Craft Tea Fox started in 2019 with a mission to make healthy drinks that were equally as delicious. Their goal led them to the famous Japanese superfood – Matcha, and they’ve never looked back!

They focus primarily on Matcha and Hojicha tea products, where they only use premium tea leaves from Uji, Kyoto, otherwise known as the Matcha capital of Japan

Using a patented technique called Whisked™, the team has innovatively merged modern production with the traditional Matcha preparation methods of bamboo whisking.  

Aside from their barista-grade bottled lattes, they also offer DIY brewing kits and tea powders. 

Free delivery for orders over $40
Bundles and subscriptions available
Referral programme
Gift sets available
Bottled lattes last 2 – 5 weeks

Matcha Latte

Matcha latte (regular milk) from Craft Tea Fox
Price: $7

Flavour: Light Matcha taste with strong fresh milk aftertaste

Their website describes the artisanal beverage as an “umami-infused Matcha shot paired with creamy milk that is lightly sweetened.” 

Upon the first sip, I found that the Matcha taste was quite subtle with hints of bitterness and some herbal notes, followed by a more robust milk flavour. This may be a bit overwhelming for people who don’t enjoy fresh milk or are lactose-intolerant (like me) 😅

The drink also had a light sweetness, which I appreciated because it didn’t overpower the overall taste. As for the drink’s consistency, it was a bit thinner than I would’ve liked it to be. However, I’m saying this as someone who enjoys a creamy and strong Matcha flavour! 

The latte was also slightly powdery due to the Uji Matcha suspension*. 

As a whole, I would’ve liked it better if the Matcha taste was more prominent to balance out the milk but I think that this is a pretty good take on Matcha latte!

*Note: Matcha is a suspension tea, meaning that the powder particles do not dissolve. Shake the tea lattes thoroughly before drinking or serving! 

Hojicha Latte

Hojicha latte with regular milk from Craft Tea Fox
Price: $7

Flavour: Strong roasted flavor with a milky aftertaste

At once, I noticed that there was a rather distinct smoky flavour that’s probably from the roasted tea leaves! Similar to the Matcha latte, the taste of fresh milk also came through quite strongly.

Interestingly, this combination of flavours reminded me of roasted milk! I definitely think that there could have been a better Hojicha-to-milk ratio as the toastiness felt a tad bit overpowering. However, the sugar level was just right 👍🏻 

Aside from that, the latte had a muted powdery texture, much like the Matcha latte. I personally didn’t mind this as it added some dimension to the drink.

Overall, though the Hojicha latte had a little more depth in terms of flavour as compared to the Matcha latte, it could’ve been more well-balanced.

Matcha vs Hojicha
For the uninitiated, there are some points that differentiate the 2 Japanese green teas:

  • Production: Matcha is created using only young tea leaves which are grinded into a fine powder. On the other hand, Hojicha powder is made from more mature tea leaves, stems and stalks that are roasted at around -200°C.

  • Colour: Matcha is bright green, while Hojicha comes in different shades of brown due to roasting.

  • Caffeine level: Matcha contains over 20 times more caffeine as compared to Hojicha because the roasting process reduces the caffeine and bitterness. This is why it’s recommended to go for Matcha in the mornings and Hojicha in the evenings!
  • Matcha Latte (Oat Milk) 

    Matcha latte with oat milk from Craft Tea Fox
    Price: $8

    Flavour: Strong Matcha flavour with subtle nutty aftertaste

    Personally, I prefer non-dairy options in my beverages when it comes to cafe drinks, especially oat milk! According to their website, the Matcha latte (oat milk) is dairy-free and vegan-friendly 😋

    Immediately, I noticed that the oat milk version was a deeper shade of green than the fresh milk one. The Matcha taste was also more pronounced for this as well! I could taste the light and refreshing bitterness distinctive of the Japanese green tea. 

    As oat milk has a rather nutty taste, I believed that this was what enhanced the flavour. I also liked that the delicate nuttiness remained on my tongue after I downed the drink. 

    This Matcha latte was slightly creamier and thicker in texture than the regular one, but still a little bit watery.

    Hojicha Latte (Oat Milk) 

    Hojicha latte with oat milk from Craft Tea Fox
    Price: $8

    Flavour: Balanced toasty and nutty flavour

    I enjoyed this one the most! I think that oat milk and Hojicha is a winning combination because they both have a nutty taste and complement each other well.

    The overall flavour profile was more complete and wasn’t masked by a strong milky or roasted flavour. The Hojicha was toasted to the right degree and the natural earthy sweetness was evident.

    This was also slightly sweeter than the Matcha oat milk latte due to the inherent taste of Hojicha*, but it wasn’t too much to the point where I couldn’t finish it. 

    Likewise, the Hojicha oat milk latte is slightly creamier than its dairy milk counterpart. But it’s still light and silky smooth – really easy to drink! 

    With the light sweetness and lower amount of caffeine, this latte is perfect for anybody at any time of the day, and I’ll know I’ll be reaching into my fridge for it whenever the cravings hit 😂

    *Hojicha has a sweeter taste as the bitterness from the tea leaves is removed during the roasting process.

    Difference between regular latte and oat milk
    As oat milk has a slight yellow tint and is darker than fresh milk, the oat milk lattes will look darker than the regular dairy versions. Oat milk also has a naturally sweet and slightly nutty flavour in comparison to whole milk.

    The oat milk lattes from Craft Tea Fox are both dairy-free and vegan-friendly!

    Craft Tea Fox: Matcha and Hojicha Tea Lattes and Powder Delivery In Singapore

    Matcha and Hojicha lattes from Craft Tea Fox in a line

    Overall, I feel that the tea lattes are great for people who prefer a milder tea taste as well as those who don’t enjoy the bitterness that comes with drinking pure tea. 

    Additionally, if you prefer drinks that aren’t too sweet, these are also a good option as Craft Tea Fox makes them with just the right amount of sweetness 😍 As a gauge, I typically drink my milk tea at 25% sugar level!

    If you’re hooked on them, you’ll be glad to know that Craft Tea Fox offers a subscription system in 1, 2, 3 or 4-week interval options (and you’ll save 10% on every order) 🤑

    Subscription prices:
    Regular latte
    Oat milk
    $6.30 (1 bottle)
    $7.20 (1 bottle)

    Contact details
    Contact number: 9668 8793
    Address: 24 Sin Ming Lane, #03-99, Midview City, Singapore 573970

    Delivery fee: $8 (Free for orders above $40)
    Lead time: 3 – 5 working days 
    Delivery dates: Varies according to availability 
    Delivery timings: 12pm – 7pm (Monday – Friday)

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    We hope our review has been helpful for you! Let us know what we should try out next 😉

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