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61 Top Instagram Influencers in Singapore For The Best Recommendations

Influencers often have a bad reputation as most people think that they get free things easily. 

However, there are a lot of things that go behind the scenes; behind every IG post, there are at least 50 photos that didn’t make the cut and a ton of effort goes into editing and coming up with a caption that satisfies the client.

It’s a job that requires a lot of discipline, wit and hard work to truly succeed. While it may seem glamorous, every job has its downsides.

In this article, we feature 61 of the top influencers in Singapore! 

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Disclaimer: Follower counts are accurate as of 16 July 2021.
Bumble Scoop is not liable for any misconduct displayed or misinformation provided by these influencers.

Nano Influencers in Singapore (1K – 10K Instagram Followers)

1. Shermaine Lau (3.1K followers)

Girl smiling and holding on to her shades

Fashion | Beauty | Lifestyle

Shermaine is a fun-loving person who takes time off her Auditor role to take IG-worthy photos during the weekends.

2. Ashley Neo (3.5K followers)

Girl posing for camera

Beauty | Fashion | Lifestyle

Ashley’s feed is filled with great outfits and edgy poses. She has IG story highlights to document her cooking and baking, bubble tea drinking and room decor.

3. Isabelle Han (5.1K followers)

Girl smiling

Fashion | Beauty | Lifestyle

In the Sun NUS 2019 pageant, Isabelle was Ms Popular! She’s now in her final year of university in NUS Business School.

Her feed uses a consistent filter that has a slight red tint and features recommendations for fashion, beauty and lifestyle products.

4. Eliza Chong (5.9K followers)

Girl looking back and smiling

Fitness | Fashion | Lifestyle

Eliza is a national beach volleyball player and Sport Singapore ambassador. Her feed features a mix of her volleyball tournaments and everyday life.

5. Nicole (6.6K followers)

Girl wearing minnie mouse ears at Disneyland

Fashion | Beauty | Lifestyle

With a bio that states “can’t see 99% of the time but pls say hi to me”, one can’t help but think that Nicole has a goofy personality. She is currently an undergraduate at NUS Business School and loves dolling herself up.

6. Atiqa Sams (7.7K followers)

Girl in hijab smiling

Fashion | Beauty | Lifestyle

Atiqa has a ton of recommendations for beauty products such as face masks, teeth whitening home treatments and hair waxing. For the Muslim ladies, she knows the best places to get comfy shawls!

Micro Influencers in Singapore (10K – 50K Instagram Followers)

7. Joel Lim (15.8K followers)

Politics | Entertainment | Lifestyle

Joel is the co-founder of Zyrup magazine and host of the podcast The Naughty Prude. He rose to fame during the 2020 elections period as he simplified politics and made it an engaging conversation for the new generation of voters.

8. Bella Zade (16.9K followers)

Winking girl carrying a dog

Fashion | Beauty

Bella is amongst the new batch of Titan Digital Media talents, who act as students of Class N4T1. Her colour-coordinated feed features edgy outfits photoshopped to the different colours of the rainbow.

9. Brenda Tan (18.1K followers)

Dog kissing girl smiling

Fashion | Beauty | Lifestyle

In June 2020, an anonymous platform “Influencer Glassdoor” surfaced to publish reviews on influencers. 

Brenda Tan was one of the unfortunate victims who got accused of having a bad work ethic, but has since spoken up for herself with a comprehensive video with screenshots and timestamps.

To her followers, she’s like a relatable friend who tells you as it is. She aims to normalise uncomfortable and sensitive topics such as body image, online dating and sexuality.

Fun fact!
She also influenced () me to do this Japanese snack box review!

10. Shannon Taylor (23.2K followers)

Girl in sports wear

Fitness | Lifestyle | Travel

Shannon is all about fitness and body positivity! You can follow her to get great recommendations for workout outfits and outdoor activities to bond with your friends.

11. Kaylene Choo (23.3K followers)

Girl with tattoos on arms

Beauty | Parenting

In June 2020, Kaylene gave birth to an adorable baby boy Matthias. Other than cute baby videos, her content revolves around beauty product recommendations and GWRM (get ready with me) videos.

12. Rachell (28.1K followers)

Girl with hand on neck and posing for camera

Fashion | Beauty | Fitness | Lifestyle

If Rachell looks familiar to you, it’s because she was once a Channel 8 child actress! She’s recently engaged and is now hosting AsiaOne’s YouTube channel series “Feeling Fab”.

13. Clarie Acacia Teo (29.4K followers)

Girl in denim jacket and black tube top

Beauty | Lifestyle | Fashion

Clarie is an ex-Navy poster girl. Despite her demure look, she studied engineering and was an engineer onboard one of the navy’s frigates. She’s one tough chick!

14. Crystabel Tan (31.4K followers)

GIrl in pink top

Fashion | Beauty

While she’s a micro influencer on Instagram, Crystabel has over 200K followers on Tik Tok! She even has a YouTube channel where she shared tips on how to go viral on Tik Tok.

15. Zonia Raymond Tan (33.8K followers)

Lady holding baby

Parenting | Lifestyle

Zonia shared her trying-to-conceive journey with fellow married couples on this post. In February 2020, she gave birth to adorable baby Jamie, just months after her sister Zoe gave birth to Aaron!

16. Pamela Lee (37.7K followers)

Girl with short hair and kissy mouth

Lifestyle | Beauty | Fashion

A memorable personality, Pam is the Angry Girl and Goondu on Sgag hilarious videos 😂 

She’s crazy about loud earrings that can function such as Rubik’s cubes and cassette tapes that actually wind!

17. Gwendolyn Ashley Toh (38.9K followers)

Girl in dress with dog

Beauty | Fashion

On August 6, Gwen announced her pregnancy on Instagram! Followers can look forward to more pregnancy and motherhood content from this lash queen.

She also has a pomsky named Dumbo and posts pet-related content from time to time.

18. Grace Khoo (39.3K followers)

Girl smiling with flowers

Fashion | Beauty | Lifestyle

Grace expresses her love for fishes openly as she owns many breeds of fishes at home. Her IG username is graceglazee as “glaze” rhymes with grace and she likes donuts 🍩

19. Jodi Tan (39.8K followers)

Girl in dress in front of colourful flat

Fashion | Beauty | Lifestyle

Jodi does regular try-ons for Lovet’s new collections. Her feed is filled with outfit inspirations from local apparel brands, and occasionally features recommendations for beauty and lifestyle products!

20. Sheila Mandy (42.7K followers)

Lady carrying baby

Parenting | Beauty | Fashion | Lifestyle

As a top lifestyle blogger, Sheila is the founder of Hollyhoque (female apparel) and co-founder of Bloombubz (baby products). She has 2 adorable kids – Thad and Tessa!

21. Liz (47K followers)

Girl sitting at cafe

Beauty | Parenting | Lifestyle

In March this year, Liz got married to Ah Boys To Men star Maxi Lim and gave birth to their son Reign (aka EatB) in August. She documented her pregnancy journey on her Instagram and on the Ladies First YouTube channel.

Mid-tier Influencers in Singapore (50K – 500K Instagram Followers)

22. Jessica Loh (53.3K followers)

Girl smiling in front of cherry blossom trees

Beauty | Fashion | Lifestyle

Jessica used to run a bakery on Instagram (shibertybakes) but has since found her new passion in making bespoke gemstone jewelry (jexagems). 

In June 2020, she was part of the “influencer domestic helper saga” where she ranted on her IG stories about her helper stealing things.

23. Diana Bakar (53.9K followers)

Lady in hotel room holding bouquet of flowers

Beauty | Fashion | Lifestyle

Diana acts as “Diana” in Titan Digital Media’s N4T1 series on YouTube. She also owns a florist business bebeblumen, where she sells flower, money and snack bouquets. 

24. Melissa Poh (56.7K followers)

Girl in purple cap and makeup

Food | Beauty | Lifestyle

Anyone following Melissa would know that she loves purple and is a huge foodie! 

During circuit breaker, she picked up cooking and even started her own bakery (melziebakes) where she takes orders during her free time.

25. Kimberly Chan (60.2K followers)

Girl hugging shark toy

Fashion | Beauty | Lifestyle | Fitness

Kimberly was featured in L’Oréal’s MAJIFASHION video in July 2019. It’s no surprise since she’s adventurous with her hair colours and has many hair care tips. 

26. Kayley Tan (60.3K followers)

Girl with butterfly makeup

Beauty | Lifestyle

As Jianhao Tan’s sister, Kayley has proven that she too has a talent for content creation as she worked her way up to 200k Tiktok followers. 

She has an obsession with beauty and makeup, and loves experimenting with makeup looks.

27. Ryan Tan (61.4K followers)

Guy eating

Food | Lifestyle

After announcing their co-ownership of puppy Mantou Honey, Ryan (co-founder of Night Owl Cinematics) was rumoured to be dating Cherylene Chan.

He recently posted a video on his $200k home renovation and started a Telegram channel to share promo codes and good deals!

28. Audrey Lim (65.4K followers)

Girl in black top white bottom at Marina Bay Sands mall

Fashion | Beauty | Lifestyle | Pets

This is the go-to profile for outfit inspirations! Audrey works with many clothing brands and shares informative previews for each collection.

The brands that she works with include Mikayla, Love and Bravery and Ember Collective.

29. Yina Goh (66.7K followers)

Lady with dog in hand

Beauty | Fashion | Lifestyle

Yina loves life, food and singing! She also owns her own female apparel brand, The Velvet Dolls.

30. Eugena Bey (67.5K followers)

Girl posing for camera

Fitness | Beauty | Fashion

Eugena is the founder and instructor of BE. Pilates. Her feed features trendy sportswear, beauty recommendations and her wakeboarding adventures.

31. Nicole Chang Min (69.5K followers)

Girl holding sunglasses at beach

Beauty | Fashion | Lifestyle

Nicole Chang Min is one of the 4 hosts in Millennials of Singapore’s Real Talk Season 2. In January this year, she got engaged to actor James Seah.

32. Ellena Young (70.6K followers)

Girl at cafe with food

Fashion | Beauty | Lifestyle

Ellena is a huge fan of music festivals and chilling at the beach. She aces every single music festival outfit and offers beauty and lifestyle recommendations.

33. Zoe Raymond Tan (77.9K followers)

Lady with baby boy on her lap

Parenting | Beauty | Fashion | Fitness

Zoe is a working mom to 2 adorable children, Arielle and Aaron. She’s a yoga enthusiast who boasts a loyal following that fully trusts her recommendations.

34. Sophie Willocq (85.6K followers)

Caucasian lady in red dress

Fashion | Beauty | Lifestyle

Sophie is a French Chinese who enjoys playing board games and snuggling up with her friends’ dogs. In her “photo editing” highlights, she provides really helpful editing tips and tutorials!

35. Julynn Lau (86.4K followers)

Girl with purple ombre hair

Fashion | Beauty | Lifestyle

Over the years of creating content, Julynn has gathered a strong fan base and is known for her vibrant hair colours. She now posts videos on Twitch, TikTok and YouTube.

36. Munah Bagharib (87.5K followers)

Girl in sports wear smiling

Beauty | Fashion | Lifestyle

Munah is one of 5 hosts on Just Saying where she showcases her lovable character.

In August 2020, she opened up about how dementia is in her family and raised awareness for the Alzheimer’s Disease Associated for the World’s Alzheimer’s Month.

37. Sierra Li-Xing (87.9K followers)

Girl posing in front of newspaper wall

Beauty | Fashion | Lifestyle

During circuit breaker, Sierra’s creativity was showcased through her at-home crafts including tie dyeing her pants, painting her mirror and doing home photoshoots. 

This artsy fashionista also has an IG story highlight on ideas for what to do during quarantine!

38. Liting (103K followers)

Girl smiling in front of cars in carpark

Beauty | Fashion | Lifestyle

Better known as gnitil, Liting has worked with many beauty and lifestyle brands such as for lash extensions, car grooming services and digital door locks.

39. Amander (109K followers)

Girl in denim jacket

Lifestyle | Beauty | Fitness

Other than being Mdm Soot Beng on Titan Digital Media’s TIT5 series, Amander is also a reliable assistant to the CEO Jianhao Tan and a singer songwriter. 

She recently released her debut single “Queen”.

40. Xenia Tan (109K followers)

Corgi dog licking girl's cheek

Lifestyle | Beauty

Xenia stole the hearts of many when she started hosting on TheSmartLocal. In May last year, she took a leap and went for an acting course in New York. 

Now, she’s back hosting for TSL and is acting as Melody on Channel 5’s Kin!

41. Yan Kay Kay (110K followers)

Lady with bangs

Beauty | Lifestyle | Parenting

Kay Kay rose to fame during her stint on Clicknetwork’s Chick VS Dick back in 2011. She’s now married with a baby boy, Ace and is the co-founder of Supersenji! 

42. Natasha Leander Ann (111K followers)

Girl resting face on hand

Fitness | Fashion | Beauty | Lifestyle

Despite her cute look, Natasha tries to clock time in the gym regularly to improve her strength and fitness. She provides beauty product recommendations and simple workouts for ladies.

43. Cherylene Chan (123K followers)

Girl in dress siting on sofa

Fashion | Beauty | Lifestyle

Cherylene is a sweet, brave and intelligent individual who works hard for her achievements. She owns a pet hamster Hammy and co-owns a dog with NOC founder Ryan Tan 😉

Here are 9 interesting facts about this 21 year old influencer!

44. Tammy Tay (138K followers)

Girl carrying handbag

Beauty | Fashion

Tammy Tay is a single mum who does interior design and owns a skincare brand. 

In her interview with Zula, she shares about raising her kids, her dating life and working in a male-dominated industry.

45. XinLin Khaw (152K followers)

Girl in striped 2 piece set at resort

Fashion | Beauty | Lifestyle

When asked what kind of person she is, XinLin said that she’s a free-spirited, no-bullshit person. She aims to always be happy and do the things she loves 🙂

Oh, and she’s also a HUGE fan of Jay Chou!

46. Elaine Rui Min (164K followers)

Girl in white top and bottom

Fashion | Beauty | Lifestyle

Elaine recently celebrated her 1 year marriage anniversary with her architect husband! She launched her own clothing brand in March 2020, to promote positivity through hand-drawn prints. 

47. Jasmine Lee (171K followers)

Girl in navy blue dress

Beauty | Fashion | Lifestyle

Jasmine is currently studying in NUS while working as a talent on Titan Digital Media. She hosts the Ladies First podcast, Girl Code and is a huge dog lover!

48. Rachel Wong (197K followers)

Asian girl with blonde hair in white top and black bottom

Fashion | Beauty

Rachel is sometimes known as the doppelganger of Naomi Neo. In her Pillow Talk interview with Zula, she talks about how she coped with ADHD and an eating disorder. 

49. Denise Soong (206K followers)

Girl in one piece swimsuit sitting by the pool

Beauty | Fashion | Lifestyle

Denise is probably the most good-looking nerd you can find 😂 apart from being a talent on Titan and doing sponsored posts, she does math tutoring for Primary 6 to Secondary 4 students! 

50. Nicole Low (233K followers)

Girl smiling without teeth

Beauty | Fashion | Lifestyle

For those who are interested in getting LASIK done, Nicole did the TransPRK procedure in February 2020. She has pinned her journey and Q&A on her IG story highlights!

51. Sylvia Chan (237K followers)

Girl with fringe covering one eye and tongue stuck out

Lifestyle | Beauty

Sylvia is the co-founder of digital media agency NOC and the co-host of podcast The Thirsty Sisters. In 2016, she was mentioned in Forbes 30 under 30 Asia together with Ryan.

Behind her fierce and lady boss exterior, she yearns for a doting partner 😉 learn more about her in this insightful interview.

52. Christabel (260K followers)

Girl smiling in polka dot dress

Beauty | Fashion | Lifestyle

Christabel, better known as Bel or bellywellyjelly, is the founder of kāi which sells fun bags, pouches, planners and stickers. 

She recently started on her Invisalign journey with i.Dental so you can stay tuned to her IG stories if you’re planning to get orthodontic treatment!

53. Melissa Celestine Koh (267K followers)

Lady smiling with a toddler in her arms

Fashion | Beauty | Parenting | Lifestyle

As an online personality, Melissa has a beauty blog and runs 3 companies with her husband.
• Lifestyle brand, Some Days at Home
• Fashion label, run after
• Digital content creation agency, Makers Inc. Studio

54. Mongchin Yeoh (283K followers)

Girl smiling

Beauty | Fashion | Lifestyle

Mongchin is probably one of the most hardworking influencers in Singapore! She wakes up at 7am to start work with her own team of creatives. 

She has her own blog, posts regularly on her YouTube channel and occasionally on her TikTok. If you need recommendations for Korean drama or products to tackle dry and sensitive skin, Mong is the one to follow!

55. QiuTing (283K followers)

Lady in purple toga dress

Lifestyle | Beauty | Parenting

After many failed businesses, Qiu is now a successful lady boss of skin sake brand Qing and skincare and makeup brand Qiss N Tell. 

She has 3 adorable kids with different personalities – Meredith, Amelia and Oliver!

56. Andrea Chong (303K followers)

Lady holding her pregnant belly

Fashion | Beauty

Known as a fashion goddess, Drea Chong has collaborated with many well-loved brands such as Superga, Nodspark and The Closet Lover. 

She now has a “bump style” IG story highlight for mothers-to-be to get fashion inspiration!

57. Soh Pei Shi (343K followers)

Girl smiling in long sleeves and sling bag

Beauty | Fashion | Lifestyle

Pei Shi exudes a bubbly personality; she always makes it a point to interact and connect with her fans.

Watch this to learn more about her YouTube journey, current dating life and Aloysius Pang’s wake incident.

58. Debbie Soon (408K followers)

Girl in black spag top

Beauty | Fashion | Lifestyle | Parenting

Debbie is the wife of Jianhao Tan and mother of IG famous baby Starley. She used to be a dog groomer and baker but now owns her own Grade AAAAA simulant diamond jewelry brand, The Starry Co.

Macro Influencers in Singapore (500K – 1M Instagram Followers)

59. Xiaxue (588K followers)

Lady in pink hair drinking tea from cup

Beauty | Lifestyle

Wendy (aka Xiaxue) only voices out opinions that aren’t common as she wants to contribute to the conversation as a fresh perspective.

Her notable scandals include the morbid obesity discussion, Raeesah Khan incident and complaints against the Aljunied Workers’ Party. She recently started a podcast Xiaxue #NoFilter where she discusses triggering news.

Here are some interviews to get to know her better:
Hear U Out

60. Jianhao Tan (635K followers)

Guy with grey hair smiling behind 10 year youtube cake


Jianhao Tan is currently the biggest YouTuber in Singapore with over 4 million subscribers from all over the world. In fact, this year marks his 10th year on YouTube! 

61. Naomi Neo (652K followers)

Girl in green hoodie

Beauty | Fashion | Lifestyle | Parenting

At a young age of 24, Naomi Neo managed to buy her dream Lamborghini with her own hard-earned money. She’s currently happily married with a son, Kyzo and they’ll be welcoming a baby girl next year!

Influencer Culture in Singapore

As social media becomes more popular, there’s an increase in the number of people becoming influencers due to its seeming glamour and low barriers to entry. 

However, to truly make it a sustainable career, one should think about how to profile themselves as a memorable personality and strive to maintain a strong work ethic. 

Did we miss out any of your favourite influencers? Email us at!

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