We have previously worked with Legend Age Healthy Cherry Lipstick for our Christmas Gift Guide and Giveaway last December. But we never had the opportunity to give the product a go.

Recently, I chanced upon their ad on Facebook and started to think if the product was too good to be true.

(Looks a bit gimmicky/Photoshopped, don’t you think?)

So, I did some research.

Do you really know what you’re putting on your face?

Regular lipsticks tend to contain harmful pigments that may irritate and darken your lips. The scariest part is – if ingested excessively, they may cause damage to your kidney and liver! Not to mention, the discolouration of your lips as well.

How is the Legend Age Lipstick different?

Items included in the package

Based on their website, the Legend Age Lipstick claims to be made with natural ingredients including beeswax, vitamin E oil, titanium oxide and West Indian cherry extract.

These ingredients work together to provide the following benefits

  • boosts blood circulation of lips to brighten it
  • moisturising; effectively reduces the visibility of fine lines and cracks
  • protects lips against UV rays

Colour-Changing Legend Age Lipstick

  • changes colour according to the pH level of lips

The lipstick is said to be orange or yellow in colour because of the colour of beeswax, which I thought was interesting since most lipsticks and balms are red or pink.

Not only do local stores such as skinx carry it as one of their brands, they have also been featured on a number of American blogs.

Legend Age Feature on Majenica Writes’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2019

Legend Age Feature on Consumer Queen’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Moreover, counterfeit products have started to appear in the market that led the official distributor of Singapore and Malaysia to release this article: 4 Ways To Tell If Your Legend Age Lipstick Is Authentic or Fake.

The gimmicky before and after shots online really sparked my curiousity.

So, I decided to give the lipstick (or balm?) a shot together with my colleague, Emma who always complains about her dry lips.

Oh, did I mention that this lipstick costs SGD 45?

I was also very wary during my purchase as I’ve read that anything below this retail price is fake and should not be purchased as it may contain harmful ingredients.

Review from Emma

Daily sleeping time: 3am
Daily water intake: 2 cups
Skin type: Dry and sensitive

Other facts:

  • Drinks 1 cup of coffee every morning
  • Does not smoke
  • Does not make the effort to eat healthily

When I heard about this product from Bernice, I was eager to give it a try as my lips have always been dry and dehydrated. The cracks and lines are also prominent and it can get flaky and start peeling at times.

Day 1 before applying Legend Age Lipstick (Emma)Day 1: Before applying Legend Age Lipstick

My lips are slightly yellow at the peeling areas, dark purple on the left and right outlines of the lower lip and rather pale overall.

Day 1 before and after applying Legend Age Lipstick (Emma)Day 1: Before and after applying Legend Age Lipstick

The lipstick felt a little greasy immediately after application, but it may be because I applied too many layers. This greasy effect went off after about 5 minutes and the flaky parts felt soft and supple instead of dry and hard. The cracks and lines are still mildly visible.

As for the colour, my lips became noticeably redder. I definitely looked a lot more radiant after the application. The yellowish flaky skin also became redder and blended well with the rest of the lips. However, the purple was still present.

Day 1 and Day 8 comparison before applying Legend Age Lipstick (Emma)Day 1 and Day 8: Without Legend Age Lipstick

After one week of application, the lipstick has really moisturised my lower lip as the lines and cracks are not that obvious anymore.

Review of Legend Age during Winter Season (Emma)

As I had a skiing trip to Japan planned in Feb 2019, I brought the lipstick along to see if it would help with the dryness.

Warning: the following images may be disturbing!

After a few days of skiing, the weather got the better of my lips and it started to dry up so badly. I could barely speak properly as it would hurt every time I opened my mouth.

Winter Lips Before applying Legend Age LipstickTrip to Japan (Winter season): Before applying Legend Age Lipstick

Before and After applying Legend Age Lipstick during WinterTrip to Japan (Winter season): Before and After applying Legend Age Lipstick

During my trip, I diligently applied the lipstick before heading out to ski. I must say that it helped to moisturise my lips and I started to be able to speak and enunciate better.

Given the evident improvement in my lip’s dryness after just one week of application, I would recommend this product to my friends.

My Review

Daily sleeping time: 1230am
Daily water intake: At least 2 litres
Skin type: Oily

Other facts:

  • Does not drink coffee at all
  • Does not smoke
  • Does not make the effort to eat healthily

My lips are generally okay – no significant feeling of discomfort due to dryness. The only time when the dryness will bother me is after I bathe, especially at night.

All photos were taken right after I stepped out of the shower.

Day 1 before applying Legend Age Lipstick (Bernice)Day 1: Before applying Legend Age Lipstick

I have rather dark lips, especially my upper lip which has a dark purplish colour.

Back in secondary school, I remember having tons of people coming up to me and asking me if I smoke when I don’t.

My lower lip looks a tad dry with the lip lines being visible.

Day 1 before and after applying Legend Age Lipstick (Bernice)Day 1: Before and after applying Legend Age Lipstick

After applying the lipstick, my first impression of it is that it is very oily (oilier than regular lip balms) and I didn’t really like it.

However, I did notice that it looks and feels way more moisturising than any other lip balms I’ve tried before. And it even gives off a sweet pink colour.

Reapplication: for me, I had to reapply the lipstick every time after I had a drink or meal.

For 7 days straight, I used the product whenever I wanted to go for a natural look and every night after I bathed. I would leave it on till the next morning and what I realised was that I would wake up with very pink lips and the balm would turn into a film of sorts (not sure how I feel about this).

Day 1 and Day 8 before applying Legend Age Lipstick (Bernice)Day 1 and Day 8: Without Legend Age Lipstick

After that one week, there were no visible differences in lip colour (didn’t brighten as the product mentioned). But there is some, though minimal, improvement in the dryness level of my lower lip especially.

Till today, I am still using the lipstick! And I would totally repurchase it if not for the high price.
(Also, I really think it’s more of a lip balm than a lipstick.)

Chinese Raving about the Legend Age Lipstick on Xiaohongshu


Xiaohongshu (小红书) is a modern mix of a product review app and an e-commerce platform with over 100 million users. What’s interesting about this app is that it is entirely customer-centric; there are no official brand accounts, advertisements and endorsements allowed.

Plus, the motivations of the users are to keep up with the latest beauty trends and try the newest products. Therefore, they have managed to build a community of genuine, trustworthy reviewers and high-quality products.

Xiaohongshu Legend Age ReviewLegend Age Lipstick Reviews on Xiaohongshu

I was not expecting to see THIS many reviews. There are even kids and pregnant ladies who have tried and tested it.

One thing that I see the reviewers trying a lot is the lip mask as recommended on the Singapore website. Apparently, you have to do it once a week to get the best results!

Legend Age lip mask tutorial:

Should I Buy the Legend Age Lipstick?

It seems like the product works differently for individuals. The long term results may be more visible for those with drier lips but it would probably still work as a quick fix for anyone.

So, if you’re comfortable with the price tag, we would say go for it!

I think the winning factor of this product is the fact that it is made of natural ingredients. Plus, it also gives a natural pink colour – perfect for those who like to go for a natural look.

Legend Age Healthy Cherry Lipstick logo

Legend Age Singapore | Legend Age Malaysia | Legend Age (Worldwide)

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