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13 Secret Freebies You Can “Kope” From Hai Di Lao Singapore

Hai Di Lao is a popular hot pot place that is well-known for its exceptional customer service. It has hosted multiple company events, birthdays and huge family gatherings. Their menu items go for at least $4 per dish and up to $58 for premium seafood options, soups go for $20 and this excludes GST and service charge. As a result, the expected damage for each visit is approximately $35 per person.

As Singaporeans, we are often looking for ways to get a bang for our buck. That is why we are intrigued by long queues and freebies. Some of the commonly known HDL freebies include: free massages and manicures while waiting to be seated, the ramen performance you will get if you order the noodles, free birthday fruit platters or platters of longevity buns (for senior citizens) and free WiFi and charging ports.

I know what you are thinking:

You have probably been to HDL so many times and read so many HDL articles that you know how to make your money’s worth.

Well, we are here to prove you wrong with our list of 13 lesser known freebies, with #13 being the most worth!

1. Get free dishes (worth $6 per dish!)

Rubik's cube from Hai Di Lao

There are a few things you can complete while waiting in the queue, in order to get free dishes worth $6 from HDL!

  • Solve a Rubik’s cube (limited to 1 redemption per table)
  • Solve Sudoku (limited to 1 redemption per table)
  • Fold 30 paper cranes (unlimited redemptions)
  • Fold 100 stars (unlimited redemptions)

2. Flash your GV movie ticket to redeem another free dish (worth $6)

Hai Di Lao Golden Village discount

Planning to catch a movie before heading to HDL? You can now keep your same-day Golden Village movie ticket and redeem a free dish worth $6!

Do note that this is only available at the Plaza Singapura branch and is limited to 1 ticket per customer.

3. Nail manicure voucher

Hai Di LAo manicure voucher

I’m sure everyone knows that HDL offers free manicure services to customers who are waiting to be seated. But what happens if the queue is too long and you weren’t able to get your nails done? Well, fret not as the HDL staff will offer you a free manicure voucher (or you can just request for one!). This voucher can be used during your next visit, whether you are dining in or dropping by just for a manicure.

To avoid disappointment (again), simply call in to reserve your manicure slot before heading there. The manicure reservation service is available from Mondays to Thursdays only. Regular queues for their manicure services resume from Fridays to Sundays.

4. Plastic pouch to protect your phone

Free phone protector from Hai Di Lao

If you have been to any hot pot or barbeque places, you would know that the soup and oil will splatter everywhere – it’s even worse when it splatters all over your phone screen! To ensure that you can instastory and snap pictures in peace, grab yourself a plastic pouch from the HDL staff to shield your phone from any soup splatters.

5. Hair ties

For the ladies with long hair, you would know that being in certain food environments will cause your hair to smell. To prevent that from happening, simply request for a hair tie so that your meal will not be disrupted by any untamed hair strands and you will leave HDL with acceptable-smelling hair.

6. Bedroom slippers

Free bathroom slippers from Hai Di Lao

You might have seen this on Xiaxue and Mongabong’s instastory a while back when they were searching for HDL in Shanghai and their feet were too sore from walking in heels in the wrong direction. If you haven’t, we’re here to tell you that you can! These slippers are of extremely good quality, and will come in handy during your next holiday trip if you’re staying in an Airbnb.

7. Phone screen protector

Free screen protector from Hai Di Lao

If you have a cracked screen protector, this is your chance to change it! At HDL, you can ask for your mobile screen protector to be replaced by their friendly staff. And if you think that is impressive, the screen protector that they offer is glass (and not the cheap plastic one)!

8. Alcohol wipes

Alcohol wipes from Hai Di Lao

Alcohol wipes can be used in many ways including cleaning off any dirt on your phone screen and wiping any residue off your skin before applying a temporary tattoo. Request for as many wipes as you need so that you can keep them for future use.

9. Full grooming set

Hai Di Lao free grooming set

Prefer grooming your nails yourself? HDL offers this full nail grooming set for free! It includes a nail filer, nail clipper, scissors and everything you need to have healthy and perfect looking nails for your next event.

10. Wheel shaped snack

Free wheel shape biscuit from Hai Di Lao

Who doesn’t love food right? These childhood wheel-shaped biscuits can be requested for free as well! This snack is salty and known to be extremely addictive – once you start, it’s hard to stop! Save this snack for supper or munch on it the next day when you’re back in school or at work.

11. Toothbrush and perfume

Selected HDL outlets that have washrooms within the restaurant will usually have these items available in the ladies’ restroom.

So before you leave the restaurant, you can bring a toothbrush home and get a few sprays of perfume to mask the steamboat smell for your next appointment 😉

12. “Dabao” the leftover soup home

Hotpot soup bases

Every year, approximately one third of the food produced in the world for human consumption gets lost or wasted. Therefore, just like most steamboat places, HDL is happy to help you dabao any remaining soup that you weren’t able to finish. This way, you can save some time preparing your meals the next day – just boil the soup with some steamboat ingredients and have it with your favourite rice or noodles!

13. Private VIP Room

Hai Di Lao Private Room

If you have a party of 6 or more, you may request for a private room when you call in to make a reservation.

Perks include

  • Having a quiet and private space to catch up with your family and friends
  • Cosy and feels at home: it is like having steamboat at home without having to clean up after
  • World-class customer service
  • Bring your own wine and alcohol; no corkage fees charged

Note: This room is subject to availability, but it is definitely worth a try to ask!

If these 13 featured freebies aren’t enough, simply request for what you need from the staff and who knows? Maybe you might have discovered a new freebie!

Know a freebie we have missed out? Let us know in the comments section below! 

Hai Di Lao Outlets in Singapore:

Bedok Mall: +65 63853343 / 6385 3433

Century Square: +65 67815115/67816116

Clarke Quay: +65 63378626 / 63378627

IMM: +65 68964111 / 68964222

Plaza Singapura: +65 62500330 / 62500990

Royal Square: +65 65655567 / 65657767

Somerset 313: +65 68357227 / 68357337

Sun Plaza: +65 64832022/64832122

The Seletar Mall: +65 62825505/62825506

Vivo City: +65 62507557 / 62507667

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