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9 Hearing Centres that Offer Quality Hearing Aids in Singapore

Imagine you’re at a party. You’re chatting with some friends when suddenly, the music gets turned up and the room gets louder and louder. You can see people’s mouths moving, but you can’t hear what they’re saying.

This is what it’s like for someone with a hearing impairment. Everyday gatherings can be a challenge and conversations can be difficult to follow. Luckily, hearing aids can help these individuals to hear better.

With the help of hearing aids, people with hearing impairments can socialise more easily and have conversations without missing a beat. These small, electronic devices are worn in or around the ear to improve hearing by amplifying sounds and making them louder.

If you’ve decided to get a hearing aid for yourself or someone you know, you may be overwhelmed by the choices available in the market. We take a look at some of the most popular brands of hearing aids in Singapore and where you can get them.

Popular Brands of Hearing Aids

There are a few brands of hearing aids that stand out thanks to their innovative designs and features. Here are some of the popular brands and what makes them unique. 


Oticon hearing aid in 4 different colours

A heartwarming story lies behind the founding of Oticon. In 1903, founder Hans Demant wanted to help his wife who had hearing loss lead a better life. When he learned of a revolutionary hearing device in England, he travelled from Denmark to buy one for her. 

His passion for helping his wife and others with hearing loss led him to start his own company.  Over a hundred years later, the company is now the world’s second-largest manufacturer of hearing aids. 

Drawing on over a century of experience, Oticon’s hearing devices are built using their unique BrainHearing philosophy. This approach improves the brain’s perception of sound so you can listen with less effort. 


Phonak hearing aid in 8 different colours

Headquartered in Switzerland, Phonak has been producing hearing aids for more than 70 years. They were the first company to offer a 100% invisible hearing aid that can be inserted deep inside the ear canal. 

Phonak’s Paradise Technology takes hearing to the next level by offering personalised hearing solutions for users. Using the myPhonak app, wearers can adjust the level of noise cancellation and undergo a hearing test directly through their hearing aids without leaving the house.


Resound hearing aid in 5 different shades of brown

ReSound has a long history of innovation in the hearing aid industry. The company was founded in 1943, and since then, they have been responsible for a number of hearing industry firsts. For example, they produced the world’s first Made for Apple hearing aid with direct stereo sound streaming. 

Users can access a variety of functions with the ReSound Smart 3D app. From tracking your lost hearing aids to saving the sound settings of your favourite locations, you can adjust various settings with just the touch of a button. 


Signia hearing aid in colour silver

Prior to being acquired by the Sivantos Group in 2015, Signia hearing aids were previously sold under the Siemens brand.

Signia’s latest technology, the award-winning Augmented Xperience (AX) platform, offers users an immersive hearing experience. It is powered by the Augmented Focus technology that separates background noises and speech to produce a distinct contrast between the two.

In addition, the AX platform includes a number of technological firsts, such as the Acoustic-Motion sensors that recognises your movements and modify sounds to create a personalised hearing experience.

Hearing Centres with Hearing Aids

Looking for quality hearing aids? There are a number of experienced hearing centres that provide remarkable hearing aid devices in Singapore. Here’s a list ranked by the most number of outlets to the least. 

1. Hearing Partners

Front view of the Hearing Partners outlet in Singapore

Hearing aid brands: Oticon, Bernafon, Rexton
Services: Hearing test, dizziness and balance diagnostic test, tinnitus treatment,  hearing aid selection, post-fitting care
Number of outlets: 10

With over 118 years of experience, Hearing Partners understands there’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to hearing. They’re dedicated to helping customers find the right device that matches their lifestyle needs. 

With 10 hearing centres conveniently located around the island, you won’t have to travel far to get the care you need. They offer a range of services under one roof, from hearing tests to hearing aid maintenance.

Phone: 6238 8832

2. The Hearing Solution Group

Hearing care Centre outlet in Singapore affiliated with The Hearing Solution Company

Hearing aid brands: Starkey, Signia, Berl Hörgeräte Manufaktur (BHM)
Services: Hearing test, hearing aid repairs and maintenance
Number of outlets: 9

The Hearing Solution seeks to find the best solution for all individuals regardless of their age, income, or hearing condition. They provide comprehensive hearing and communication healthcare using advanced testing procedures, equipment, and therapy.

The company is committed to helping the less fortunate. As a partner of the Starkey Hearing Foundations for Indonesia, they gave away over 4,000 hearing aids in 2015 to support the underprivileged. 

Phone: 6337 0090

3. Amazing Hearing

Interior of the Amazing Hearing outlet in Singapore

Hearing aid brands: ReSound, SONIC Innovation, Bernafon
Services: Hearing test, cochlear implant, aftercare packages, free hearing aid checkups, online hearing aid consultation
Number of outlets: 6

Amazing Hearing has been advising individuals and families since 2013. Their team is made up of 12 professionals with over 60 years of combined expertise. 

Inspired by the belief that life is amazing, they’re committed to providing personalised care to help customers experience the joy of hearing. 

The company values trust, love, and transparency. All prices are stated upfront with no hidden fees and the audiologists will guide you on what to expect when you arrive.

Phone: 6285 3132

4. Listening Lab

Waiting area inside of the Listening Lab outlet in Singapore

Hearing aid brands: Signia, ReSound, Widex, Phonak
Services: Remote hearing care, lifetime aftercare, hearing aid fitting, hearing tests and treatment, hearing aid maintenance and cleaning, tinnitus relief
Number of outlets: 6

Founder Kelvin Lee is dedicated to improving the lives of those with hearing impairment, like his Grandma. He established the first Listening Lab centre in Bishan and has since expanded to 6 outlets.

As business continues to grow, the company stays committed to their mission of approaching customers from the heart, guiding them through their obstacles with patience and tenacity.

Customers automatically become a member of their Lifetime Aftercare Program once they complete a full-service hearing aid fitting at the centre. This membership includes 2 to 4 years of product warranty and complimentary adjustments for the lifetime of the device.

Phone: 6817 5100

5. The Hearing Centre

Lady smiling for a photo in The Hearing Centre outlet in Singapore

Hearing aid brands: Phonak, Signia, ReSound, Starkey
Services: Hearing test, cochlear implant, hearing aid repairs and adjustments
Number of outlets: 6

For the last 18 years, The Hearing Centre has been providing remarkable hearing solutions to patients. The team consists of licensed audiologists with more than 20 years of expertise. 

Having attended to patients with varying levels of hearing loss, they have a wealth of experience to recommend what works effectively for you. 

Winning the Signia Outstanding Audiology Practice award in both 2018 and 2019 is a testament to their high standards. From diagnosis to post-hearing care, you can trust them to identify the best hearing aid options based on your needs.

Phone: 6474 2216

6. 20dB Digisound

20dB Digisound outlet in Singapore interior

Hearing aid brands: Phonak, Unitron
Services: Hearing test, hearing aid selection and fitting, home service
Number of outlets: 5

Having helped over 64,000 customers in the past 20 years, 20db Digisound sees themselves as long-term caretakers rather than audiologists. Adopting a people-oriented approach, they empathise with customers facing hearing loss and work with them to find the right solution.

With outlets located inside shopping malls close to MRT stations, it’s easy to drop by the one nearest to you to seek a free consultation. It’s currently the only hearing centre in Singapore offering hearing aids from Unitron, a Canadian brand with over 5 decades of experience. 

Phone: 6338 9626

7. J Glasses & Hearing

J Glasses and Hearing outlet in a mall in Singapore

Hearing aid brands: Bernafon
Services: Hearing exam, hearing aid fitting
Number of outlets: 2

J Glasses & Hearing aims to provide quality vision and hearing services at reasonable prices. If you’re not sure whether Bernafon hearing aids are suited for you, book a free hearing assessment to find out. They offer customers a free 7-day trial period to test the device. 

They’re a one-stop solution for both your hearing and vision needs. So if you happen to be looking for eyewear at the same time, you can also schedule an appointment for their eye care services. 

Phone: 6970 9488

8. Clariti

Front view of Clariti outlet in Singapore

Hearing aid brands: Phonak, Signia, ReSound
Services: Hearing test, hearing aid fitting, aftercare consultations
Number of outlets: 1

Clariti is led by Dr. Ronald Pang, President of the Hearing Professionals Association (Singapore). Most of their customers are referrals from existing ones who are satisfied with their services. 

Located in Centrepoint, Clariti provides premium hearing brands equipped with the latest technology. Their numerous honours, including the Phonak Highest Customer Satisfaction Award, attest to their outstanding service. 

Phone: 6733 1011

9. Faith Hearing

Faith Hearing website home page

Hearing aid brands: Phonak, ReSound
Services: Hearing test, hearing aid fitting, cochlear implant, tinnitus and hyperacusis management
Number of outlets: 1

Faith Hearing’s mission is to deliver professional medical expertise and hearing aid technology to anyone suffering from tinnitus or hearing loss.

You’ll never feel rushed during your appointment. The doctors take time to discuss any concerns you may have during consultations and walk you through your options. You’ll leave the room having all the answers you need.

A designated audiologist will be assigned to you to provide continuity of care. They’ll understand your hearing needs and work with you over time to ensure that you’re getting the best possible care. 

Phone: 8551 4556

FAQs About Hearing Aids in Singapore

Most people associate hearing aids with deafness. However, there are other reasons why your audiologist may suggest you wear one.

Hearing aids can be beneficial for individuals with different types of hearing difficulties. This includes people who suffer from hearing loss due to exposure to loud sounds or Meniere’s disease.

A hearing aid can significantly improve communication and quality of life as they make conversations easier to hear.

When it comes to choosing a hearing aid, there are a few important factors to keep in mind. 

  • Power source

Hearing aids can either be battery-operated or rechargeable. Battery-operated ones are more convenient but they require more frequent battery changes. On the other hand, rechargeable hearing aids are more expensive but are also more cost-effective in the long run.

  • Type of hearing aid

There are various kinds available, including behind-the-ear (BTE), in-the-ear (ITE), and in-the-canal (ITC). An audiologist can better assess which one is more suitable for your condition. 

  • Budget

Hearing aids range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. Setting a budget will help you narrow down your options.

Hearing aids in Singapore range from $650 to $8,000. The cost is dependent on the brand, model, design, and features. A basic one can cost a few hundred dollars while a premium one equipped with smart technology can cost you thousands.

If eligible, persons with disabilities (PWDs) can use the Assistive Technology Fund (ATF) which covers up to 90% of the cost of hearing aids, subject to a lifetime cap of $40,000.

Elderly citizens may be eligible for the Seniors’ Mobility and Enabling Fund (SMF) which also provides up to 90% of the cost of the device.

This varies according to the individual. Some people take a few weeks while some take up to 4 months.

On average, most modern hearing aids can last about 3 to 7 years. The lifespan can vary depending on factors such as the frequency of maintenance and materials used to make the device.

There are a few things you need to do to care for your hearing aids.

  • Avoid moisture

One important thing you need to do is protect your hearing aids from moisture. When you're not wearing them, store them in a dry, safe place.

  • Avoid extreme temperatures

Avoid exposing your hearing aids to extreme temperatures. Hot or cold weather can damage the delicate components of your hearing aids so be sure to take them off before you go swimming or take a shower.

  • Regular cleaning 

At the end of the day, clean it using a dry cotton swab or soft toothbrush. This will remove any dirt, earwax, and other debris accumulating on your device.


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