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9 Best AI Text Generators to Superspeed Your Content Writing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) text generators are an up and coming tool that’s been revolutionizing the way marketers create content today. With many tools claiming to boost productivity levels by up to 10 times, it’s certainly hard to resist giving them a try!

These sites take a prompt or keyword and churn out copies, outlines or articles based on data sets taken from across the internet. They offer useful writing tools like rewriters, paraphrasers, plagiarism checkers and co-writers. Amongst the many benefits, these tools have helped thousands of users combat writer’s block and improve on the quality of their content.

Here are the 9 best AI text generators you have to check out. Read on to find out what each platform has to offer, their offered packages and sample paragraphs* based on the prompt: “what is an AI text generator?”.

Look out for our Tried and tested reviews!
These sections are where we share our honest opinions on some of the AI text generators mentioned! We’ve placed these entries at the top of each category for easy reference.

*Note: Results tend to vary in terms of length and relevance of information each time an output is generated. Users may need to experiment with different tools and prompt inputs to generate the most suitable text.

What Is An AI Text Generator?

AI text generators are programs that generate text based on keywords you provide. They use artificial intelligence to analyze what people say about certain topics and come up with unique phrases, sentences and paragraphs that match those words.

The most common type of AI text generator uses neural network machine learning models like OpenAI’s GPT-3 to learn from data sets of preexisting texts generated by humans. This allows it to produce similar sounding sentences without having to manually craft each one.

These tools are largely used by businesses to help them write copy for their products and services, or for long-form blog writing.

Best AI Text Generators With Free Versions

Here are some of the best AI text generators available in the market today that have free-to-use versions available.

1. website

Key tools: Paraphrase, cover letter, hook generator, sentence rewriter, instagram captions
Price: From $49/mo (40k words)

Free version (2k words/mo)
Chrome extension is a beginner-friendly copywriting platform that comes with a free-use version that’s great for those trying out an AI text generator for the first time. They have many templates you can choose from, arranged into categories like digital ad copy, social media, brainstorming, blog and more.

Sample paragraph
With an AI text generator, you give it some parameters and it will spit out a piece of text that fits your requirements. It’s like having a writer on staff who never gets tired or distracted and always writes exactly what you need when you need it!
PlanPrice per monthWords per monthNo. of team membersLanguages
Free-2k words1
Pro$4940k words5English, 25+ languages
$99100k words5English, 25+ languages
$279300k words5English, 25+ languages
Tried and tested
As a first time user, I found the sheer number of templates a bit overwhelming to navigate at first. But once I chose a template to try out, the platform’s interface was pretty straightforward!

The texts produced were quite lengthy and varied, which gave me room to pick and choose the best parts for my content. However, this did mean that my 2,000 free words ran out pretty quickly after a few rounds of text generation.

2. QuillBot


Key tools: Paraphraser, grammar checker, plagiarism checker, co-writer, summarizer, citation generator
Price: From $8.33/mo (annual billing)

Free version
Chrome extension

QuillBot is an AI text generator that can complement your writing with useful features like its paraphraser, plagiarism checker and co-writer tools. You can work on your projects directly on the platform, weaving in suitable automated texts as you go along.

Generally, the platform works best if you’re looking for a smart AI tool to enhance your writing rather than generate bulk content. It may also be used to speed up the process of writing short copies for social media or product pages.

Sample paragraph
An AI text generator is an algorithm that combines words, syntax and style to generate new texts.
PlanPrice per monthWords in paraphraser per monthWords in summarizer per monthPlagiarism checker tool
Free-125 words1.2k wordsΧ
Premium$8.33 - $19.95Unlimited6k words

3. Rytr

Rytr website

Key tools: Blog ideas and outline, AIDA copywriting, PAS copywriting, Facebook ads, keywords generator, magic command
Price: From $9/mo (100k characters)

Free version
Chrome extension

Rytr is one of the most affordable options for generating AI-powered articles, social media copies, email campaigns, product descriptions and more. It uses a combination of natural language generation and machine learning to create compelling content in various tones and over 30 languages.

What’s also great is that users can try out the platform’s free version to get a taste of its features before committing to a paid version!

Sample paragraph
AI text generators are computer programs that create text to imitate human speech. The programs simulate natural language generation by generating the words one by one.

A program may use a database of words and phrases to produce a coherent sentence, or it can use a corpus of samples of human-written texts to generate its words.
PlanPrice per monthCharacters per monthAI images per month
Free-10k characters
Saver$9100k characters20

Best AI Text Generators Without Free Versions

These are some of the best paid AI text generators you should try. While they don’t have free versions available, most of them come with free trials so you can test the platform before subscribing!

4. Hypotenuse

Hypotenuse AI Website

Key tools: Product descriptions, blog posts, image generation, marketing copy, bulk workflows
Price: From $24/mo (100 credits, ~25k words)

7 day free trial (15 credits)
Custom plan

One of the newer AI-powered content generation platforms, Hypotenuse sets itself apart with its simple interface, bulk content generator and AI image generator. It’s able to produce realistic, human-like writing that’s catchy and great at capturing the attention of readers.

Hypotenuse is also a great tool for brainstorming content ideas and outlines for blog articles. It greatly speeds up your workflow by suggesting relevant titles, topics and body paragraphs that are customizable at every step of the way.

Sample paragraphs
Text generators are computer programs that can produce text, often in a specific style or genre. They’re used for a variety of purposes, from creating marketing materials and website content to writing emails and even generating poetry.

But what sets AI text generators apart from regular text generators is that they use machine learning algorithms to “learn” the style of writing of a particular author or genre. This means that they can produce text that is more accurate and authentic to the source material.
PlanPrice per monthCredits per monthNo. of team membersWatermark-free AI images per month
Starter$24100 credits (~25k words)1200 images (1024px resolution)
Growth$49350 credits (~87.5k words)1Unlimited (2048px resolution)
Unlimited (2048px resolution)
Tried and tested
I found Hypotenuse to be very easy to navigate and a great tool for beginners! I particularly enjoyed using their blog writing tool and was really impressed by their title and outline generation functions. I found them to be on-par with what a human would come up with, making the tool a great time-saver.

The general content generated was pretty good, but when it came to more in-depth sections, I did find the need to supplement the writing with my own research and fact-checking. But I think that’s to be expected since the technology used across all platforms is still in its infancy stage!

5. Jasper

Jasper website

Key tools: Content summarizer, documents (for article writing), paragraph generator, blog post outline, creative story, integration with SurferSEO
Price: From $24/mo (20k words)

Free trial (10k words)
Custom plan
Chrome extension

Jasper is one of the more popular platforms on the market, possibly due to how comprehensive, user-friendly and quality-driven it is. The developers are constantly upgrading the AI to ensure users get the best experience with content generation.

Some of the things the platform can do include understanding user intent, extracting information from unstructured text, and generating responses in natural language. Jasper is also scalable and can be used for applications like customer support, lead generation, and content creation.

Sample paragraph
AI text generators are tools that use AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to create new content. They can generate original text, complete articles, or fill in missing pieces of existing documents. AI text generators can take a variety of inputs from users including keywords, topics, questions, and prompts to produce relevant written content quickly and efficiently.
PlanPrice per monthWords per monthJasper commands toolWriting length
Starter$24 - $39920k - 320k wordsΧShort copywriting
Boss$49 - $60050k - 700k wordsLong content
Tried and tested
Personally, I found Jasper easy to use, with outputs that were easy to edit and re-generate. I enjoyed using their ‘documents’ feature which lets you generate text for any kind of content from start to finish without a template – great for first-timers!

As with many of these AI text generators, it did take a bit of experimenting to figure out the right prompts for the outputs I wanted.

6. Copysmith

Copysmith website

Key tools: Command copy, rewrite, enhance, product description, blog ideas, call-to-action optimization
Price: From $19/mo (75 credits)

7 day free trial
Custom plan
Chrome extension

Copysmith is an AI content creation tool that’s centered around writing great marketing copy and product descriptions for ecommerce teams. They have a wide selection of useful tools and templates ranging from ad writing tools to long-form blog writing ones.

The platform is great for larger teams looking to produce marketing content at scale. Their bulk copy function speeds up the content creation process by generating thousands of descriptions, article ideas, social media copies and more!

Sample paragraph
An AI text generator is a computer program that creates text from scratch, based on input from a user. The program is designed to mimic the way humans generate text, so that it can create realistic and believable text.
PlanPrice per monthCredits per monthNo. of team membersPlagiarism checks per month
Starter$1975 credits220 checks
Professional$59400 credits5100 checks
EnterpriseCustomCustom, up to unlimited10Unlimited checks

7. Frase

Frase website

Key tools: Blog outline builder, SEO article rewriter, bullets to paragraphs, Instagram caption, SEO research tool
Price: From $14.99/mo (4 documents)

5 day trial for $1
Chrome extension

Frase is an AI text generator that focuses largely on producing quality SEO content. The platform sets itself apart by analyzing top-ranking pages on Google to generate content, instead of the entire internet. 

It’s a great tool for content marketers and marketing agencies as it speeds up the SEO content workflow. The interface is built to be an all-in-one space for writers to generate well-researched outlines that can easily be expanded into fully optimized articles and copies.

Sample paragraph
An Artificial Intelligence (AI) text generation tool is a software application that generates human-like sentences automatically. It works by analyzing the context of the input data and then generating an output sentence that sounds natural and relevant. These tools are used to create various types of documents such as blogs, news stories, product descriptions, emails, and so forth. They are also used to make chatbots and voice assistants.
PlanPrice per monthDocuments per month*No. of team membersDocument sharing
Solo$14.994 documents1Χ
Basic$44.9930 documents1

*Each plan comes with a monthly 20k AI generated character limit. Users may unlock unlimited AI writing and greater SEO capabilities by purchasing a $34.99/mo Pro add on.
**More team members may be added at the price of $25/mo per user.

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  • 8. Writer

    Writer AI text generator website

    Key tools: CoWrite, blog posts, ask Writer’s AI anything, answer an FAQ, summarizer, Facebook ads
    Price: From $18/mo (15k words)

    14 day free trial
    Custom plan
    Chrome extension

    Writer uses a neural network to generate text and human-like writing. Their CoWrite feature has a clean, easy to use interface that helps you brainstorm potential ideas and analyze your writing as you craft your content. The platform is largely used by marketing, writing and brand teams looking to produce quality, standardized content in bulk.

    Sample paragraph
    An AI text generator is a computer program that can generate text either from scratch or by making small modifications to existing text. These programs are designed to imitate the way humans write, and they can be used for a variety of purposes including content generation, data analysis, and automated writing.
    PlanPrice per monthWords per monthNo. of team members
    Team$18 per user15k words1 - 5

    9. Writesonic

    Writesonic website

    Key tools: AI article writer, content rephrase, article ideas, Facebook ad writer, rewrite with keywords, product descriptions
    Price: From $12.67/mo (47.5k words)

    Free trial (6,250 words)
    Custom plan
    Chrome extension

    Writesonic uses OpenAi’s GPT-3, the latest in AI technology, to generate realistic and accurate texts. It can create content in any style or tone, making it perfect for businesses that need to communicate with their customers in a specific way. 

    Furthermore, it features a slew of useful tools and functions neatly sorted into categories like articles and blogs, ads and marketing tools, ecommerce and website copy.

    Sample paragraph
    An AI text generator is a computer program that produces written content based on input from a user. The program uses artificial intelligence algorithms to generate text that sounds natural and human-like. AI text generators can be used for a variety of purposes, including creating realistic dialogue for video games, generating marketing copy, and creating news articles.
    PlanPrice per monthWords per monthNo. of team members
    Long-form$12.67 - $66647.5k - 5M words1 - 10

    FAQs About AI Text Generators

    Yes there are! Some AI text generators that have free versions available include, Quillbot and Rytr.

    AI text generators have many writing tools, including:

    • title generator,
    • story writer,
    • text summarizer,
    • content rephraser,
    • keywords generator,
    • blog post outline generator
    • social media copy generator and more!

    Here are some pros and cons of using AI text generators.

  • Speeds up content generation process
  • The technology improves the more it’s used
  • May help with writer's block
  • May help reduce writing mistakes
  • The technology is still in infancy stage, so generated text may still require heavy editing
  • May not generate the most creative topics
  • May be costly for some

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