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Clean Care Review: Professional Upholstery Cleaning Services In Singapore

Did you know that in just 1 year of use, mattresses can have 3 million viable bacteria per square inch? 😨 That’s why you’re advised to get your mattresses professionally cleaned at least once or twice a year!

Clean Care is a professional upholstery cleaning company that was established in 2016. With their years of experience, they’re experts in cleaning and sanitisation of chairs, sofas, mattresses and carpets. 

The team’s motto is “We clean because we care” and this reflects in their customer-centric approach. They strive to exceed customers’ expectations and deliver quality services.

4.7* rating on Google, 4.6* rating on Facebook
7-step detailed cleaning process
Deep cleaning for a wide range of items
Dust mite, stain and odour treatment
Children- and pet-friendly

Disclaimer: The cleaning service featured in this article was sponsored by Clean Care. However, this is not a paid review and all opinions are our own.

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The Clean Care team cleaned 5 upholstery items at my home on 3 December! Read my review as I take you through the cleaning process and my experience ☺️

Clean Care’s 7-Step Cleaning Process

Clean Care follows a detailed 7-step cleaning process for upholstery. The aim here is to remove all allergens from the surface, remove solidified stains and do an effective deep clean. Here are the different steps based on our experience!

Step 1: Pre-inspection

When the Clean Care staff arrived, they did a pre-inspection of the upholstery (mattresses and sofas) to check the condition and see if there were any stains. They also checked with us if we had any concerns or questions regarding the cleaning process.

Next, they explained the entire process to us and mentioned that the removal of stains is dependent on factors such as the 

  • material, 
  • thread count and 
  • the type and extent of the stain.

Step 2: Pre-vacuuming

Clean Care specialist vacuuming fabric sofa

After the inspection, the cleaning begins! Step 2 is pre-vacuuming which is a decontamination done with an anti-dust mite vacuum to remove all allergens and dust.

Dust collected from vacuuming king mattress

Here’s the amount of dust that was collected from our king mattress from vacuuming 🤢 The cleaning specialists actually told us that this is considered quite little for a 4-5 year old mattress! (Yes, we have never cleaned our mattress before 😅)

Step 3: Pre-spotting

Clean Care specialist doing pre-spotting for sofa

Next, the specialists sprayed a premium, in-house formulated solution that has a high pH level. This pre-spotting step is only done if there are any tough stains. The solution helps to dislodge stubborn stains that may have solidified for easier cleaning in the next step.

Step 4: High pressured scrubbing

Clean Care specialist scrubbing stain with high pressure

After spraying the solution, high pressure scrubbing is done with a hard brush. The specialists scrubbed with force several times to attempt to remove the stains effectively.

Step 5: Solution injection and extraction

Clean Care specialist deep cleaning mattress

Once all stains have been tackled, the next step is to do deep cleaning! This is done via the injection of a solution into the fabric and extracting unwanted particles. 

For this step, note that the specialists may need good lighting to check if they have covered all areas of the upholstery successfully. So, do ensure that your room is well lit!
Pouring dirty water after cleaning upholstery into the drain

This was how dirty the water was from deep cleaning our mattresses and sofas 🤢 I must say it’s quite satisfying to see all the dirt being flushed away! (This is done after the entire cleaning process is completed.)

Step 6: Steam cleaning

Clean Care specialist sanitising mattress

Steam cleaning at 140°C is then done to kill 99.99% of germs and bacteria. This gives a second layer of protection via sanitisation and it also provides a pleasant fragrance. 

Step 7: Post-cleaning treatment

The last step is what Clean Care calls the post-cleaning CareGuard™ treatment. This disinfectant prevents the growth of bacteria and mould and keeps your upholstery safe for everyone in the family. It also comes with a light fragrance! 

Place mattress standing up to air dry

After the cleaning process is completed, your mattress will have to be placed against the wall for drying before it can be used. 

Have your fan blow directly at the upholstery to speed up the drying process! It will take 2 – 5 hours for sofas to fully dry and 6 – 8 hours for mattresses, depending on the material.

Overall Review of Clean Care’s Mattress and Upholstery Cleaning Service

Clean Care cleaning specialists Dinie and Raushan

Cleaning specialists Dinie and Raushan


Meticulous cleaning job
Requested for permission before doing anything
Completed cleaning in ~2.5h
Didn’t reach on time 😕 (12min late due to heavy traffic)

Promo code: Quote “Bumblescoop” when booking Clean Care’s services for an additional 5% off!

The Clean Care team came over to clean 1 x 5-seater fabric sofa, 1 x 1-seater leather sofa, 2 x queen mattresses and 1 x king mattress for us. We booked an appointment for 3pm, and they reached slightly later at 3:12pm (perhaps the previous appointment ended late?).

The two specialists assigned to us, Dinie and Raushan, were humorous and meticulous! When they needed to unplug any appliances or step on a bed frame to access the mattress, they made sure to get our permission before doing so. We thought that that was really nice of them. 

During the cleaning, we could see that both specialists really reached into the corners of the sofas and cleaned every inch of the mattresses. They completed the job at around 5:45pm, which was around 2.5 hours.

Here are some useful tips based on our experience:

Ensure fewer people at home
The equipment used is quite noisy, so it would be good if fewer people are at home. This will also ensure less interference while they’re working!

Ensure sufficient space and plugs
The process requires some space so do ensure that your room or living area has sufficient space and a plug for their equipment. The team will also need water for their machine.

Plan your time well
If you’re planning to have the specialists clean a number of upholstery, do book an earlier appointment as the items need time to dry fully.

Frequently Asked Questions About Upholstery Cleaning Services

Of course, you may choose to do a thorough cleaning by yourself. But, a ton of planning and research is required to find the right equipment and learn the right way of cleaning each type of upholstery effectively.

When you hire a professional cleaning service, you’re paying for their service, years of experience and high-quality cleaning supplies and equipment. Plus, it saves you time and energy!

The deep cleaning process will not damage your upholstery or cause any shrinkage! The Clean Care specialists will let you know if they notice any torn or damaged areas beforehand and they’ll be extra careful when handling those areas.

The general guideline is to get your upholstery professionally cleaned at least once or twice every year. When you notice a nasty smell or if your upholstery often gets soiled by children or pets, it’s recommended to get it cleaned more frequently.

The cost of cleaning upholstery professionally depends on the company that you hire! Generally, these are the prices in Singapore:

  • L-shape fabric sofa: $200 - $320
  • L-shape leather sofa: $240 - $360
  • Single mattress: $100 - $180
  • Queen mattress: $140 - $220
  • King mattress: $160 - $240

Contact Clean Care directly for a tailored quotation!


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