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Häfele GL5600 Review: Our Experience Using The Digital Gate Lock For 1 Month

Established in 1923, Häfele is a German brand that creates a wide range of fittings and electronic locking systems for the home. They seek to provide holistic and intelligent solutions that enhance the lives of their customers.

In Singapore, you can find Häfele’s locking systems at Stärkè Digital Locks, a local brand offering digital door locks designed in Germany. They have been in the industry for almost 2 decades and are one of the official retailers for Häfele’s products.

In June, Stärkè installed the Häfele GL5600 digital gate lock at my HDB flat. I’ve been using it for almost a month, so here are my honest thoughts about it!

Disclaimer: The digital gate lock was sponsored. However, this is not a paid review and all opinions are our own.

Key Features of the Häfele GL5600

The Häfele GL5600 is a digital gate lock that’s designed specifically for metal gates in Singapore. It comes with a wide range of security features and multiple entry modes. It can also connect to a mobile app for remote access and management.

Auto-lock function*
Random security coding**
Dual verification
Burglary alarm
Low battery (20%) alarm
Powered by 4 AA alkaline batteries
2 year on-site warranty

*When this function is activated, the door will automatically lock once it’s closed.
**A random string of numbers (up to 32 digits) can be added before or after the PIN code.

Entry modes

Hafele GL5600 keycards, mechanical key and Bluetooth controller

The Häfele GL5600 offers 5 different entry modes to suit the different needs and preferences of users. This includes fingerprint, PIN code, keycards, a Bluetooth controller and mechanical keys.

Used from the outsideUsed from the inside
FingerprintUp to 100 fingerprintsBluetooth controller1 Bluetooth controller with dock
PIN code
  • 6 – 12 digit PIN code (up to 10 PIN codes)
  • 1 temporary PIN code
  • Mechanical key2 mechanical keys
  • 2 small keycards
  • 2 large keycards
  • Mobile application

    Hafele mobile application

    The Häfele GL5600 can be connected to a mobile app to allow you to unlock your gate remotely using the PIN code. This requires a Bluetooth connection and your phone must be within 10m of the device.

    Aside from remote unlocking, you can also do the following through the mobile app:

    • Manage user credentials i.e. add or remove PIN code, fingerprint and keycard access
    • Monitor user entry and exit history
    • Monitor the battery life of the lock
    • Adjust security settings such as dual verification and auto-lock function

    The Installation Experience

    When you purchase any digital lock from Stärkè, installation is included at no additional cost. You will be contacted to schedule a date and time for the installation and to provide some images of the gap between your door and gate.

    The images will serve as a primary evaluation to determine if there is sufficient space to install the lock.

    Do note that my proposed date for installation was about 3 weeks later, so if you need the lock urgently, you might want to consider ordering it in advance!

    During installation

    According to the proposed date and time, the technician was scheduled to arrive between 12pm and 3pm. On the day itself, he arrived at around 1.40pm, which is well on time.

    He started by doing a check to ensure that the gate lock could be installed without any issues. Once he had ascertained that there was sufficient space to install the device, he got down to business. He worked very quickly and the whole process took approximately 15 minutes.

    Depending on where you choose to install the keypad, more or fewer modifications to the gate may be required. For example, if you choose to install the keypad above the handle, fewer modifications are required. On the other hand, if you choose to install the keypad on another panel of the gate, more drilling or cutting may be required.

    Side view of Hafele GL5600 gate lock

    For my gate, the lock was installed above my gate handle and fastened by some screws. Drilling was minimal so I didn’t have to worry about lots of dust in the air or cleaning up afterwards. It is also attached securely and there are no gaps.

    After installation

    Once the installation was complete, the technician handed me the keycards, mechanical keys and Bluetooth controller. He showed me how to use the lock and keys, and helped to set up my fingerprint and PIN code.

    I also got to try using the temporary PIN code which is time- and date-sensitive. This feature is great for users who have babysitters, pet sitters or cleaners who require one-time access to the house.

    After which, the technician showed me how to set up the mobile app and use it to manage my user credentials.

    The overall setup of the digital gate lock and user access was relatively simple and fuss-free. The technician was also helpful and patient during the entire process!

    Overall Review: Using the Häfele GL5600 Digital Gate Lock For 1 Month

    Front view of Hafele GL5600 gate lock

    Convenient and easy to use
    Various entry modes to choose from
    Wide range of security features
    Quick locking and relocking

    After using the Häfele GL5600 for about 1 month, here are some of my thoughts on the product:

    The good:

    As compared to the typical gate lock, the Häfele GL5600 is much more convenient since I don’t need to carry a physical key around. My favourite entry mode is the fingerprint, though the PIN code and keycards are also very easy to use. Unlocking takes about 2 seconds, which is insanely quick!

    I appreciate having different methods of unlocking the gate as it caters to the preferences of my family members. For example, my mum prefers using the keycard to unlock the gate while my sister prefers to use her fingerprint.

    This digital lock also gives me a sense of security due to the auto-locking function and immediate relocking. In fact, the time taken to relock the gate was approximately 2 seconds! This means I don’t have to wait to ensure that the gate is locked before walking away.

    Moreover, the mobile app makes managing user access very easy. And if I’m feeling too lazy to get up from the sofa, I can just unlock the gate using the app!

    Lastly, the design of the lock is sleek and I love that the surface of the keypad is matte so I don’t have to worry about fingerprints or people finding out the PIN code.

    The not-so-good:

    Honestly, there isn’t much that I dislike about the Häfele GL5600.

    If I had to point out 1 thing, it would be the fact that I have to press the keypad once in order for the numbers to light up before keying in my PIN code. I would prefer if the numbers were already visible, so I wouldn’t have to press the keypad an extra time just for the numbers to appear.

    But this is just my personal preference and most digital locks are designed to light up only upon contact!

    Installing the Häfele GL5600 Digital Gate Lock with Starke Digital Locks

    Hafele GL5600 digital gate lock

    Price: $539 (inclusive of installation)

    Overall, I would definitely recommend this digital gate lock to my friends and family. It has all the functions that any homeowner would need, with various security features that ensure your home is as secure as can be!

    If you’re keen to purchase the Häfele GL5600, do note that you can choose to place a $100 deposit and pay the remaining amount after installation or pay the full amount upon checkout.

    You can also check out their range of digital door locks to complement your gate lock!

    WhatsApp/Text: 8875 4074

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