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WeddingCrafters Review: Wedding Gown Rental In Singapore

Established in 2015, WeddingCrafters is a bridal boutique that offers wedding gown rentals. Each gown is locally designed and hand sewn by their designers as they release new collections every 4 months. 

This young brand is focused on creating comfortable and lightweight gowns with silhouettes that are proportionate for Asians! Making their own gowns also means that they’re able to quality check and carefully select the best fabrics to use. 

WeddingCrafters specialises in dainty floral and vine-like laces that add a modern and romantic touch. They hope that every #WCbride will feel proud and confident to wear their uniquely handcrafted pieces! 

5min walk from Tai Seng MRT Exit B
Gowns fit UK 4 – 12
Flexibility to change gown selection with each new collection
MOD: gown customisation service in 5 easy steps
Men’s suit and traditional kua rental available

Disclaimer: The gown rental for my pre-wedding shoot was sponsored by WeddingCrafters. However, this is not a paid review and all opinions are my own.

Promo code: Quote “Bumblescoop” for $50 off!
• Applicable for 1 MOD gown, 1 MOD + 1 off-the-rack gown or at least 2 off-the-rack gowns
• Applies for a la carte rentals only
• Stackable with decisive rates!

Read on as I share about my experience with WeddingCrafters! Try-on pictures included 😉

First Try-on Appointment

First Impressions

Oooh Darling bridal shoes display at WeddingCrafters studio

As I walked in, I was greeted by a rack of bridal shoes from Oooh Darling, WeddingCrafters’s sister brand. Each pair is hand sewn and you can customise the shoe base and design without any additional fees!

WeddingCrafters gown racks

The boutique is rather small and their full range can easily be browsed via the racks — which to me, is a plus as it’s less overwhelming! They have a selection of white and coloured gowns. Suits and traditional kuas are also available.  

Facing these racks are 2 changing areas with sofas for the person accompanying the bride. 

The first try-on appointment was 1.5 hours and I managed to try on 8 gowns with the help of consultant Estella! 🙂 

Go for gown try-on appointments in a nude strapless bra or stick-on bra and nude undergarments. It’d be best to wear something similar to what you’re planning to wear for your pre-wedding shoot (PWS) or actual day (AD)!

Gown try-on #1: Ellis

Front of WeddingCrafters Ellis gown
Back of WeddingCrafters Ellis gown
Fits UK 6 to 10
Silhouette: Mermaid
Neckline: Spaghetti strap
Train length: Court
Embellishment: Lace, sequin

Part of their May 2021 collection, Ellis first caught my eye when I saw it on WeddingCrafters’s IG stories! The mermaid cut and floral lace details are really pretty. But what drew me in was the unique 2-strap design (1 of which is detachable from both sides). 

When I tried it on, it looked and felt great! The only thing missing for me was the plunging V neck front. However, I must say that this was a good start to the try-ons and I was very close to booking this!

Gown try-on #2: Liyana

Front + back of WeddingCrafters Liyana gown
Fits UK 6 to 10
Silhouette: Mermaid
Neckline: Spaghetti strap
Train length: Chapel
Embellishment: Lace, beading

I came across Liyana while I was browsing mermaid gowns on their website. I’ve always wanted to try a mermaid with a deep V front, low back, floral lace top and plain bottom. This gown ticked all the boxes for me and it was exactly what I wanted for a PWS gown!

The flowers at the top are small, cute and sparsely placed which I really love. The gown is comfortable and not too restrictive for walking. Plus, the train length is great — long enough to look good in photos, but not too long that it’s hard to carry around during a PWS!

Gown try-on #3: Mika

Front + back WeddingCrafters Mika gown
Fits UK 6 to 10
Silhouette: Mermaid
Neckline: Spaghetti strap
Train length: Court
Embellishment: Lace

Mika is pretty similar to Liyana in terms of the shape and its qualities — such as a deep V front and low back. The difference is that the deep V front is slightly wider and the back is also not as low. 

Additionally, for the embellishment, the top has pop up leafy lace and towards the thigh area, it’s a flat floral lace all the way to the train. It’s pretty but my heart was already stolen by Liyana 😂 

This gown is great for brides who want 2 different yet complementary designs (leaf to floral) throughout the entire gown that isn’t too obvious! 

Gown try-on #4: Serena

Front + back WeddingCrafters Serena gown
Fits UK 6 to 10
Neckline: Spaghetti strap
Train length: Court
Embellishment: Lace

Other than figuring out whether I wanted a mermaid or A-line gown, I also wanted to see if a plain gown without embellishments would look good on me! Serena is the closest to that (to my knowledge) but it came with a bit of lace details to spruce it up.

The folds at the bust area added some dimension to the front of the dress while the lace at the train gives it a level of sophistication. There’s also some lace peeking at the back and the front where the neckline is (this can be hidden seamlessly like in the picture if you prefer not to have it!).

Brides who prefer a simpler gown with intricate details would love Serena! 

Gown try-on #5: Sheena

Front of WeddingCrafters Sheena gown
Back of WeddingCrafters Sheena gown
Fits UK 6 to 10
Silhouette: A-line
Neckline: Spaghetti strap
Train length: Sweep
Embellishment: Lace, sequin
Accessories: Wings, tulle bow
Recommended by Estella

Sheena was the 2nd gown that I booked! It has a slight V front, floral details at the top and a relaxed A-line silhouette. It also ticked my boxes of having a low back and plain skirt.

The only thing that I didn’t quite like was the rather short train 🙁 but when Estella clipped the wings on the gown, it sealed the deal for me! The wings really elevated the gown and gave it a rather ethereal feel. 

If you prefer something more unique, you can opt for tulle bows instead!

Gown try-on #6: Juliette

Front of WeddingCrafters Juliette gown
Back of WeddingCrafters Juliette gown
Fits UK 4 to 12
Silhouette: A-line
Neckline: Spaghetti strap
Train length: Court
Embellishment: Beading, glitter, lace

At first glance, I was really attracted to Juliette’s glittery skirt 😍 in fact, I didn’t realise how much I loveeee glitter in a gown till I tried this!

The top featured a very deep V with floral lace pattern and beading. Unfortunately, the only thing that I liked about the gown was its shape and the glitter. I didn’t really like the lace patterns for this dress — it reminded me of colonial(?) lace designs which I’m not a fan of 😅

But for those who like the pattern, this would make a great AD gown as ballroom lighting would highlight the glitter details! 

Gown try-on #7: Cassidy

Front of WeddingCrafters Cassidy gown
Back of WeddingCrafters Cassidy gown
Fits UK 6 to 10
Silhouette: A-line
Neckline: Illusion
Train length: Court
Embellishment: Beading, glitter, lace
Accessories: Tulle wings
Recommended by Estella

Prior to this try-on appointment, I never imagined myself liking illusion necklines. Most of the time when I see such gowns online, the necklines are very obvious and it’s not so much of an “illusion”.

Cassidy totally changed my mind about them! Somehow, WeddingCrafters managed to make the neckline blend well with my skin tone 😂 we couldn’t really see it in person (even when I was standing right in front of the mirror), and it’s not very obvious in photos too!

We really loved this gown as the floral lace was strategically placed plus it had glitter! The tulle wings elevated the entire look and I felt like a princess 😍 we wanted to book this for our PWS but found out that it was already booked on our date 😭

Gown try-on #8: Hazel

Front of WeddingCrafters Hazel gown
Back of WeddingCrafters Hazel gown
Fits UK 6 to 10
Silhouette: A-line
Neckline: Spaghetti strap, sweetheart
Train length: Sweep
Embellishment: Lace, sequin
Recommended by Estella

Hazel has a distinct sweetheart neckline which many brides love! It also has a flattering corset top, very nice floral lace at the top which flows into a leafy pattern with minimal flowers. The back is a relatively deep V and there’s a slight tule extension to elongate the train.

When I tried Hazel, I realised that I’m not a fan of a sweetheart neckline. But I did like the back of the gown more than the front! 

Customer Service By Consultant Estella

Not pushy
Helped to pinpoint what I like/dislike
Provided great recommendations

Prior to the try-on appointment, I joined various Telegram groups to learn more about WeddingCrafters. Brides seem to mention that the selection is limited so I used that to my advantage. 

I looked through their website catalogue and IG stories (for the latest May 2021 collection) and shortlisted about 6 gowns that I was interested in. When I got to the boutique, my consultant Estella retrieved the gowns for me to try.

After each gown, I pinpointed what I liked and disliked about them. From there, Estella proposed eliminating some of the gowns I chose initially and recommended other gowns for me to try. 

Overall, it was a very productive session since I got to try 8 gowns in just 1.5h! Estella was of great help as she provided great recommendations and helped to facilitate my thought process when breaking down what I liked and didn’t like. Absolutely loved her service ​​😊

After booking the gowns, Estella took my measurements so that their seamstress could alter the gowns before my fitting appointment.

Fitting Appointment + Collection

Gown fitting appointment with Estella

Booked gowns: Liyana (left), Sheena (right)

First fitting
Consultant: Estella 
Date: 8 July 2021
Duration: ~45min

To reduce the number of times I had to head down, Estella arranged the first fitting of both gowns to be on the same day. During the appointment, she checked with me about my comfort level at my pit-to-pit (PTP), waist and hips. 

She also informed me which areas they’ll be loosening and tightening before the collection. And I brought my PWS shoes along so that she could alter it to my height.

Get your shoes before the fitting appointment! That way, the consultants can measure the length of the gown and the seamstress can alter it to your height for your PWS or AD.

Collection of Sheena
Consultant: Cheryl 
Date: 13 July 2021
Duration: ~30min

Return of Sheena + collection of Liyana
Consultant: Liwen 
Date: 15 July 2021
Duration: ~30min

For collection: 
It was quite fast. I just had to wear the gown, slip on my heels and the consultants got me to walk around in the gown for a bit. After which, they packed the gown and veil / wings for me and we were off!

For return:
Similarly, it was quite fast as well. The consultant will check the gown and within 5-10min, we’re done 🙂 

Thank you to both Cheryl and Liwen for being so friendly and bubbly! ❤️

Shots Taken During Pre-wedding Video/Photoshoot

Bride wearing Sheena gown at Botanic Gardens

Gown: Sheena

The “wings” that came with Sheena really complemented the breathtaking greenery at Botanic Gardens. Additionally, since it’s an A-line gown, it was relatively easy to carry and move about in. 

I felt like a fairy, especially with my low ponytail braided hairdo by Karis Chiu Makeup! The gown is perfect for a video shoot as the wings provided movement and fluidity. I also received a ton of compliments!

Bride wearing Liyana gown during pre-wed photoshoot

Gown: Liyana, Image taken by: Depth of Tales

Liyana has a very flattering cut to accentuate what I had and enhance what I didn’t 😂 moreover, even though it’s a mermaid gown, it was comfortable to walk in. The train was also rather lightweight and easy to carry around for a PWS. 

It’s the perfect mermaid gown to pair with a gorgeous mermaid hairstyle by Ladyy Claire Makeup. The gown made me feel elegant and confident! 

Overall Review: My Experience At WeddingCrafters


From start to finish, Jason and the WeddingCrafters consultants provided top-notch service. Estella is knowledgeable, approachable, not pushy and great at recommending gowns! Most importantly, she gives you the space and time to think before jumping in to guide your thought process when needed.

The gowns are comfortable, easy to wear (just need to zip up!) and come with bra padding. The ones that I tried are easy to walk in as well 🙂 It was a breeze to shortlist beautiful gowns just based on their website.

Here are some pros and cons of WeddingCrafters!

Easy to browse selection via website and IG storiesLimited gown selection
Comfortable and modern gowns with a good variety of neckline and silhouette optionsMay not be suitable for brides above UK 12
Flexibility to change gown selection with each new collection
10/10 customer service
Decisive rates available
Rental of suit and traditional kua available
Gown customisation service available
(elaborated below!)

MOD by WeddingCrafters: Partial Gown Customisation Service

MOD by WeddingCrafters Partial Gown Customisation Service Singapore
Base price: $2,080 nett for rental
35% surcharge to keep the gown
Instant quotation via the MOD calculator

Launched in July 2021, MOD by WeddingCrafters is short for “modern” and “modular”. This partial customisation service is the sweet spot for brides who can’t find what they want off the rack but dread the tedium of the entire bespoke process.

The customisation process has been broken down into 5 simple steps. Plus, the MOD calculator provides an instant, transparent quotation based on the options you choose!

  • Step 1: Choose your silhouette
  • Step 2: Choose your neckline 
  • Step 3: Choose your fabric
  • Step 4: Choose your lace placement
  • Step 5: Choose your train length

Choosing Your Dream Wedding Gown at WeddingCrafters

Bride in Sheena gown at Botanic Gardens

Promo code: Quote “Bumblescoop” for $50 off!
• Applicable for 1 MOD gown, 1 MOD + 1 off-the-rack gown or at least 2 off-the-rack gowns
• Applies for a la carte rentals only
• Stackable with decisive rates!
Number of off-the-rack gownsA la carte price*
2$1,880 ($940/gown)
3$2,770 ($923.33/gown)

*Prices are inclusive of 2 – 3 rounds of fittings and alterations, dry cleaning and flexibility to change gown design.

Optional add-ons:
2pc / 3pc suit rental: $160
Traditional kua rental: $150

Other than a la carte wedding gown rental, they also have fuss-free packages for brides who love convenience! This includes gown and makeup packages as well as gown, makeup and photography/videography packages.

Are you a fellow bride-to-be? Follow me on my journey — @stitchmyberns!

Want us to review your product or service? Learn more about the advertising opportunities we offer and email us at hello@bumblescoop.com


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