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Honest Review of The ViewSonic TD1655 Touch Screen Portable Monitor

This is a paid review. However, all opinions are entirely our own. 

With the recent pandemic, more companies are switching from an office environment to a work-from-home or remote setting. 

This is where portable monitors come in – they are great for working professionals or students who need a portable extra screen to work remotely.

Last month, ViewSonic sent us the TD1655 to review. I’ve been using it for the past 1.5 months, and here are my honest thoughts!

What is the TD1655?

The ViewSonic TD1655 is a 16” portable monitor that’s able to extend the screen of phones, tablets and laptops. It can be used for remote work, presentations, and even entertainment. 

What You’ll Get In The Box

  • Display cover
  • LCD display
  • USB type-c to type-c cable
  • USB type-c to type-a cable
  • Mini HDMI to HDMI cable
  • 60W power adapter
  • Microfibre cloth
  • Touch screen pen
  • Quick start guide
  • Sturdy One-piece Design

    Side view of TD1655 (sturdy one piece design)

    The ViewSonic TD1655 features a one-piece design – the screen is backed by a metal case which is attached to the adjustable aluminium stand via a hinge. 

    This sleek design adds a touch of style to its portability.

    Portable Size For Remote Work

    Dimensions: 35.5cm x 22.3cm x 1.6cm
    Weight: 0.94kg
    Viewable area: 15.6”

    With a display area of 15.6”, the TD1655 has a larger screen than most laptops and weighs less. 

    It fits perfectly into backpacks, making it the perfect device for multi-screen usage on the go. The monitor is also lightweight enough to be carried easily with one hand.

    Anti-slip Cover 

    The monitor comes with a slim magnetic cover to protect the screen while you’re on the go. It also doubles up as a mat to cushion and prevent the monitor from slipping when you’re using it.

    Up to 60° Tilt

    The TD1655 comes with an attached stand that can be adjusted in a wide range of angles. Users can tilt the monitor up to 60° for a better viewing angle.

    While it’s easily adjustable, the hinge also provides a sturdy hold to keep the monitor in place.

    Pivotable Display

    Using TD1655 as a vertical display

    Apart from the 60° tilt, the monitor also supports a vertical layout. This is ideal for reviewing tables, programming or editing photos. 

    For MacBooks, the vertical layout can easily be activated via your display preferences. 

    However, one thing I noticed is that the monitor tends to rock as the attached stand doesn’t provide full contact to the table. This is something to look out for when users are using the vertical display.

    Connectivity to Mobile Phone

    On top of being able to connect to laptops and tablets, the TD1655 boasts connectivity to mobile phones as well. 

    For this function to work, your laptop, tablet, or smartphone has to have a full-function USB-C connector that supports DisplayPort 1.2 Alt Mode and Power Delivery.

    Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to test this out.

    Anti-scratch Touch Screen

    A touch pen and extra pen tip came in the box for the touch screen function. For Mac users, you’re required to download the vTouch Software for MacOS in order for the touchscreen function to be activated (which I thought was quite troublesome).

    For the touch pen, I found that it worked well except for scrolling. It’d be helpful for doodling though! Otherwise, for the most part, I preferred using my fingertips instead.

    Input/Output Ports

    Input/Output Ports at the side of TD1655

    The monitor comes with the following input and output ports. 
    • 2 x USB Type C
    • Mini HDMI
    • Headphone out

    TD1655 Joykey at the back

    It also has a joy key at the back for convenient access to the Quick Menu (control panel). 

    The settings that can be configured include: input selection, audio adjustment, viewing mode, colour adjustment, manual image adjustment, and setup menu.

    Audiovisual Extension while Power Charging

    • Non-stop charging
    Utilise the multiple USB-C ports to connect to the 60W power adapter provided and your device for non-stop charging.

    You can also connect to a power bank for continued charging.

    • Temporary charging
    To use 2 devices at once, temporary charging is also available when you connect both devices to the USB-C or mini HDMi ports.

    Overall Review of the ViewSonic TD1655 Portable Monitor

    Lightweight and extremely portable unit
    Sleek and stylish design
    Fuss-free set up and intuitive control panel
    Multiple ports for versatile connectivity

    Mobile connectivity only applicable to Android phones with desktop mode
    Sound quality isn’t the best
    However, this may not be a concern if you don’t use the speakers from the monitor.
    Colours aren’t very accurate
    It may not be ideal for professional photo editing.

    Guy carrying TD1655 with one hand

    Ideal for
    • Freelancers: working remotely
    • Business travellers: working on the go
    • Sales agents: conducting intimate presentations
    • Content creators: large preview screen when filming
    • Tutors: touch screen to conduct online lessons
    • Working professionals: alternating between working from home and in the office

    Price: $499
    Launch special: $449

    Dimensions35.5cm x 22.3cm x 1.6cm
    Display size16 inch
    Viewable area15.6 inch
    Resolution1920 x 1080

    The ViewSonic TD1655 is now available on their website, Lazada and Amazon.

    ViewSonic also offers a non-touch screen version, the VG1655 which retails at $399 (launch special $349).

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