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5 Affordable Used Bicycles in Singapore That Can Be Fully Customised for Your Next Adventure

Cycling is definitely one of the sports that has been increasingly popular in Singapore.

That is no surprise since it brings about numerous health benefits such as improving your cardiovascular fitness and muscle strength. What’s more, you can get to spend some quality time with your loved ones while de-stressing!

But often times, it is tough to find an affordable bicycle that is

  • second-hand,
  • within your budget and
  • has all the components you desire in a bike

Therefore, we have collated a list of affordable used bicycles in Singapore that you can consider for your next leisure ride or race!

P.S. These bicycles are fully customisable – stay tuned to find out how!

1. Specialised Edition Tarmac Disc Power

Main features

Quarq ELSA power metre:

Provides instantaneous feedback to the cyclist with regards to the power output they are producing. Thereafter, cyclists can then analyse their rides more accurately, allowing them to reach their fullest potential.

Hydraulic disc brakes:

Being extremely powerful and efficient, only a small amount of force has to be applied to hydraulic brakes to bring your bike to a halt – perfect for conquering even the hairiest of descents.

FACT (Functional Advanced Composite Technology) full carbon fork:

Specially fitted to each frame, this fork guarantees precise steering that allow cyclists to advance swiftly.

Roval CL 64 Disc wheelset:

This tubeless-ready wheelset has a 21mm internal rim width for increased friction, minimal rolling resistance and enhanced aerodynamics.

Specifications (Limited Edition No. 72/130)
Condition: 9.5/10
Frame: Specialized Tarmac Sl 5 Power
Frame size: 54cm
Group set: SRAM Force 22 With Hydraulic – Quads Elsa
Wheelset: Roval CL 64 Disc
Price: $5,000+

2. Lynskey Pro Cross

Main features

Disc brakes

Fatter tyres:

Offers greater stability and comfort, while being able to take on almost any road surface with an improved grip. Also, most fat tyre bikes only come with one speed, which can be effectively used for a cardiovascular workout.

Lynskey Helix downtube and oversized head tube:

The stiffness of the frame, coupled with its light weight and speed, eases the manoeuvrability of the bicycle all together.

Rear spacing of 135mm:

The wider spacing further enhances brake modulation and traction which boosts a cyclist’s performance.

All in all, the Lynskey Pro Cross is designed to have a geometrically balanced structure to provide the cyclist with immense stability and confidence to challenge all courses.

Condition: 9/10
Frame: Lynskey Helix Pro Cross
Frame size: Small
Group set: SRAM Force 1 (1 x 11 speed)
Wheelset: Cross Light
Price: $4,000+

3. BMC Teammachine SLR01

Main features

Lightweight sandwich derailleur hanger

Direct-mount brakes:

Tube-shaped mount to reinforce brake power.

Stiff bottom bracket:

Translates all of the cyclist’s pedalling input efficiently to the road to achieve maximum acceleration.

Asymmetric tube design

D-shaped seat post:

Apart from its sleek and lightweight design, this unique seat post provides great comfort for long rides with its boosted compliance.

This bike is an all-round improvement from the previous Teammachine model after gathering the feedback of experts in the industry. It has now become the perfect bike for competitive cycling.

Condition: 9.5/10
Frame: BMC Team Machine SLR01
Frame size: 48cm
Group set: Shimano Ultegra 6870 Di2 – 11 Speed
Wheelset: Mavic Aksium Elite Wheel (brand new)
Price: $4,000+


Main features

SRAM ETAP Bluetooth wireless electronic shifting mechanism:

Inspired by race cars, this design is made to keep gear shifting precise and easy.

Disc brakes:

Exceptional braking performance which requires less force to be applied.

Decked with carbon fibre materials:

Vastly contributes to its strength and low susceptibility to fatigue.

The FELT IA FRD is also equipped with the highest-performance components on the market, allowing it to gain its name of an industry leader.

Condition: 9/10
Frame: Felt IA Frame
Frame size: 51cm
Group set: SRAM ETAP – 11 Speed
Wheelset: Fulcrum Racing Quattro
Price: $4,000+

5. Giant Trinity

Main features

AeroVault system:

Comes with a front hydration unit, top tube storage box and downtube water bottle that work in unison to drastically enhance the bike’s aerodynamic performance.

Created using Giant’s AeroSystem Shaping Technology and Advanced Composite Technology:

Resulted in a streamlined design to heighten the possibilities.

Versatile adjusting options:

Ideal for adapting to the demands of multi-sport events such as triathlons.

Perfect for long distance racing, the Giant Trinity is well-known to have been crafted based on computational fluid dynamics to achieve its superior aerodynamism.

Condition: 9/10
Frame: Giant Trinity Advance Pro SL 1
Frame size: Small
Group set: Shimano Ultegra 6800 – 11 speed
Wheelset: Profile Design Altair 52
Price: $3,000+

Love what you see so far?
All these bicycles can be bought at Bike Mart SG!

Who is Bike Mart SG?

Established in 2017, Bike Mart SG was fuelled by the motivation to provide a wide selection of brand new and pre-owned road bikes and time trial bikes.

So, what sets Bike Mart SG apart?

They are the sole premium second-hand bicycle store in Singapore that offers the following services:

Sell your old bicycle

All you have to do is to go down to the store with your bike, and get a price quotation from the staff. However, if your bike is not in demand, it might fetch a low price or nothing at all so be sure to give them a call or email before heading down.

Consignment of your old bicycle

If you’re not in a hurry to sell your bike and wish to quote your own price, you can leave it in the store under consignment. Basic servicing and cleaning will be done and your bike will be available for sale in store and on their various social media platforms using priority ads.

Consignment fee: $100 for the 1st month, $80 per month for subsequent months
+ 10% commission upon successful sale

You can also opt to take your bike back at any point of time.

Trade in your old bicycle

You can also trade in your old bike to cover the cost of a new one.

Customise a bicycle

All bicycles available in the store can be fully customised to your preferences and needs. The staff will also provide basic bike fitting before any customer brings the bike out of the store as safety is their priority of all riders.

Apart from these services, you will also be given a 1-year warranty for all bikes.

Other than second-hand bicycles, Bike Mart SG also has their own in-house brands. One of their most highly raved models is the Throttle Aero.

Throttle Aero

Main features

Full carbon Aero frameset:

Featherweight 1460g Di2 ready.

Direct mount brake caliper:

Offers optimal breaking power for effective change in course.

Seat post with internal locking design:

Also equipped with the latest Shimano R7000 11 speed which facilitates optimal drivetrain performance.

BSA English threaded 68mm:

Popular bottom bracket choice amongst cyclists because of its capabilities and ease to fix and replace.

Compact top tube design

Throttle Aero is an in-house brand that was manufactured in Taiwan for cycling enthusiasts who seek to explore performance road racing. The primary objective of this Asian Geometry design is to fulfil the needs of local mass cyclists.

Condition: brand new
Sizes: 49 / 52 / 54 / 56 / 58
Components: 4700, R7000, R8000
Price: starting from $1,588

Next, the BikeMartSG Custom Ultra-Lightweight Road Bike has been put together using premium second-hand parts. This is to showcase the possibility of building your own bike at a low cost – which is something that Bike Mart SG is known for.

BikeMartSG Custom Ultra-Lightweight Road Bike

Main features

Custom Ultra-Lightweight Frameset 770g
Lightweight Oberma
Campagnolo Super Record 11
THM Clavicula Se Crankset 295g
ENVE Handlebars

The team has always wanted to break the boundaries of building a sub <5kg road bike. With this bike, they are proud to illustrate their custom lightweight road bike at 4.81kg, built up with high-performance used components.

This bike is not for sale.

With Bike Mart SG, no matter what bike you need, they will aid you in achieving the best one to fit your needs and budget. It will no doubt guarantee affordable prices and an efficient shopping experience.

Let us know which bike suits you best in the comments section below!

Bike Mart SG

140 Sims Ave, Singapore 387462
Monday – Saturday, 12pm – 730pm

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