Yet another birthday card, bouquet of flowers, or some random mug that will inevitably land in the trashcan? It’s time to buck up and find the perfect gift!

Getting a gift for someone, however, can be stressful, especially if they appear to have everything they already need. The trick to getting a suitable present is to find something unexpected and unique – and that can be challenging.

If you’re having trouble with choosing a gift, use this helpful list of customisable and quirky gifts that are guaranteed to surprise even the most finicky recipients.

View our roundup to find the ultimate gift today!

Customised Earrings
(Stitch Treats)

Dangling heart and rainbow tassel earrings on a mini pink plateLoud and cute earrings are all the rave these days! Stitch Treats provides just that, by balancing trendy for the more mature working crowd and cute for the schooling babes.

They’ve recently put together a personalised package for a Titan Digital Media influencer, Jasmine Lee.

A box of 7 pairs of dainty and cute earrings with a personalised mini canvas and easelThis thoughtful gift included 7 pairs of wearable earrings and a mini canvas by breadcrumbsg!

If your loved one is crazy about earrings, this is your go-to brand. You can even request for a surprise personalised gift box based on your budget!

Hand-painted Mini Canvases

A mini canvas painting of a couple laid on an easel standCreating art in little crumbs, Breadcrumbsg combines their love for art and all things tiny onto mini canvases. They can cater to your every whim and bring your requests to life with their adorable paintings.

These cute canvases are suited for a range of occasions, from birthdays to wedding celebrations. They can even be used to add a splash of colour into your room!

Mini canvas painting of a girl in yellow topIf you have a photo with your loved one that you’d like to replicate, send an image over and they’ll be able to do it for you.

Unleash your creativity and customise your canvas to your heart’s desire. The possibilities are endless!

Mugs, Coasters and Trinket Trays

A white mug, rose gold reflective trinket tray and hexagon coaster with the name "Shireli" on themApart from customised balloons for parties, Celebloons has a whole collection of personalised gifts such as mugs, ring boxes and trinket trays.

Plus, they’re constantly expanding their catalogue to bring gift givers more choices!

Add your friend’s name in your preferred font for a personalised touch to their classy items and there you have it – a practical, unique gift.

Clay Figurine Dishes, Ring Boxes and Coasters
(Oh Glorious Clay)

Ring trinket dish with a figurine of a couple carrying dogsOh Glorious Clay specialises in creating unique one-of-a-kind products that are crafted using their customers’ stories. They are known for their polymer clay products which are perfect as wedding favours or as a thoughtful gift for your loved one.

The crafter, Charlotte, works tirelessly to perfect your order, exerting precision and dedication to ensure that the outcome exceeds your expectations.

She strives to maintain the quality of her products and is adamant about using only high-quality polymer clay imported from the US and Germany for crafting.

Ring trinket dish with a stitch figurineAfter receiving an order, each creation is lovingly handmade with exceptional care. Their popularity is evident, with slots for custom orders running out quickly.

Note: Order slots are currently closed and will reopen on 1st September 2019. Follow them on their Instagram page for regular updates!


Black pouches with floral designs at the bottom laid on a tableAMUSSE is a one-man production line that specialises in making handmade customisable pouches from scratch.

To personalise your own, use the “Design Your Own Pouch” configurator on their site to select the

  • exterior leather
  • exterior bottom fabric
  • zipper colour
  • interior fabric
  • monogram (font and wording) and
  • add a gift box and festive tag (optional)

Handmade black pouch with floral prints and brush lettering wordingAside from their online presence, AMUSSE also does pop-ups once every few months to allow customers to feel the fabrics before placing orders online.

This one-of-a-kind creation definitely makes an affordable, practical and classy gift for any occasion!

Ongoing Christmas markets/pop-ups

  • W-Market @ China Square Central (ready-to-go daily reminders pouches available)

Luxury Portraits
(Autumn Ying)

Personalised Gifts Singapore - Luxury PortraitsEver wished for your fantasy to come true? With Autumn’s intricate portraits and knack for details, you can be anywhere with anyone!

Following Aloysius Pang’s unfortunate passing, Autumn illustrated a set of wedding portraits for him and Jayley Woo. That was when she garnered the attention of many netizens and media outlets and rose to fame.

Personalised Gifts Singapore - Luxury PortraitsAutumn is known for her incredible talent in drawing lifelike portraits just the way you want it.

All you have to do is

  • pick a portrait size
  • send her an image of you and your loved one
  • describe how you’d like the setting/background to be

and leave her to do the rest!

Threaded Wooden Boards
(The Joy Crafters)

Personalised Gifts Singapore - Threaded Wooden BoardsStarted after she became temporarily jobless, The Joy Crafters is the brainchild of Ivy. It was then when she began to explore handcrafting decorations for her upcoming solemnisation.

As she progressed, she realised how much she enjoyed making these boards which led to the desire to take her hobby to the next level. Soon after, The Joy Crafters was launched in 2018.

Personalised Gifts Singapore - Threaded Wooden BoardsIvy views each request by a customer as a window, providing her with a glimpse of their lives. It also allows her to partake in their special moments – something she particularly appreciates.

Each creation is lovingly made with care, and passion, ensuring a board that you would absolutely adore!

Photo Prints

Personalised Gifts Singapore - Photo PrintsPrintwich is an online concept print company in Singapore. They guarantee the quality of your photos by using professional graphic printers and high-grade papers.

They offer a wide selection of print categories for you to choose from, ranging from photo strips to wallet prints.

Personalised Gifts Singapore - Photo Prints Message CardsFor sentimental folks who have a penchant for writing long, meaningful messages, gift your loved ones a Message Card Print.

And how about accompanying the card with a display stand? At Printwich, display accessories such as easel stands are also available.

Celebrate your loved ones by immortalising the precious memories made together.

Signages, Charms, Wreaths and more

Personalised Gifts Singapore - Signages, Charms, Wreaths and moreOhfriday! is here to make sure that you’ll be spoilt for choice for any occasion. If you’re not sure where or how to start, you can surf their website and shop by occasion or price.

And if you’re still lost, just contact them for their professional advice!

Gifts that they specialise in include

  • Engraved acrylic with frame
  • Signages
  • Keychains
  • Wall hanging wreaths or plaques
  • Hats

Getting A Gift For Your Loved Ones

Remember, it’s the thought that counts!

Gift-giving isn’t always about finding the priciest and trendiest item, but the amount of thought and effort put behind it.

Ever gifted something so unforgettable and meaningful? Let us know in the comments below!

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