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31 Must-Read Parenting Blogs in Singapore for Helpful Tips and Advice

Being a parent is stressful and challenging. 

In this article, we feature some of the most popular parenting blogs in Singapore to pick up tips to help you with your parenting journey. Check out our top picks below!

*Disclaimer: Bumble Scoop is not liable for any false or misleading information mentioned by these bloggers.

Editor’s Choice

Most Popular Parenting Blog:
The Chill Mom
Most Comprehensive Parenting Blog:
SuperMommy SG
Most Unique Parenting Blog:
The Wacky Duo
With over 81.3K followers on Instagram, The Chill Mom tops our list as the most popular parenting blog.

With its coverage on a wide range of topics, it’s not surprising to see why the site is so popular among parents.
SuperMommy SG features topics on shopping, parenting, and everything in between.

This makes it one of the most comprehensive blogs on our list.
Unlike most parenting blogs, the posts on The Wacky Duo are written by both parent and child.

This uncommon take on content offers readers a fresh perspective on various topics, making the site the most unique parenting blog on this list.

Mummy Bloggers

1. Simply Mommie

Simply Mommie

 Topics covered: Parenting | Beauty | Food

Simply Mommie is a blog started by Angie that focuses on topics related to parenting, beauty and food. 

She began writing about beauty topics after she recognised the need for stay-at-home moms (SAHMs) to look good. This spurred her to start a beauty section on her site to share tips with her readers.

Apart from the topics mentioned, the blog also contains honest reviews and recommendations by Angie on family-friendly products that she’s tried. 

2. ForFunk (142 followers)

Baby boy holding onto a sign

 Topics covered: Parenting | Food | Travel | Fitness | Fashion

ForFunk was started by Chaa Yen who had just recently given birth to a healthy baby boy, L in September (congrats 🎉).

She frequently shares in-depth and honest reviews on products for newborns and infants, as well as products for parents. Her posts will definitely come in handy if you’re a parent to a newborn child.

3. Nuevamae (330 followers)

Little girl toddler sleeping on a plane

 Topics covered: Parenting | Product reviews | Service reviews

During their pregnancy and parenthood journey, Charlotte and Serene found it incredibly frustrating to find reviews about mothers’ and children’s products. Many websites featured sponsored reviews, which made it hard for them to make a purchase decision.

As such, they decided to kickstart their own blog, Nuevamae, to share honest and unbiased reviews from those with experience — mothers themselves. Their blog features real feedback and experiences from mothers who have used the products and services before so their reviews are reliable and trustworthy!

4. Mummy Wee (600 followers)

Mummy Wee

 Topics covered: Education | Parenting

As a mother of 6 kids, Michelle talks about popular parenting topics like education and things to do with your children. On her site, she also blogs about her life as a mother, sharing candid stories about her children and motherhood.

Aside from being a blogger, Michelle also hosts free webinars on being a parent. These webinars cover a host of topics including getting your kids to listen to you and practical parenting advice that you can implement immediately.

5. Lil Blue Bottle (750 followers)

Little Blue Bottle family

 Topics covered: Parenting | Food | Travel

The Lil Blue Bottle is a blog started by Lyn Lee in 2006. Like many others, she started her website as an online diary to write about topics that she’s passionate about. These topics include parenting, food, travel, and her faith.

Through her posts, she hopes to help parents by offering them useful tips to navigate the complicated journey of parenthood.

6. DinoMama (790 followers)

Dino Mama and her son

 Topics covered: Parenting | Food

DinoMama was started by Jennifer in 2007. On her blog, she writes about parenting and started a series titled “Starting Primary One”, documenting her son’s experience in primary school. Through her posts, she hopes to give parents a better understanding of their child’s life in school.

As an avid home cook, Jennifer also posts kid-friendly recipes that will leave even the pickiest eater craving for more.

7. SweetestSins (850 followers)

Sweetest Sin - Patricia T with Son

 Topics covered: Parenting | Lifestyle | Beauty | Fitness | Pregnancy

On the SweetestSins, Patricia blogs about her motherhood, beauty recommendations and interesting topics like how to spruce up your vanity area.

8. Miracule (960 followers)


 Topics covered: Parenting | Food | Travel

Miracule is a blog by Mummy Ting – a proud mother to 3 adorable kids. On her blog, she talks about activities to do with your children and shares family-friendly itineraries that you can refer to for your holiday.

9. Yannisms (1.6K followers)

Yannisms' family

 Topics covered: Parenting | Lifestyle

Yannisms is the brainchild of full-time educator Yann. Her blog offers readers a glimpse into her life, featuring introspective posts on being a parent and her marriage.

10. Our Little Smarties (2.4K followers)

Our Little Smarties

 Topics covered: Parenting | Travel

Our Little Smarties was started by Emily in 2009. This parenting blog was started to document her son’s childhood and growth.

As he grew up, the site transitioned into a family-travel blog, focusing on family-friendly places and travel destinations. On her blog, you can find posts on places to visit in Singapore and useful itineraries to help you plan for your next family vacation.

11. A Juggling Mom (2.9K followers)

A Juggling Mum

 Topics covered: Parenting | Travel | Food

A Juggling Mom documents the life of Susan, a mother who blogs about her journey of parenthood. Through her blog, Susan hopes to share resources on how to juggle family duties while living life to the fullest.

Apart from that, readers will find insightful posts on how to raise your teenage child to be independent and managing your expectations as a parent.

12. Sakura Haruka (3.4K followers)

Ai Sakura and her family

 Topics covered: Parenting | Fitness | Food

Sakura Haruka is an award-winning lifestyle and parenting blog started by Ai Sakura. On her blog, Ai talks about her family life and often posts reviews on products that she’s tried. 

As a fitness enthusiast, the blog also serves as Ai’s fitness diary, detailing her journey towards a healthier lifestyle.

13. Growing with the Tans (3.9K followers)

Growing with the Tans family

 Topics covered: Parenting | Education | Travel

Growing Up With the Tans feature the lives of Adeline and her family. Her blog is largely filled with posts about being a mother and her kids’ education.

Before she became a SAHM, Adeline was a teacher. This explains her soft spot for books and education and why many of her posts revolve around these topics.

14. Life’s Tiny Miracles (5K followers)

Life's Tiny Mircales

 Topics covered: Parenting | Food | Travel

Life’s Tiny Miracles was started by Angie – a mother of 2 children. On the blog, she shares her experience as a mother and her everyday life. 

Her posts about her family trips contain detailed itineraries with tips on how to plan a holiday with your family. These resources will come in handy once travelling resumes!

15. A Happy Mum (5.7K followers)

A Happy Mum

 Topics covered: Parenting | Travel | Lifestyle

A Happy Mum is managed by Summer, a proud stay-at-home mother of 3. On her blog, she shares about her daily life and time spent with her kids. 

She also often writes thoughtful posts, sharing her musings about being a better parent and lessons she’s learned from her kids.

16. Missy Qiqi (7.8K followers)

Missy Qiqi family

 Topics covered: Parenting | Lifestyle | Entrepreneurship | Beauty | Food

Missy Qiqi is a parenting and beauty blogger that’s been blogging since 2004. Apart from being a blogger, she’s also a web designer and owner of an ecommerce store.

Despite her busy schedule, this chic mother of 4 frequently publishes informative posts related to parenting, cooking for your kids, entrepreneurship, and beauty.

17. Ashlyn Thia (9.8K followers)

Ashlyn Thia and family

 Topics covered: Parenting | Travel | Beauty | Interior design

As a mother of 2 beautiful girls, Ashlyn blogs about motherhood and spending time with her daughters. Aside from parenting, she also talks about a wide array of topics, making her blog worth a read even if you’re not a parent yet.

18. A Million Little Echoes (10K followers)

A Million Little Echoes family

 Topics covered: Parenting | Travel | Education

A Million Little Echoes features May’s reflections on her journey as a parent and the family’s milestones such as the latest addition to their home – an adorable Old English Sheepdog named Gypsie.

19. SuperMommy SG (32.9K followers)

SuperMommy with her sons

 Topics covered: Parenting | Shopping | Food | Fitness | Beauty | Lifestyle

SuperMommy SG is a parenting blog founded by Neetu, a Californian that moved to Singapore 13 years ago. 

On her blog, she covers topics pertaining to both mother and child. You can also find a variety of blog posts on beauty, fashion, parenting, and food. Additionally, as a fitness buff, Neetu also writes about a range of health and fitness topics.

20. RainbowDiaries (33.9K followers)

Rainbow Diaries and family

 Topics covered: Parenting | Food | Lifestyle

RainbowDiaries is an all-rounded blog started by Shub who works as an IT professional. Aside from parenting, the blog covers a broad range of topics such as entertainment, shopping, and food.

21. Mums&Babies (34.4K followers)

Mums&Babies - SG

 Topics covered: Parenting | Travel | Food | Lifestyle

Mums&Babies is a popular parenting blog run by Pooja. On her blog, you can find posts covering a wide selection of topics and interesting stories like how motherhood has changed her.

Additionally, she also jots down kid-friendly recipes which are perfect if your children are bored of their usual meals.

22. Our Little Playnest (38.9K followers)

Our Little Playnest family

 Topics covered: Parenting | Education

Our Little Playnest is run by Jacinth, an ex-secondary school teacher and Mathematics textbook author. With her posts, this busy mother of 2 hopes to empower parents to adopt positive parenting strategies to connect with their children.

Jacinth is also a successful parenting coach who runs physical and online courses, offering participants actionable tips to improve their parenting.

23. The Chill Mom (81.3K followers)

The Chill Mom

 Topics covered: Parenting | Entrepreneurship | Pregnancy | Lifestyle

The blogger behind The Chill Mom, Michelle, is a successful entrepreneur and author. On her blog, she shares content related to parenting, lifestyle, and pregnancy. 

She also blogs about tips for mothers to help them get started with their entrepreneurial journey. Her posts touch on topics like business ideas for parents and time management for mothers who’re working from home.

Daddy Bloggers

24. J Babies’ Dad (1.6K followers)

J Babies Dad

 Topics covered: Parenting | Lifestyle | Travel | Food

The J Babies’ Dad features the life of Isaiah and his family. Just like the other bloggers on this list, he frequently shares about parenting and how he spends his time with his daughters. 

Additionally, you can also find an array of product and service recommendations that he finds useful for you and your family. He’s worked with brands like 8 Crabs and Filtech to create authentic (albeit sponsored) reviews of things that he’s tried.

25. The Wacky Duo (2K followers)

The Wacky Duo team

 Topics covered: Parenting | Travel | Food | Tech | Entertainment

The Wacky Duo is a parenting and lifestyle blog managed by the family of 4. On this site, you can read about posts on parenting, travel, food, tech, and entertainment. 

Their unique take on content has won them several accolades, including the Top Lifestyle Blogs in Singapore and Top 100 Parenting Blog awards.

26. Sengkang Babies (2.7K followers)

Sengkang Babies family

 Topics covered: Parenting | Lifestyle | Food

The Sengkang Babies is an online diary by Andy where he documents the growth of his kids and his experiences as a father. 

Like many parenting blogs, Andy also shares about his family travels, posting family-friendly itineraries to destinations such as Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, and Thailand.

27. ED Unloaded (4.9K followers)

Ed Unloaded and family

 Topics covered: Parenting | Lifestyle | Food

Managed by ED, ED Unloaded is an award-winning blog that’s been featured in the media and radio channel 93.8 FM. On his blog, ED frequently shares nifty parenting tips like teaching your kids how to save and places to visit with your kids.

28. The “Perfect” Father (4.5K followers)

The Perfect Father with his daughter

 Topics covered: Parenting | Travel | Food

The “Perfect” Father is run by Steven, a proud father of 5 children who details the adventures of his family on his blog. Apart from updates on his family, many of the posts on his blog also feature ideas for family-friendly activities. 

In addition, he’s also done multiple advertisements for notable brands like Dyson and Sudio to offer reliable product recommendations.

Mummy and Daddy Bloggers

29. Lemon Film (14.5K followers)

Blogger of Lemon Film with his son

 Topics covered: Parenting | Health | Food | Travel

Lemon Film is a blog by Soon Koon that was started as a creative outlet for his photography hobby. 

Over time, the website evolved into a parenting blog, featuring informative posts such as understanding bullying in school and how to handle eczema in children.

30. Katong Kids Inc

Katong Kids Inc

 Topics covered: Parenting | Lifestyle | Travel

The Katong Kids Inc is managed by the parents of 2 lovely girls. The bloggers started the site as a means to record the growth of their children, using it as an online diary that their girls can refer to when they grow older. 

Additionally, they hope to use their website as a platform to share their parenting journey with others and attract like-minded parents to share helpful tips and stories.

On their blog, you can find their travelogues and posts on food and places you can visit with your children.

31. Our Parenting World (7.2K followers)

Boy standing in front of food

 Topics covered: Parenting | Beauty | Food | Entertainment | Travel

Our Parenting World is run by a team of parents who are passionate about sharing their experiences with their readers. 

On the blog, you can pick up helpful parenting tips and read up on topics like entertainment and travel. If you’re looking for something to do with your family, check out their comprehensive staycation reviews or read their posts on places to eat!

The Best Parenting Blogs for Useful Tips and Advice

Being a parent is no easy feat. Thankfully, the availability of a plethora of tips and advice on these blogs can make parenthood less stressful.

Have a favourite parenting blog that we missed out? Let us know at hello@bumblescoop.com.

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