If you love participating in live auctions and bidding on Facebook, Bideed (pronounced as bid-it) is made for you! This mobile app was officially launched on 8 August 2018 and is Singapore’s first online marketplace that allows buyers and sellers to interact through live auction and post-bidding.

To date, Bideed has tied up with numerous active and new online auction merchants to go live and sell on their platform, including some prominent ones operating on Facebook. Shoppers can now enjoy the ease of finding all their favourite online auction merchants in one platform! Powered by their unique lag-resistant bidding system, Bideed strives to provide every shopper with an even fighting ground while bidding during an online auction on the mobile app.

Majestic Durians going live during Bideed’s recent 12/12 live auction marathon

So, how is Bideed different from other live auction sites and platforms?

Bideed was developed to provide a fun and safe online auction platform for both users and merchants, solving the many pain points faced by users while using other platforms to conduct or purchase via auction.

Other Platforms Bideed
Lag in loading comments and live video Lag-resistant bidding system
Fake accounts (bidder), trolls and dead buyers In-app payment gateway;

Payments are made instantly once the bid is won.

No built-in payment gateway
No official terms and conditions to safeguard merchants or buyers/bidders Safeguarded by terms and conditions
No official courier service tie-up Courier service tie-up
No proper records for sales transactions Transaction records for easy track-back

Other features include:

Built-in timer

The Bideed app has a built-in timer that makes buying and selling much more efficient while also helping to eliminate any unfairness users claim due to lag. Bids can only be made from the moment the timer starts till it runs out.

Group Sale

A Group Sale is a painless way for merchants to auction off their items in large quantities with just a click of a button. As for users, all you need are fast fingers to grab the item before they clear out!

Bideed Marketplace

Apart from live auctions, the Bideed app is also equipped with a post-bidding system known as the “Marketplace” which allows regular users to post their item up to sell through the act of bidding.

Here are some screenshots of how the Marketplace the app looks like!

Homepage of the app where you can see the “Active” and “Upcoming” tabs

Once the item is posted on the marketplace, it will be listed under the “Upcoming” tab. Sellers may then utilise the “Share” feature in the app to promote their item during the 24 to 72-hour buffer time before their item goes “Active” for auctioning.

To make it easier for you to win an item that you are interested in in the Marketplace, Bideed has an awesome feature: the Absentee Bid. This feature allows interested buyers to indicate the highest amount that they are willing to pay for an item they see, hence instructing the app to automatically submit bids on their behalf based on the minimum increment amount specified by the seller, until the indicated maximum amount is reached. Upon so, the buyer will receive a notification from the app.

Reasons to join the online auction community:

Bideed sees online live auctioning as an online shopping revolution – one level up from regular online shopping. This is why:

Interactive way of buying and selling

Through live videos, merchants and auctioneers can show a full 360 degrees view of their products while providing more information for users to make better purchase decisions.

 Direct and instant feedback

Feedback between customers and merchants can be relayed instantly for a more relevant and tailored online shopping experience.

 Social networking

Just like any other social media platform, you can connect with anyone!

 Live entertainment

Chat with merchants and watch as people outbid each other for the thrill of winning while interacting with one another in the comments section!

Why download Bideed?

Other than having these amazing features you never know live auctions needed, Bideed currently has a few special offers for anyone who downloads their app ASAP!

Promo code for first time users

Get $5 off your first purchase (minimum spend of $10)! Simple enter “FIRST5” under Payment Methods to redeem.

Valid till 31 March 2019. Terms and conditions apply.

Air fryer giveaway

Bideed will be giving away a 3-litre Mayer Air Fryer (worth S$299) complete with 1-year warranty to 1 lucky winner! To participate, simply follow the Bideed official channel on the app. Once they have reached 388 followers, the giveaway will begin. So, what are you waiting for? Spread the news to your family and friends!

Once you have downloaded the app, follow the Bideed Official channel.

How to use Bideed:

For more information on how to bid on Bideed and how to purchase on the Bideed Marketplace for Active and Upcoming items, head to the Bideed YouTube channel to watch their tutorials!

Joining Bideed as a:


Bideed Talents are auctioneers that you see going live on the Bideed Official Channel (in the app); they are basically livestream personalities and faces of Bideed.

This is one of Bideed’s Talents, Stanley, doing a live auction!


Bideed Merchants are auctioneers with registered companies that have signed up to go live on the Bideed app to auction their products. By joining as a Merchant, you are guaranteed increased customer engagement and sales and marketing support thus, maximising your business potential. Some merchants that have partnered with Bideed include Majestic Durians (as per video above), Kakilang SG and Wu Bao.

If you are interested in registering as a Bideed Talent or an official merchant, kindly email [email protected] or simply head down to the Bideed website.

Whether you’re a huge fan of live auctioning or an aspiring salesperson, Bideed has the right features and a well-thought-out layout to elevate your auctioning experience.


Download the app on iOS and Android:
iOS: https://bit.ly/2D2H2F2
Android: https://bit.ly/2Pjfn4k

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