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Bideed: Singapore’s 1st Live Video Shopping and Online Auction Mobile App

If you love shopping, watching live streams and participating in live auctions on Facebook, Bideed (pronounced as bid-it) is made for you!

This mobile app was officially launched on 8 August 2018 and is Singapore’s first online marketplace that allows buyers and sellers to interact through live video shopping and online auction.

To date, they’ve tied up with numerous merchants to sell on their app, including prominent online auctioneers who started out on Facebook. Some popular retailers that have jumped on this bandwagon are H2Hub and Sing See Soon.

With a live video feature that also boasts a unique lag-resistant bidding system, Bideed strives to achieve an even fighting ground for all its users when bidding.

Live Video Shopping: H2Hub Watches

So, how is Bideed different from other live auction sites and platforms?

Gone were the days when online shopping decisions are simply based on static product images and descriptions!

Bideed was developed to solve the many pain points users experience on many existing e-commerce platforms. The app is equipped with a live video feature and a C2C marketplace that provides a fun yet safe shopping platform for everyone to use via online auction.

Feature 1: Live Video

Have you ever had an online purchase turn out to be totally different from what you expected?

Now through Bideed’s live video, not only do you get to see the actual product, you also get to experience a whole new level of online shopping with instant feedback and live entertainment!

This function also allows you to interact with other shoppers in the live stream for a more fun, less lonely community-shopping experience.

B2C E-commerce Platforms VS Bideed’s Live Video

B2C E-commerce Platforms
Bideed’s Live Video
Relies on static images before purchase
What you see is what you get
No immediate feedback for queries
Interact directly with a human being
One-person experience whereby users shop “alone” and are unable to get suggestions
Shop with a community of like-minded individuals who love shopping and the thrill of auction

Although the current live video feature centres mainly around live bidding and auction, there’s also a feature within the live stream called the “Group Sale

This allows merchants to sell off large quantities at fixed prices – no bidding needed! As a buyer, all you need are fast fingers to grab the items before they clear out!

Here’s how it works:

Feature 2: Marketplace

Apart from live auctions, the Bideed app is also equipped with a C2C marketplace where anyone can sell anything without having to deal with low-ballers and dead buyers!

Via bidding as well as the app’s instant win-and-pay feature! This also makes an ideal platform for everyone to safely buy and sell big ticket items.

Unlike live video selling where you’ll need to sign up as an official merchant, to sell in the marketplace, all you need is a Bideed account and you’re good to go!

C2C Marketplace & Social Media VS Bideed’s Marketplace

C2C Marketplace & Social Media
Bideed's Marketplace
Pay for what it’s worth. Bidding feature means prices can only go up.
No terms and conditions to safeguard buyers. No shows, delayed payments, fake accounts
Win and pay instantly with the in-app payment gateway. Made for serious buyers & sellers only.

Here are some screenshots of how the Marketplace in the app looks like!

Homepage of the app where you can see the “Active” and “Upcoming” tabs

Once the item is posted on the marketplace, it will be listed under the “Upcoming” tab.

Sellers may then utilise the “Share” feature in the app to promote their item during the 24 to 72-hour buffer time before their item goes “Active” for auctioning.

To make it easier for you to win an item that you are interested in the Marketplace, Bideed has an awesome feature: Absentee Bid.

This is a bid that’s placed on an upcoming item and the maximum price that you, as a buyer, are willing to pay for it.

When you place an absentee bid, the system will cleverly submit bids for you based on the minimum increment amount that was set by the seller – even when you’re not on the app.

Once the price has reached your absentee bid amount, the app will notify you and you’ll then have the option of bidding a higher amount or stop.

Why you should join the live video and online auction community:

Bideed believes that live video shopping and online auction is the future of e-commerce.

In fact, many companies including Lazada and Taobao have already explored the live video selling feature too!

Interactive way of buying and selling

Through live videos, sellers can show a full 360° view of their products while providing more information for users to make better purchase decisions.

Feedback between customers and merchants can also be relayed instantly for a more relevant and tailored online shopping experience.

Shop and sell whenever you like, wherever you like

Live video shopping transcends all existing limitations (e.g. location, opening hours) faced by brick-and-mortar retail stores by allowing businesses to sell anytime, anywhere.

Live entertainment and social networking

You get to join a family of like-minded individuals who love shopping and chat with one another and the live stream host via the comments section.

Best part is – you get to watch as people outbid each other for the competitive thrill of winning!

How to use Bideed?

For more Bideed tutorials such as how to purchase on the Bideed Marketplace, you can head down to the Bideed YouTube channel.

There are also highlights of past events, such as the Live Video Seafood Sale during Chinese New Year, the $1 iphone XS Max flash sale, and more!

Interested to Try Selling via Live Videos?

There are 2 ways you can do it!

Join Bideed as a Talent

Bideed Talents are auctioneers that you see going live on the Bideed Official Channel (in the app); they are basically livestream personalities and faces of Bideed.

Here’s a video of Bideed Talents, Jamie and Stanley, doing a live auction of plushies:

Find out more about being a Bideed Talent at or email them at [email protected].

Join Bideed as a Merchant

You don’t need to be a Facebook auctioneer or own a huge company to sell on Bideed. Even if you’re just clearing out pre-loved items or making unique crafts as a side hobby, you too can make a business out of it and give live video selling and auction a shot!

If you’re interested in registering as a Bideed official merchant and start your own live stream channel on the app, kindly email [email protected] or simply head down to the Bideed website.

Whether you’re a huge fan of live auctioning or an aspiring salesperson, Bideed has the right features and a well-thought-out layout to elevate your auctioning experience.



For further enquiries, email Bideed support or WhatsApp/Telegram 8776 0433 for quicker replies.

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