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Ladyy Claire Makeup Review: Pre-wedding Bridal Looks

The founder of Ladyy Claire Makeup, Claire, enjoyed playing with makeup since she was 8 years old. That interest grew into a passion as she took up professional courses out of interest and transited to doing it full-time for a living from August 2020!

Claire loves meeting new people and forming genuine connections with them through meaningful conversations during the makeover. She aims to constantly upgrade, improve and keep herself updated with makeup techniques and trends.

Ladyy Claire Makeup specialises in Korean makeup and hair that’s suitable for brides who want to look young. The products they use are suitable for sensitive skinned brides, as she always tests her products on herself (also sensitive skinned) before using them on clients!

6 years of makeup experience
Specialises in Korean makeup and hair
Suitable for sensitive skinned brides
Associate makeup artist available

Disclaimer: The pre-wedding makeup and hair styling by Ladyy Claire was not sponsored. I paid for Claire’s services from my own pocket and all opinions are my own.

Promo code: Quote “LCMXBUMBLE5” for 5% off all packages!
• Book by 1 November 2021, only valid for 2021 bookings

Claire did 2 bridal looks for my pre-wedding shoot (PWS) on 19 July! Check out her works and read my detailed review 😊

Communication Prior To Shoot Day 

2 months before my PWS, Claire had a quick call with me to understand more about my shoot. 

For makeup: she shared more about the signature makeup looks that she does for brides. For hair: I showed her reference photos of the hairdos that I wanted for both the formal and casual segments. 

Claire also shared very detailed advice on how to prepare/what to do before the PWS. Some tips include:

  • Frequency of masking
  • Mask recommendations
  • Refrain from conditioning hair before the shoot
  • What to wear during the makeover
  • What to bring for the PWS

After the call, she sent a really long message to summarise what she advised during the call, which was really helpful! ❤️

First Pre-wedding Bridal Look 

On the day of the makeover, Claire arrived about 5 minutes earlier than the set time (3am). She provided a facial mask for me to use while she prepped her products and equipment.

Glowy coral makeup look by Claire

For my makeup, I let Claire do whatever she wanted as long as it looked natural and young! She did their signature water glow base makeup, which explains the glowiness ☺️ She finished it with a nude pink lipstick (my lips are a lot darker than this hahaha) and coral tone eyeshadow. 

On top of that, Claire also mentioned to me that my eyes are slightly uneven, so she did some corrections for me! 

Back and side view of mermaid braids by Claire

For my hair, I requested for a mermaid hairstyle with braids and Claire did it so well! 😍 she used the preserved flowers from Whimsical Blooms to complete the gorgeous hairdo!

Bridal florists usually provide complimentary loose flowers for hair based on the colour scheme of your bouquet. However, if you’re sure of the look that you’re going for, you can try to request for a specific colour scheme of loose flowers to complement the look!

After the makeover, Claire gave me a sponge to use during the PWS in case I need to smooth out any crease lines under the eyes from smiling. I thought that was really thoughtful!

Something to note:
Claire wasn’t very sure of the look that she was supposed to do even though I informed her beforehand during our call. It also slipped her mind that she needed to do groom makeup as well 😅 

But the time she allocated was more than enough to complete everything and she still delivered well! So, if you’re working with her, make sure to double check before she begins just in case and all will be good 😉

Side view of bridal makeup and back view of mermaid hairdo

Shot by Depth of Tales

Just take a look at the makeup and hair during the shoot! Love it! So obsessed with this hairdo that I’m considering to do it for my actual day (AD) as well 😂

Second Pre-wedding Bridal Look

Ladyy Claire Makeup touching up bride makeup

We were about 30 minutes late heading back to our 2nd venue (KēSa House). Claire had to leave by then but she stayed on to finish the job 😭

During the style change, she mentioned that the makeup stayed on very well so she only needed to do minimal touch ups and minor tweaks to the look! 

Back and side view of half updo with braids by Claire

My 2nd hairdo was a half updo so it was quite a quick transition from the previous mermaid hairdo. The entire style change took about 30 minutes thanks to Claire’s efficiency and skill!

Overall Review: My Experience With Ladyy Claire Makeup 


Nice to chat with
Makeup and hairdo lasted throughout shoot
Confident and knowledgeable
Great taste

I really loved both looks that Claire did for me, especially the mermaid hairdo! During the entire process, she was very meticulous, confident and knowledgeable. She’s great at providing advice to brides who are clueless about hair and makeup. Plus, she has great taste so you can leave it to her to make styling decisions!

Do note that Claire can be a bit aggressive (😂) when patting eye makeup. But if you do experience any discomfort, just let her know and she’ll adjust accordingly! 

Claire specialises in doing Korean makeup, which requires toning and neutralising of the skin to brighten it. Thus, if you’re a tanned skinned bride who prefers contouring makeup, do request for it accordingly!

Another thing to note is that we were expected to give her an exact time for the 1st look and style change for our AD, when it’s more than 1 year away. (Understandable since she’s booked rather quickly!) Thus, I’d advise brides to engage her when you’re ready and have a rough picture of your AD. Also, book her early especially for hot dates!

For brides who need an extra makeup artist, she recently hired an associate, Jerlyn, who has more affordable rates ☺️

6 years of makeup experiencePrices are on the higher end
Suitable for clients with extremely sensitive skinNeed to book early for hot dates
Specialise in Korean makeup
Associate makeup artist available

Getting Your Bridal Makeup and Hair Done by Ladyy Claire Makeup

Ladyy Claire Makeup doing hair for bride

If you’re into natural Korean bridal makeup and hair, Ladyy Claire Makeup is the one to go for! Claire is knowledgeable, reliable and confident 😊 

Her team even produces makeup-related content on their blog to help brides-to-be! Topics include ideas for hair colour, hairstyles and makeup looks. 

By the way, I engaged Claire for my AD too so I’ll be updating this review with my AD looks once the day comes. Stay tuned! 😉

Phone: 9029 1223

Promo code: Quote “LCMXBUMBLE5” for 5% off all packages!
• Book by 1 November 2021, only valid for 2021 bookings
Pre-weddingFrom $300 per look
Actual dayFrom $500 per look
Groom styling
(basic makeup and brow trimming)
Mothers, sisters and bridesmaids$170 (1 pax)
$450 (3 pax)
Transportation fee$30 per trip (location of your choice)
$50 per trip (Sentosa and off-island)
Early morning surcharge$50 per hour (before 7am)

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