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40 Top Home Bakers in Singapore to Get Your Sweet Tooth Satisfied

Looking for some sweet treats to satisfy your sugar cravings? 

Keep reading to check out this list of our favourite home bakers in Singapore. From fudgy brownies to exquisite French-inspired tarts, there’s definitely something for you.

Editor’s Choice

Most Unique Flavours:
Frosted by Fang
Most IG-Worthy Desserts:
KY Patisserie
Most Popular Home Baker:
The Wall Flour
Most Unique Flavours - Frosted by Fang
Most IG-Worthy Desserts - KY Patisserie
Most Popular Home Baker - The Wall Flour
 Lava cookies, loaf cakes, crumble bars, muffins
 Tarts, Choux au Craquelin
 Mini tarts, cakes
The bakes found at Frosted by Fang come in a range of flavour combinations like spiced zucchini and grapefruit and lychee yoghurt.

These are flavours you can’t find elsewhere, making them unique to this home bakery.
KY Patisserie makes a variety of deliciously gorgeous pastries that look as if they came straight out of a professional photoshoot.

Additionally, they also contain premium ingredients to elevate their flavours, making them an absolute treat.
With over 14K followers on Instagram, The Wall Flour is one of the most popular home bakers on our list.

This home bakery is committed to ensuring the quality of their bakes, making this a well-deserved award.


Basque burnt cheesecake by c8kshop

C8K SHOP is a relatively new home-based bakery that specialises in creating decadent Basque burnt cheesecakes with a delicious caramelised top.

Their 6-inch cheesecakes weigh a hefty 650g and feature a melty centre that melts in your mouth.

 Self-collection: Toh Guan Road
 Delivery fee: $9 per location (islandwide)
  How to order: Submit an order via their order form

2. Bakery Soleil

Bakery Soleil cookie bombs

Bakery Soleil offers a range of baked goodies like sourdough bread, brownies, cookies, and cakes. They also offer seasonal treats like mooncakes that come in unconventional flavours like royal milk tea and red bean chocolate.

 Self-collection: Serangoon
 Delivery fee: $5 per location (islandwide), free delivery for orders over $50
  How to order: DM via Instagram


Praline SG - Tarts makes Instagram-friendly artisan tarts that are too pretty to eat. These delicate sweet treats come in buttery, crispy shells that contain a range of uniquely-flavoured fillings like Thai green milk tea and strawberry.

 Delivery fee: $7 (Canberra/Yishun), $9 (islandwide except Changi, Tuas, and Sentosa)
  How to order: Submit an order via their order form (released before a bake sale)

4. Amy’s Maddies

Madeleines by Amy Maddies

Amy’s Maddies is a Muslim-owned home-based bakery that specialises in madeleines. Their madeleines come in bite-sized portions and are the perfect tea-time snack that’s worth every calorie.

 Self-collection: Bukit Batok
 Delivery fee: $5 per location (islandwide), free delivery for orders over $50
  How to order: Submit an order via their order form

5. Crémeux Pâtisserie

Crémeux Pâtisserie tarts

Crémeux Pâtisserie focuses on creating drool-worthy tarts that come in exquisite flavours like lemon rosemary chocolate and earl grey.

Each component of their tarts is handmade with love and carefully put together to create a light and delicious dessert.

 Self-collection: Bedok South
 Delivery fee: $10 per location (islandwide)
  How to order: DM via Instagram

6. Y.ummybitz

Nutella tarts by Yummy Bitz

 Muslim-owned, Halal ingredients

Y.ummyBitz is a humble online bakery that offers a selection of Halal desserts. They carry sweet treats like no-bake Biscoff cheesecakes and tapak kuda – a horseshoe-shaped cake.

One of their most popular products is their Nutella tarts and it’s hard to see why not. These mini tarts feature a buttery pastry topped with an irresistible Nutella topping that makes them addictively good.

 Self-collection: Tampines West
 Delivery fee: $7.50 per location (islandwide)
  How to order: DM via Instagram

7. Cookiegowhere

Cookies Go Where - Sugar Cookies

This home-based bakery creates stunning sugar cookies beautifully decorated with royal icing. The designs of the cookies can be customised, making them the perfect gift for a special someone.

Apart from sugar cookies, they also offer crispy oatmeal and coffee swirl cookies that pair perfectly with a cup of tea.

 Delivery fee: $5 (Jurong West), $10 per location (islandwide)
  How to order: DM via Instagram

8. Therese Pastry

Rainbow cupcakes from Therese Pastry

Therese is an award-winning home baker who designs and creates beautiful cakes according to her customer’s wishes.

Apart from that, she also makes delectable Hong Kong pastries with a twist. Her best-selling homemade egg tarts are creatively encased with warm cookie crusts.

  How to order: Order via their website, inquire via their contact form or WhatsApp them at +65 9858 8183

9. gratus

vegan cupcakes from gratus

gratus was opened by NUS graduate Levine Thio who sought to share her love for vegan food and passion for sustainability. They have a variety of all-vegan home bakes including tarts, cakes and more!

 Self-collection: Tan Kah Kee MRT
 Delivery fee: $10 (islandwide), $15 (Sentosa, Central Business District and Changi Airport)
 How to order: Order via their contact form

10. thevanbakes

Buttercream cake with bunny fondant cake topper

thevanbakes specialises in creating customised buttercream cakes. If you’re looking for something other than cake, they also offer dessert boxes that come with an array of baked goods like muffins, tartlets, and brownies.

 Self-collection: Tampines
 Delivery fee: $8 (certain areas in the East), $10 per location (islandwide)
  How to order: DM via Instagram

11. Kneaded by Han

Kneaded by Han pastries

Kneaded by Han bakes a range of desserts like cream puffs, brownies, tarts and loaf cakes.

Their speciality includes the Orh Nee Mont Blanc. This dessert is their take on the traditional Mont Blanc, featuring decadent pumpkin custard, salted egg buttercream, and homemade yam paste.

  How to order: DM via Instagram

12. Burnt Co. Bakery

Basque burnt cheesecake by Burnt Co Bakery

BurntCo. Bakery offers Basque burnt cheesecakes that come in a variety of decadent flavours like dark chocolate and speculoos.

They’ve recently launched a flavour – matcha white chocolate. Made using premium matcha powder, the matcha perfectly complements the tanginess of the cream cheese, making it one of the better cheesecakes that we’ve tried.

 Self-collection: Bishan
 Delivery fee: $10 per location (islandwide)
  How to order: Submit an order via their order form

13. Take a Slice Home

Brownies by Take a Slice Home

Here at Take a Slice Home, you can find cakes that come in delectable flavours like chocolate, pandan, and honey. If you’re looking for something to celebrate a special occasion, they also offer the option to customise your cakes.

You can also find sweet treats like brownies and cookies here. Some of their best selling items include their dark chocolate fudge brownies.

  How to order: DM via Instagram

14. Mon Chéri by Girika

Pastry by Mon Chéri by Girika

This online patisserie offers artisanal French pastries like tarts and macarons that look as good as they taste. 

For a chance to try out their desserts, keep a lookout on their Instagram page to stay updated with their bake sale announcements.

  How to order: Order via their website

15. Kc.akes

KC.akes - Brownie Box

Kc.akes was started by the founder after she graduated from pastry school to share her love for baking. This home bakery offers a variety of desserts including brookies, tarts, and customised cakes.

If you’re looking for something to satisfy your sweet tooth, we recommend going for their brownies. These moist, fudgy squares are full of chocolatey goodness and will leave you craving for more.

 Delivery fee: From $5
  How to order: Order via their website

16. Bakerkuhleh

Bakerkuhleh danish

Bakerkuhleh was started by home baker Clarrise. She bakes a range of delectable sweet treats like tarts, cakes and cream puffs.

Some of the crowd favourites include her earl grey loaf cakes. The hint of the earl grey cuts through the richness of the butter, elevating the flavours of the entire cake.

 Self-collection: Hillview
 Delivery fee: $10 per location, islandwide
  How to order: DM via Instagram

17. Cassia Canelés

Caneles by Cassia Canelés

As its name suggests, Cassia Canelés focuses on baking canelés. These dainty pastries feature a soft, tender custard-like centre, perfectly caramelised crust, and come in popular flavours like red velvet and hojicha.

If canelés aren’t your thing, they also offer financiers – light and moist French almond cakes that make the perfect afternoon snack.

 Self-collection: Bukit Timah
 Delivery fee: $7 – $20 depending on your location
  How to order: Order via the Pickupp mobile app

18. Mon Cerise Patisserie

Tarts by Mon Cerise Patisserie

Mon Cerise Patisserie was started by Cherry, a graduate of the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu (London). This online pastry shop offers French-inspired desserts that are made using premium ingredients.

The stars of their menu include the White Princess, a mousse cake filled with tangy apple compote and the Strawberry Charlotte cake.

 Delivery fee: $10 – $20 depending on your location, free delivery for orders above $100
  How to order: Order via their website

19. A Bite of Joy

A Bite Of Joy pastries

A Bite of Joy offers a wide range of desserts such as brookies, brownies, and cakes. What stands out at this home-based bakery is that their dessert boxes are made up of 4 types of baked treats. 

These boxes contain desserts like mouth-watering madeleines and mini bundt cakes that are absolutely delicious.

 Self-collection: Punggol
 Delivery fee: $8 – $10 depending on your location
  How to order: Submit an order via their order form (released before a bake sale)

20. Prisbakes

Pris Bakes - Dessert Box

After she graduated from NUS, Priscilla – the home baker behind Prisbakes, decided to pursue her passion for pastry fulltime by attending culinary school.

She makes a variety of French-inspired pastries and custom cakes. Some of her most popular desserts include tarts that come in 11 different flavours like yuzu ginger and peanut butter dark chocolate.

 Delivery fee: $10 per location (islandwide expect for Tuas and Sentosa)
  How to order: DM via Instagram

21. Amrita’s Artisan Bakeology

berry burnt cheesecake form Amrita's Artisan Bakelogy

Amrita’s immense passion for baking led her to leave her day job and open Amrita’s Artisan Bakeology! She now spends her days creating gorgeous burnt cheesecakes from scratch. 

You can choose between different variations, including her stunning Berried Burnt Cheesecake.

 Self-collection: Joo Seng Road (by appointment)
 Delivery fee: $15+ per location (islandwide)
  How to order: Order via their website or WhatsApp +65 9061 0064

22. The Cocoa Spatula

Brownies by The Cocoa Spatula

The Cocoa Spatula is a home bakery that offers chocolatey brownies available in a range of flavours like raspberry cheesecake brûlée and hojicha.

If you’re interested in trying out more of their items, get their limited edition dessert boxes. These boxes contain pastries like their signature brownies and mini chocolate tarts, making them the ultimate indulgence.

 Delivery fee: $10 per location (islandwide except Tuas, Jurong Island, and Sentosa)
  How to order: Order via their website

23. White’s Bakery

Fat macarons by white's bakery

White’s Bakery is one of the fewer home bakeries that sell Korean-inspired fat macarons. These cookies are stuffed to the brim with filings that come in flavours like Thai milk tea and salted caramel.

They also specialise in making Basque burnt cheesecakes with soft, gooey interiors and perfectly caramelised tops.

  How to order: DM via Instagram

24. KY Patisserie

Tarts by KY Patisserie

KY Patisserie is helmed by Wesley, a graduate of the internationally-renowned Le Cordon Bleu (Paris). He makes intricate French-inspired desserts like tarts and Choux au Craquelins (choux pastry topped with a cookie-like crust).

The slots for his bake sales get snapped up within minutes, which is a true testament to how popular his desserts are.

 Delivery fee: $10 per location (islandwide)
  How to order: Submit an order via their order form (released before a bake sale)

25. Sweedy Patisserie

Sweedy Patisserie - Fat Macarons and Durian Cake

Sweedy Patisserie offers fat macarons available in local flavours like kaya pandan and milo dinosaur.

Durian lovers will be excited to know that they also offer Mao Shan Wang (MSW) mousse cakes. These delicious cakes are packed with pure durian pulp that are sandwiched between layers of soft, fluffy sponge cake.

 Delivery fee: Free delivery (MSW cakes), $10 per location (fat macarons)
  How to order: DM via Instagram or WhatsApp +65 9436 8160 to order

26. Made by Min

Fresh cream cake by Made by Min

Made by Min focuses on creating Korean-inspired and Taiwan celebration cakes. Their bakes feature fluffy tea-infused sponge layers encased in a delightful fresh cream frosting.

Additionally, their cakes are free from any artificial preservatives and flavourings to allow the natural flavours of the ingredients to shine.

 Self-collection: Hillview
 Delivery fee: $20 per location (islandwide), free delivery for orders above $150
  How to order: DM via Instagram or email

27. Egg Sugar Butter

strawberry shortcake from egg sugar butter

Egg Sugar Butter is a home-based patisserie that marries Japanese baking with French pastry techniques.

They are especially known for their adorable chantilly fresh cream cakes, which are light in texture and extremely pleasing to look at.

 Self-collection: Bukit Panjang
 Delivery fee: $20 per delivery location
  How to order: Order via their website

28. Lookie Cookie

Cookies from Lookie Cookie

Lookie Cookie is known for their famed sea salt and chocolate cookies. These cookies contain premium Valrhona chocolates and are sprinkled with sea salt to enhance the richness of the chocolate.

For an indulgent treat, go for their stuffed variants that come with a gooey middle of matcha, peanut butter, speculoos or nutella.

 Self-collection: East Coast
 Delivery fee: $12 per location (islandwide)
  How to order: Order via their website

29. Ghurabakes

Ghurabakes - Vanilla Creme Brulee

 Muslim-owned, Halal ingredients

Ghurabakes has nailed the crème brûlée. Their version of this classic dessert features a luscious custard topped with a perfectly torched sugar layer. 

If you’re making an order, give their strawberry crème brûlée a go. The addition of the fruit gives the dessert an extra oomph and the perfect amount of acidity to counter its richness. They also feature other crème brûlée flavours such as MSW, earl grey and cempedak.

  How to order: Submit an order via their order form (released before a bake sale)

30. Frosted By Fang

Frosted by Fang - Mixed Dessert Box

Frosted by Fang offers an extensive selection of desserts, ranging from layered cakes, lava cookies, and everything in between.

To allow customers to sample a wider variety of their items, baker Sufang sells mixed dessert boxes containing goodies like loaf cakes, crumble bars and muffins. 

 Self-collection: Serangoon
 Delivery fee: $10 per location (islandwide)
  How to order: DM via Instagram

31. Mema Bakery

Mema Bakery - MSW Cake

Mema Bakery was started in 2016. Their bakes are handmade with love and contain ingredients that are of the highest quality.

They also offer a series of MSW durian cakes. Made using 100% MSW flesh, it’s not surprising that these cakes are some of the most popular items here. 

In January, Mema Bakery’s MSW mousse cake was featured on an episode of Food King and was dubbed as one of the best cakes they’ve ever eaten! 

 Delivery fee: $10 – $30 depending on your location
  How to order: Order via website or WhatsApp them at +65 9117 9988

32. Choux by S.A

Choux by S.A - Choux Pastries

 Muslim-owned, Halal ingredients

Over at Choux by S.A, you can find a variety of stunning Choux au Craquelins packed with fillings like passionfruit and lime cream.

Their signature chouquettes are also something you should look out for. These choux pastries are topped with pearl sugar for added texture and chock full of flavour.

 Self-collection: West region
 Delivery fee: $10 per location (islandwide)
  How to order: Submit an order via their order form (released before a bake sale)

33. Wunderfolks Tarts

Wunderfolk Tart - Mixed Tarts Box

Wunderfolks was started by 2 young bakers to bring joy to their customers through their baking. They bake a selection of artisan tarts like their lemon meringue and Valrhona dark chocolate tarts.

These tarts are made using premium ingredients and freshly assembled before delivery to ensure maximum freshness.

 Self-collection: Tampines
 Delivery fee: $8 (islandwide, weekday orders), $10 (islandwide, weekend orders)
  How to order: DM via Instagram or WhatsApp them at +65 9617 9235

34. Two Bake Boys

Thai milk tea crepe cake from Two Bake Boys

Two Bake Boys brings Bangkok to you with their signature Thai Milk Tea Crepe Cake. The home bakery was founded by Kitty, a mother of two.

The aesthetic crepe cake consists of 18 to 20 layers of sauce that’s freshly made every day. On top of Thai milk tea flavour, they have taro, chocolate, tiramisu, Thai rose tea and Thai green tea flavours as well. 

 Self-collection: 32 Jalan Manis (2pm – 6pm)
 Delivery fee: $10 (delivery time between 2pm – 6pm), $18 (express delivery at requested time)
  How to order: Order via their website

35. Doughter Bakery

Cookie by Doughter Bakery

Doughter Bakery started by selling their unique mochi cakes that feature crunchy exteriors and soft, fluffy insides. They have since expanded their menu to include items like mochi donuts and recently launched their latest dessert – giant Nutella stuffed cookies.

 Self-collection: Telok Kurau
 Delivery fee: $10 per location (islandwide)
  How to order: DM via Instagram

36. Sourbombe Artisanal Bakery

Sourdough Bombolini by Sourbome Bakery

Sourbome Bakery is the brainchild of Genevieve Lee, the runner-up Masterchef Singapore (2018). She sells sourdough Bombolonis – Italian filled donuts that are irresistibly light and delicious.

Available in boxes of 3, 6, or 9, these yeasted circles come in unique fillings like Basque burnt cheesecake and Thai tea and mango.

 Self-collection: Toa Payoh
 Delivery fee: $10 per location (islandwide)
  How to order: Order via their website

37. Gaily Bakes

Mochi Brownies by Gaily Bakes

Gaily Bakes was born out of the owner’s passion for baking in 2017. The baker, Michelle bakes a range of mochi-based desserts like brownies, muffins, donuts and madeleines that are made upon order.

You may want to join their Telegram channel to get first dibs on any extra mochi boxes.

 Delivery fee: $8 per location (islandwide)
  How to order: Order via their website

38. She Sells Seashells

Dessert box by She Sells Seashells

She Sells Seashells offers a range of handcrafted French-inspired desserts such as madeleines, financiers, and cookies. These exquisite bakes are made using quality ingredients and typically snapped within minutes of release.

 Self-collection: Senja
 Delivery fee: $10 per location (islandwide)
  How to order: Submit an order via their order form (released before a bake sale)

39. Tiky Mochi Muffin

Mochi muffins by Tiky Mochi Muffin

 Muslim-owned, Halal ingredients

Tiky Mochin Muffin sells a variety of mochi muffins that come in varieties like chocolate chip and matcha. Apart from the basic flavours, the bakery releases limited-edition flavours that are only available during the month.

 Self-collection: Upper East Coast
 Delivery fee: $5 per location (islandwide)
  How to order: Submit order via their order form (released before a bake sale)

40. The Wall Flour 

The Wall Flour mini tarts

 Muslim-owned, Halal ingredients, WSQ Basic Food Hygiene certified

This Instagram-based bakery sells tarts that come in a variety of unique fillings like raspberry ripple cheesecake and apple crumble. Apart from tarts, they also offer custom cakes that are suitable for any celebratory occasion.

Do note that their tart bakesale slots are usually taken up within 2 minutes. Turn on your Instagram story notifications to get notified when they have extra boxes for sale!

 Delivery Fee: $10 per location (Pasir Ris/Tampines/Simei), $15 per location (islandwide)
  How to order: Submit an order via their order form (released before a bake sale)

Bonus: Home Bakers of Singapore

Home Bakers of Singapore Website

Home Bakers of Singapore is an online directory that features over 400 home bakers in Singapore. 

The listings can be filtered according to their locations and the type of baked goods they sell. This makes it easy for you to sort through the various listings and find the perfect home baker to satisfy your cravings.

Have other home bakers you’d like to see featured? Contact us at!

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