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30 Must-follow Food Blogs in Singapore for Honest and Reliable Food Reviews

While Singapore is known as a haven for foodies, finding reliable recommendations on where to eat can be tough.

In this article, we feature 30 lesser known and popular food blogs in Singapore that cover everything from dining at an upscale restaurant to hawker centres.

So, if you’re on the prowl for your next lunch or dinner spot, look no further and read on for more!

Editor’s Choice

Best Overall Food Blog: Daniel Food Diary
Most Convenient Food Recommendations:
SG Food on Foot
Most IG-Worthy Photos:
Crystal Wee
Best Overall Food Blog Award - DFDMost Convenient Food Recommendations - SG Food on Foot
Daniel Food Diary’s blog posts are meticulously categorised according to the type of cuisine featured, making the site easy to browse and one of our favourite food blogs.SG Food on Foot adopts a unique approach when featuring places to eat. He mostly talks about locations found near MRT stations, making them easily accessible for most of us.Crystal Wee’s photos are to die for. Apart from the stunning images, we also love her blog for her posts, where she writes about the food she eats and places visited candidly.
 Comprehensive articles
 Covers a wide variety of cuisines
 Easy to navigate
 Well taken photos
 Features only locations that are near MRT stations
 Places featured are easy to access
 Insta-worthy photos of the food and location
 Detailed blog posts

Nano Food Bloggers in Singapore (1K – 10K Instagram Followers)

1. Chubby Botak Koala (1.1K followers)

Buffet spread by chubby botak koala

Chubby Botak Koala is managed by a couple who created the blog out of their love for food. Through their posts, this foodie couple hopes to share with their readers places that they deem are worthy of visiting.

2. U Make Me Hungry (1.1K followers)

Noodle dish by u make me hungry

U Make Me Hungry aims to feature delicacies found in Singapore. The blog focuses on publishing honest reviews on the places that the author visited. Occasionally, he also posts about his overseas travels and attempts at baking.

3. Ivan Teh – RunningMan (1.5K followers)

Sushi rolls taken by Ivan Teh

This food blog is run by hobbyist food blogger Ivan Tey who writes about his experiences in Singapore. 

While some of his posts are sponsored, he promises to only publish honest and objective opinions about the places he has dined at.

4. The Ordinary Patrons (1.4K followers)

Pasta dishes by the ordinary patrons

The Ordinary Patrons focuses on featuring places to eat in Singapore, primarily restaurants and cafes.

The posts here document the reviewers’ experience at various dining establishments. Apart from the food, the blog also talks about other aspects of the dining experience like the atmosphere of the place and quality of the service.

5. Alexis Cheong (2.2K followers)

Dim sum by Alexis Cheong

Alexis Cheong is a food and lifestyle blogger that talks about her daily life and visits to the various food establishments. On her blog, you can find a range of food reviews on the trendiest restaurants and cafes in Singapore.

6. Ms Skinny Fat (6.4K followers)

Roasted pork and char siu by ms skinnyfat

Ms Skinny Fat is managed by Cheryl, who shares her thoughts on her dining experiences through her blog posts.

She promises to give the most truthful reviews, helping you to avoid wasting your calories and hard-earned cash on mediocre food.

7. Camemberu (7.2K followers)

Seafood spread taken by camemberu

Camemberu is owned by Catherine Ling, a popular local foodie that’s had her articles featured on websites like CNN Travel and Makanustra.

The posts on her blog are sorted based on their dining types, making it easy for you to navigate the site and look for recommendations.

8. I Eat and Eat (7.4K followers)

Bak Ku Teh by I eat and eat

The brain behind I Eat and Eat is a 4-man team consisting of members from the Chua family. The blog was born out of their love and passion for eating, and they aim to share hidden food gems with their readers.

9. The 6 and 7 (8.8K followers)

Spread of food by the6and7

The 6 and 7 is managed by Jasper, a passionate food blogger that features restaurant reviews and the current food promotions on his blog.

While the blog hasn’t been updated in a while, Jasper has been keeping up to date with locally trending foods and publishing his reviews on his Instagram account.

Micro Food Bloggers in Singapore (10K – 50K Instagram  Followers)

10. Johor Kaki (11.9K followers)

Mee Siam by Johor Kaki

Despite its name, Johor Kaki is a food blog that centres around featuring Singaporean eats. If you’re searching for ideas on where to have your next meal, this is the blog for you! 

Tony, the author of the site, regularly publishes no-frills reviews on some of the best places for you to indulge in local cuisine.

11. Jiaksimipng (13.7K followers)

Baked pasta by jiaksimipng

Jiaksimipng (directly translated as “eat what rice”) is a food blog by XW. He describes the blog as a way to document his “epic food journey” around the island. 

He makes sure that his visits to the various establishments remain anonymous, ensuring that he receives unbiased treatment. The result of this is a series of genuine food reviews that you can trust.

12. Nahmj (16.2K followers)

Char Siu by nahmj

NAHMJ was founded by Michelle Nah in 2014. Together with her team of writers, Michelle covers a range of topics including food, lifestyle, travel, and beauty. 

Her food-related posts are categorised according to the type of cuisine, making it easy for her readers to access them.

13. Eat and Travel With Us (18.4K followers)

English breakfast platter by eat and travel with us

As the author and founder of Eat and Travel With Us, Evan ensures that he writes objective reviews on the places he visits. 

Like Jiaksimipng (#11), his visits to the food establishments are anonymous. This ensures that he receives fair treatment and allows him to craft honest reviews that are bias-free.

14. GNineThree (19.3K followers)

Basque cheesecake by gninethree

GNineThree was set up by the sister duo Char and Crystal in 2013. The blog was originally started as a means for the sisters to keep up with the new restaurants and cafes that were opening then.

These days, the sisters post about their food adventures on a shared Instagram account, featuring mouth-watering pictures of the things they eat.

15. Alainlicious (21.2K followers)

Roasted chicken noodles by alainlicious

Alainlicious is no stranger to the food blogging scene; the site was set up by Alain in 2012 to share his love for food with his followers. 

For more of his regular foodie updates, refer to his Instagram page where he posts about the hottest food trends and suggestions on where to eat.

16. KeropokMan (21.5K followers)

Roasted duck

KeropokMan was started by Phillip Lim to document what he eats. The blog soon evolved into a full-fledged food blog, covering the latest eats and food-related news in town.

Since the birth of his child in 2015, Phillip has stopped blogging and begun sharing his foodie adventures on his Instagram account. So, head over to his Instagram if you want to discover some new places to eat!

17. Food Gem (23.2K followers)

Matcha shaved ice by food gem

Food Gem is a blog by food enthusiast Rachel Chua. She firmly believes in sharing only the tastiest food recommendations that are worth your calories. With this in mind, you can rest assured knowing that suggestions on her blog are nothing but the best.

18. PinkyPiggu (23.5K followers)

Popiah by PinkyPiggu

On the PinkyPiggu blog, Nicole – the author of the site, shares her honest opinions on the places that she’s visited. Apart from talking about the venues, her blog posts also contain useful info like the prices of the various dishes featured.

Follow her on her Instagram account to keep yourself updated with what she’s up to and find new food places to visit!

19. Crystal Wee (37.4K followers)

Acai bowl taken by Crystal Wee

Crystal Wee has been a food blogger since 2011. Her website is a marriage between her love for photography and food; it showcases beautifully taken pictures of food and her objective opinions on the places she’s been to.

20. The Ranting Panda (37.4K followers)

Bread and pastries by the ranting panda

The Ranting Panda features what’s buzzing in Singapore. They talk about the latest food, lifestyle, and travel trends in town, including reviews of restaurants and hotels.

If you’re looking for somewhere new to visit, head over to their “tRP Trending Reviews” section located at the side of the blog. Here, you can gain access to some of the most recent and popular posts on the site and gain some inspiration for your next meal!

21. Rubbish Eat Rubbish Grow (38K followers)

Chilli crab by rubbish eat rubbish grow

The first thing that stood out to me about Rubbish Eat Rubbish Grow was its unique name since we don’t usually associate food with rubbish. 

Turns out, the name of the blog is a literal translation of the Hokkien phrase “laip sab chiak, laip sab tua”. 

This phrase is used to represent the blog’s attitude towards food – that they’ll eat everything and anything! This is why you can find a wide variety of articles covering restaurants and stores serving cuisines of all kinds. 

22. Mighty Foodie (38.2K followers)

Chicken curry thigh by mighty foodie

Like some of the bloggers on the list, Joe from the Mighty Foodie is no longer updating his site. However, he remains active on his Instagram page where he features a variety of tantalising dishes from local delights to restaurant favourites.

23. SG Food on Foot (56.9K followers)

Chinese seafood dish with prawns by sg food on foot

As its name suggests, SG Food on Foot blogs about places to eat that are walkable from MRT stations. This brings about a ton of convenience, allowing you to easily explore the places listed in his posts.

Another great thing that you’d love about this blog is that each post is neatly categorised according to MRT stations. Check out this blog now if you don’t have a car and would like to explore new places to dine!

Mid-tier Food Bloggers in Singapore (50K – 500K Instagram Followers)

24. The Halal Food Blog (72.6K followers)

Plate of curry puffs by the halal food blog

The Halal Food Blog was started in 2012 by Adam and Maryah. It features some of the must-visit Halal food places in Singapore, making it perfect for our Muslim friends.

25. Singapore Foodie (84.1K followers)

Kaya toast by Singapore Foodie

Singapore Foodie is a site that aims to share some of the best eats you can enjoy locally. On the blog, you can also find a bunch of articles on food deals and things to do in Singapore.

26. Seth Lui (117K followers)

Noodles by seth lui

Seth Lui is one of Singapore’s leading food blogs. It’s made up of a team of committed writers who cover the latest food joints and food-related news. 

A unique thing about their articles is that they tag them according to the affordability of the food. This makes them perfect for the budget conscious.

27. ieatishootipost (136K followers)

Fried chicken wings by ieatishootipost

Dr Leslie Lim from ieatishootipost mostly features hawker places in Singapore. Unlike most food bloggers, his articles also detail the origins behind the shop and the ingredients used in each dish.

If you’re looking for something to eat, head over to his food directory where he sorts his articles according to the types of food they feature. Thanks to his hard work, you can now discover new places to eat easily and conveniently!

28. Miss Tam Chiak (157K followers)

Dry Hokkien Mee by Miss Tam Chiak

Miss Tam Chiak was started in 2007 and is owned by Maureen Ow – a former journalist at Singapore Press Holdings. 

In her blog, she features local Singaporean food joints and covers the latest news such as restaurant promotions, new openings, and more.

29. Daniel Food Diary (243K followers)

Jjajjangmyeon by DFD

Established in 2011, Daniel Food Diary is one of the pioneer bloggers in Singapore’s food blogging scene. The blog’s managed by Daniel Ang, who works together with a team of writers, to create comprehensive food listicles containing honest reviews of each place. 

To ensure the authenticity of his reviews, he visits each restaurant or shop personally to taste the food – something that he says a dwindling number of food bloggers do these days.

He covers a wide range of cuisines including Korean, Italian, Spanish, Mexican and even exotic cuisines like Turkish and Mediterranean!

Macro Food Bloggers in Singapore (500K – 1M Instagram Followers)

30. LadyIronChef (597K followers)

Chng Tng by LadyIronChef

LadyIronChef was started by Brad Lau in 2007. With over 597K followers on Instagram, he’s one of Singapore’s most popular food bloggers.

On the blog, readers can expect to find recommendations on some of the best places to eat in Singapore. Aside from food, the blog has also expanded its coverage to feature articles related to lifestyle and travel.

Food Blogs in Singapore With The Best Recommendations

Have a favourite food blogger that we missed out? Contact us at to let us know!

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