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Depth of Tales Review: Dreamy Formal and Casual Pre-wedding Photoshoot in Singapore

Depth of Tales’s founder, Matthew Lim, started out as a graphic designer in 2014. He was first exposed to photography when he took up a wedding project for his friends and he was sold ever since. 

Now, he runs Depth of Tales full time by leveraging on his artistic side and his mission to capture the joy in a couple’s moments. His clients know him as an earnest, friendly, professional and amazing wedding photographer

3 years of experience
Dreamy, brightly filtered photography
Skilled at making Singapore locations look like overseas
All good photos returned for PWS and AD

Disclaimer: The pre-wedding photography by Depth of Tales was not sponsored. I paid for Matthew’s services from my own pocket and all opinions are my own.

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Read on as I share about my experience with photographer Depth of Tales (Matthew)! Final edited images included 😉

Communication Prior To Pre-wedding Photoshoot

Fast replies
Can click easily
Short meetup before shoot to get to know one another

I came across Matthew’s Instagram account via an influencer back in February 2021 when I just started wedding planning. And I was immediately drawn to his bright and dreamy filters! 

I booked him shortly after as he had a package with popular makeup artist Ladyy Claire Makeup and bridal florist Wild Matters 😍  After confirmation, Matthew created a Whatsapp group chat for 5 of us and we set our pre-wedding shoot (PWS) date as 19 July.

Before the PWS, my fiancé and I met Matthew for a casual chat to get to know one another. He learned about our preferences for the PWS — the kinds of locations we prefer and the vibe we like. He also answered all the questions we had!

Nearing the date, we communicated via WhatsApp to confirm the shoot locations and plan. Matthew provided clear instructions on where to meet, the distance between locations and whether a car rental was needed.

Experience During Pre-wedding Shoot

Wedding photographer shooting couple at Marina Pier
Had a lot of fun
Felt comfortable during the shoot
Matthew had a lot of ideas for poses

During the shoot, Matthew provided clear instructions on how to pose and it seemed like he had a ton of ideas up his sleeve! We had a lot of fun shooting with him and even had nice chats on the walks and car rides in between.

After the shoot, I was so excited to receive our edited photos!

Final Edited Images After The Shoot

2.5 months later, Matthew sent us the final edited images in Google Drive! We were so shocked to see that there were almost 200 photos in the folder 😱

Sharing some of my favourite shots with you guys! We went to 3 locations in total 🙂 

Location 1: Pier near Marina Barrage 

Not sure about you, but I haven’t seen many people take their PWS here (well, except for Depth of Tales’s clients) so I was really excited for this!

Wedding couple at Marina Barrage Pier

Gown by WeddingCrafters

Thankfully the weather was really good that day, the sun was shining beamingly! It made our photos look SO good as the natural lighting was perfect. 

I love how the element of water added some calm and serenity to our vibrant photos. The photo on the left is my favourite of the lot and I’m quite sure we’ll be printing that in the largest canvas size! 😂

Backview of wedding couple at Marina Barrage Pier

Really love how peaceful and blissful we look here, with the sun shining through. Ah, so nice :”) From the many photos that Matthew sent us, we saved about 50 shots just from the pier itself!

Location 2: Bougainvillea field near Marina Barrage

Bride at Marina Mall Road bougainvillea flower field

This lovely flower field was discovered by Matthew himself! We wanted to squeeze in some shots here since it’s only a short 2 minutes drive from the pier ☺️ 

Love how my makeup and hair by Ladyy Claire complements the backdrop! 

Wedding couple at Marina bougainvillea flower field

This location is breathtaking and doesn’t even look like Singapore in photos! But just a note that the number of flower pots there will vary so it depends on your luck. 

The more pots there are, the more it’ll look like a flower field (cuz the pots can’t be seen)! As you can see, for our photos, the pots can be seen as there weren’t many around. But the overall effect is still dreamy! Glad that we made this extra stop ☺️

Like this location? Check out our photo shoot locations article to find out where it is!

Location 3: KēSa House (Premier Room)

Couple snuggling at home

For the casual segment of the shoot, we wanted to emulate a homey and cosy vibe as our home isn’t ready yet! (Any future BTO owners feel me? 😩)  So, we booked KēSa House, a contemporary boutique hotel that reopened in March! 

We really liked the interior of the Premier Room and thought that there were many angles to shoot at.

Couple smiling under blanket

Matthew successfully captured the vibe that we were going for, and it really felt like we were cosying up in our own home! 

We had a lot of fun shooting at all 3 locations, and now we have soooo many nice photos to look back on 😭  Can’t wait to share them with our guests on our actual day (AD)!

Overall Review: My Experience With Depth of Tales (Matthew)


Easy to click and communicate with
Great location suggestions based on our preferences
Many ideas for poses
180 good photos taken in 3 hours*
Edited photos delivered in 10 weeks

Overall, it was a really positive experience with Depth of Tales, even before the actual shoot itself. When we met before the shoot, we already knew that we could click well! 

During the shoot, we could see Matthew’s passion and dedication to get the best shots. In fact, he has never been to KēSa House and yet he was able to come up with so many poses and angles just within that small space. 

He even told us that he had never tried some of the poses before and they ended up looking like Korean drama scenes 😂

Our edited photos were sent to us in 10 weeks+. The moment we saw 180+ photos in the Drive, we were so shocked and excited when we managed to save 90+ of our favourite shots! 😍

*For a 3 hours shoot, the estimated number of edited photos provided by Depth of Tales is a minimum of 115.

Getting The Perfect Wedding Shot With Photographer Depth of Tales

Depth of Tales Matthew taking photo of couple in room

If you love bright and dreamy photos, go for Depth of Tales! Matthew is humorous, easy to chat with and has a lot of ideas for poses. He’s dedicated to fulfilling the vision you have for your PWS and is able to provide advice to help you achieve it! 

We also booked Matthew for our AD so stay tuned as I’ll be updating this review with my AD photos when the time comes 😉  Can’t wait to see him in action again!

WhatsApp: +65 8282 4767 

Promo code: Quote “Bumblescoop” for 5% off all packages!
Pre-wedding packagesPrice
2 hours
  • 1-2 locations
  • Min. 80 edited photos
  • 20 retouched photos
  • $700
    4 hours
  • 2-3 locations
  • Min. 150 edited photos
  • 40 retouched photos
  • $1,300
    Actual day packagesPrice
    2 hours (Solemnisation)
  • 1 photographer
  • Min. 100 edited photos
  • $600
    5 hours
  • 1 photographer
  • Min. 200 edited photos
  • $1,500
    9 hours
  • 1 photographer
  • Min. 400 edited photos
  • Complimentary 1 hour pre-wedding shoot
  • $2,700
  • Additional coverage: $300/h
  • 2nd photographer: $120/h
  • Split day charge: $350
  • Same day edit montage: $200
  • 4R prints and keepsake box: $100
  • Album and exclusive box: $400+
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