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39 Beauty Bloggers in Singapore To Follow Based On Your Skin Type

If you’re someone who’s constantly on the hunt for the best beauty products, makeup deals and fashion tips, you’re in luck 🙂

In this article, we’ve featured 39 of the best beauty bloggers in Singapore to get your daily scoop on all things beauty and fashion!

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*Disclaimer: Bumble Scoop is not liable for any false or misleading information mentioned by these bloggers.

Editor’s Choice

Best Overall Beauty Blogger:
Xin Lin
Most Well Rounded Blog:
Ju Ann
Best Beauty Content Creator:
Badge for best overall beauty blogger: Xin Lin
Badge for most well rounded blog: Ju Ann
Badge for best beauty content creator: Mongabong
Skin type/concerns:
Dry, sensitive
Skin type/concerns:
Skin type/concerns:
Combination, sensitive, eczema-prone, rashes-prone
Xin Lin is an all-rounded beauty influencer who has a rich resource of content across her personal website and Instagram. She even produces content for YouTube from time to time.As a self-proclaimed beauty junkie, Ju Ann has produced countless product reviews. Apart from the mainstream topics, she also explores special services such as botox, fat reduction treatments and skin tightening.With over 267k followers to her name, there’s no doubt that Mongabong is a popular figure in the beauty world. Apart from blogging, she also produces content for her YouTube channel regularly.
Most Aesthetic Beauty Blog:
Melissa Celestine Koh
Most Inspirational Beauty Blogger:
Most Unique Beauty Recommendations:
Badge for most aesthetic beauty blog: Melissa C. Koh
Badge for most inspirational beauty blogger: Pearly
Badge for most unique beauty recommendations: Cinddie
Skin type/concerns:
Dry, sensitive
Skin type/concerns:
Oily, sensitive, eczema-prone
Skin type/concerns:
Melissa’s blog mainly has a minimalist design and her categories are cleanly organised. The overall colour scheme looks great with the pastel pink highlights appearing on article previews further adding to the aesthetic of the site.Pearly is a passionate blogger who battles against eczema and sensitive skin while sharing her love for all things beauty. Her positive outlook on life and fighting spirit is truly inspirational.There’s nothing Cinddie enjoys more than uncovering new beauty brands and hidden gems. While her recommendations are unique, they’re definitely spot on!

Nano Beauty Bloggers in Singapore (1K – 10K Instagram Followers)

1. Jessie Quek (1.2K followers)

 Skin type/concerns: Dry | Skin pigmentation

Jessie’s instagram feed and blog are packed with product reviews ranging from whitening serums to facial masks and hair conditioners. 

She also spends time writing about food and travel, while lovingly documenting the growing up years of her nephew Hay Boy.

2. Tan Shi Hui (1.4K followers)

 Skin type/concerns: Combination

Shi Hui is a multi-talented beauty blogger who also shares her travel experiences, personal thoughts and life tips on her website.

As a content creator, she has her own YouTube channel where she reviews beauty products and lets people in on her skin care routine.

3. Katelyn Tan (1.5K followers)

 Skin type/concerns: Combination | Acne-prone

Singaporean mum Katelyn Tan is a blogger who mainly focuses on beauty and fashion. Her blog serves as a platform for her to share reviews and useful beauty tips she has learnt along the way. 

She also runs an online shop selling leather gifts, neon lights and wedding services with her husband called Yours Truly.

4. Tracy Wong (1.9K followers)

 Skin care/concerns: Dry | Oily | Sensitive | Acne-prone | Clogged pores

With over a decade of blogging experience under her belt, it’s no surprise that Tracy was a finalist for the 2015 edition of the Singapore Blog Awards! She is a well-liked blogger who gives fair reviews of all products.

When she’s not working on beauty-related projects, she spends her time writing about food and lifestyle topics.

5. Fiona Seah (2.0K followers)

 Skin care/concerns: Combination | Acne-prone

Fiona specialises in reviewing makeup products and performing makeup on the lips and eyes. Her artistic and classy personality evidently shines through her beautiful Instagram feed! 

She was also awarded the coveted Best Beauty Blog award in 2015.

6. Darren Bloggie (3.0K followers)

 Skin care/concerns: Normal

Darren Ang is an award-winning lifestyle blogger who writes across a range of beats such as technology, food, entertainment and travel. He is also a beauty blogger who focuses on topics like skin care, grooming and hair loss prevention. 

Satisfying his readers is his top priority as he constantly strives to produce quality content.

7. Infinite Reflections (3.3K followers)

 Skin care/concerns: Dry

Infinite Reflections, who also goes by the nickname Antariksha Phadnis, is a beauty blogger who works as a full-time software engineer. She posts honest reviews and shares recommendations on the best beauty products in the market. 

Her YouTube channel is also updated regularly and boasts a strong following of 16.9k subscribers!

8. Ice Frost Diary (4.1K followers)

 Skin care/concerns: Dry

Michelle’s work as a freelance makeup artist puts her in great stead when it comes to reviewing items such as lipstick, foundation and eyeliner. 

Those of you who have sensitive and dry skin might want to check her out as she’s constantly on the lookout for hydrating skincare products.

9. Beauty by Rah (4.2K followers)

 Skin care/concerns: Oily | Acne-prone

Sarah’s a makeup enthusiast who loves nothing more than to share her knowledge about cosmetics with her readers. Apart from reviews, she also produces detailed skincare tutorials that any individual will find helpful.

She’s also a reflective and driven individual who constantly seeks self-growth.

10. Vivian Tian (5.4K followers)

 Skin care/concerns: Combination

As someone who tends to blog about everything under the sun, Vivian produces content on a regular basis for her readers. She covers a wide array of themes such as food, lifestyle, technology and gifts.

But as you’d expect, a large chunk of her posts revolve around makeup and skincare products!

11. Bun Bun (7.1K followers)

 Skin care/concerns: Oily

Juli, or more affectionately known as Bun Bun, is someone who simply loves all things makeup. Her blog is home to some of the best beauty listicles around and she covers anything from coping with acne to fighting against aging at 30.

12. Cyndi Soh Xinyi (7.2K followers)

 Skin care/concerns: Dry

A beauty blogger who’s all about following her heart, Cyndi writes and reviews anything and everything she wants to. She is deeply invested in all things beauty and fitness. Some unique topics she has covered so far include tattoo removal, the best types of wigs to wear and freckles removal.

Anyone who’s been considering a lasik procedure can also read up on her personal experience!

13. Makeup Stash (7.3K followers)

 Skin care/concerns: Dry | Sensitive

Founded in 2008, Makeup Stash is a Singaporean beauty blog started by Mag. Unlike many of the other bloggers found on this list, Mag doesn’t write about anything else except beauty products. Her recommendations are always well-received and appreciated by her readers.

14. Ena Teo (7.4K followers)

 Skin care/concerns: Combination

Enabalista is a lifestyle blog run that combines the elements of visual content, personal reviews and audience engagement. Ena, who is also a full-time property agent, has also worked with several beauty brands for her blog like L’Oreal and Estee Lauder.

She often shares about her experiences at fashion events such as the Digital Fashion Week and Audi Fashion Festival. She also reviews beauty products from time to time.

15. Missy Qiqi (7.5K followers)

 Skin care/concerns: Combination | Spots | Uneven skin tone

Qiqi is an e-commerce business owner and web designer. She’s also a parent blogger and a proud mother of four. Over the years, her children have inspired her to start providing useful information to other families when it comes to parenting.

Despite her busy schedule, she also produces content related to beauty and fashion in hopes of spreading positive vibes amongst the ladies in Singapore.

16. Dblchin (8.1K followers)

 Skin care/concerns: Oily | Sensitive

Clara Song, who also goes by the nickname of dblchin, is a makeup artist and mother of two lovely children. Aside from makeup projects, she also provides hair services for clients.

Her blog is a great resource for beauty product reviews and also contains her personal experience after being through certain life events such as the birth of a child and her post-pregnancy body treatment.

17. Pearly (9.1K followers)

 Skin care/concerns: Oily | Sensitive | Eczema-prone

Pearly is an inspirational beauty blogger who openly shares with the world about her fight against eczema. She specialises in reviewing skincare products for sensitive skin.

Even though she has already worked with numerous beauty brands, she remains refreshingly down-to-earth and simply wants to share her love for beauty with others.

18. Ivia Nat (9.8K followers)

 Skin care/concerns: Combination

Ivia Nat is a strong-willed single mother of one. She is a knowledgeable beauty blogger and has written about many beauty products from anti-ageing serums to sake face masks and hair conditioners.

Her blog also contains reviews for lifestyle, food and baby products.

19. I Love Bunny (9.9K followers)

 Skin care/concerns: Combination

I Love Bunny is the personal blog of lifestyle consultant Juliana C Stryker. It’s a chic website with the latest fashion, beauty and travel content. Just like Tracy, Juliana was a finalist in 2015’s edition of Singapore’s Best Beauty Blog.

Blog writing aside, she also runs the mobile clinic RESCU SG which helps to bring experienced doctors to the comfort of anyone’s home.

Micro Beauty Bloggers in Singapore (10K – 50K Instagram Followers)

20. Ju Ann (12.2K followers)

 Skin care/concerns: Oily

Describing herself as “a nutjob of a beauty junkie”, it’s clear for all that Ju Ann is a passionate beauty blogger. She has covered an interesting array of beauty topics such as botox, fillers, coolsculpting treatment and ultherapy.

As a mother of two, she hopes to inspire other modern mothers by offering advice and a listening ear to those in need.

21. Musical Houses (13.7K followers)

 Skin care/concerns: Oily | Sensitive | Acne-prone

Founded by Jerlene, Musical Houses was a two-time finalist at the SG Blog Awards Best Beauty Blog.

The beauty blog seeks to produce beauty content with an analytical perspective and is well known by many in the industry. Her Instagram feed is curated beautifully by combining and complementing beauty products with colourful flowers.

22. Roseanne Tangrs (14.3K followers)

 Skin care/concerns: Oily

Roseanne is a professional makeup artist who also teaches others how to apply makeup. Her blog aims to empower the everyday woman by sharing inspiring stories.

She has reviewed a range of beauty products over the years and has also conducted makeup workshops around Singapore. 

23. Cinddie (14.4K followers)

 Skin care/concerns: Oily

Cinddie is a beauty content creator based in Singapore. As you might be able to tell from her aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed, she’s someone who is obsessed with the colour pink. 

Her blog mainly focuses on beauty and fashion related content. She enjoys uncovering new brands and hidden gems, and is always eager to share them with her readers!

24. The Leiav (16.1K followers)

 Skin care/concerns: Oily | Sensitive | Acne-prone

Shanti has been a beauty, fashion and lifestyle content creator since 2014. In 2013, she quit her sales job to share her love and interest for makeup with Indian women in their 20s and 30s. 

She has a unique take when it comes to fashion and believes that: “all (that) is required is a black and white outfit, a pop of colour somewhere and a winged liner!”

She also posts a new beauty video on her YouTube channel weekly and has a respectable 9.16k subscribers.

25. Faithy Vanity Table (16.3K followers)

 Skin care/concerns: Combination | Sensitive | Acne-prone | Pigmentation

Faith describes herself as a ‘beauty aficionado with an insatiable appetite for beauty, love and life’. Her award-winning blog Faithy Vanity Table mainly revolves around beauty, wellness and travel. She aims to inspire women of all ages to feel beautiful about themselves. 

She also reviews the latest fashion trends and beauty products in order to help her readers make the most informed choices.

26. Hazel Diary (17.6K followers)

 Skin care/concerns: Combination

Although Hazel Diary is more famous for being a food blogger, her website contains some really useful articles on beauty and wellness. 

Just like other beauty bloggers on this list, Hazel does product reviews on beauty and fashion products such as skincare essentials and lingerie.

27. Roanna T. (19.9K followers)

 Skin care/concerns: Dry

As its name suggests, Roanna T’s blog Paradeoflove is a showcase of what the beauty blogger wholeheartedly loves – makeup, skincare, nails and wellness.

Her Instagram stories are also carefully curated to share her makeup tutorials, facial treatment reviews and scalp care routines with her followers.

28. Ms Hannah Chia (22K followers)

 Skin care/concerns: Combination

What started out as a personal food blog soon became a well loved website for lifestyle related content. Currently, the Ms Hannah Chia team writes about anything related to travel, beauty and food. 

Some beauty content they’ve covered so far include product and service reviews such as eyeliner embroidery, CoolSculpting treatment and sustainably sourced organic skincare.

29. Celine Chiam (31.6K followers)

 Skin care/concerns: Combination

Celine uses her blog as a platform for her to pen down her travel experiences, beauty reviews, fashion trends and gastronomical food adventures. Much like other beauty bloggers, she has an unwavering passion for empowering ladies to look and feel good about themselves.

Her Instagram stories also contain handy content about her hair makeovers, skincare product reviews and her ordeal with skin allergies.

30. William Tan (33K followers)

 Skin care/concerns: Oily

Much like Hazel Diary, William Tan’s award-winning blog mainly revolves around food and lifestyle topics. However, William does feature a significant amount of beauty content as well. 

His most recent beauty post was published in August, and it detailed his personal experience after undergoing a hair transplant surgery. A quick scroll through his Instagram feed also shows him talking about spa treatments, hair products and skincare.

31. Makeup Box (37.1K followers)

 Skin care/concerns: Dry | Sensitive

Candice Chen is another beauty blogger who does in-depth reviews of a range of beauty products. She’s always quick to share the latest promotions with her followers and often utilises IGTV to create content.

She’s particularly interested in the areas of makeup, fragrance and skincare.

Mid-tier Beauty Bloggers in Singapore (50K – 500K Instagram Followers)

32. Bubbly Michelle (50.8K followers)

picture of bubbly michelle

 Skin care/concerns: Dry | Combination

Bubbly Michelle is a respected beauty blogger who has been called upon to judge the Beauty Awards for Harper’s Bazaar Singapore throughout the years 2016 to 2018.  

On Instagram, you can find her skincare routine as well as a ton of featured product reviews. She strives to provide the most objective, honest and thorough reviews to her readers.

33. Flora Isabelle (61.8K followers)

 Skin care/concerns: Combination

Ever since the birth of her newborn, much of Flora Isabelle’s content revolves around childcare and parenting. 

However, she still features beauty content from time to time and has covered issues ranging from hair restoration to acne management.

34. Yina Goh (65.4K followers)

 Skin care/concerns: Combination

Yina Goh is definitely one of the more prominent lifestyle, travel and beauty bloggers in Singapore. She exudes a pleasant disposition and has worked with notable beauty brands such as The Body Shop, Etude House, Garnier and L’Oreal.

She frequently does mask reviews via Instagram stories and her blog was recently updated with a new article recounting her plastic surgery experience in Seoul.

35. Xin Lin (128K followers)

 Skin care/concerns: Dry | Sensitive

Xin Lin is yet another beauty blogger who produces lifestyle and travel content. She reviews all things beauty related from skincare to makeup products. Her blog is also a space for her to share random musings about life and more.

She also produces content for her YouTube channel every now and then.

36. Melissa Celestine Koh (265K followers)

 Skin care/concerns: Dry | Sensitive

Hoping to inspire all who set their eyes on her content, Melissa boasts a strong Instagram following of over 265K. She’s a positive role model for all as she has contributed to causes relating to the elderly, sick and poor.

The beauty section of her blog is a rich resource for anyone seeking help related to skincare, hair care and makeup. Her blog also features a small collection of fashion items that she recommends her readers to get their hands on.

37. Mongabong (267K followers)

 Skin care/concerns: Combination | Sensitive | Eczema-prone | Rashes-prone

Also known as Mongchin Yeoh, Mongabong is a lifestyle and beauty influencer. She loves fashion and beauty, and is always ready to give the best product recommendations to her readers.

She also regularly updates her YouTube channel with beauty and other lifestyle related content, and has a loyal subscriber base of 93.7K.

38. Bong Qiu Qiu (288K followers)

 Skin care/concerns: Dry | Sensitive

BongQiuQiu is an easy-going beauty influencer who’s adored by many.

As a proud mother of three, she spends much of her time writing about and caring for her children. Still, she does her best to share skincare tips, perform product reviews and recommend beauty essentials on a frequent basis.

39. Drea Chong (307K followers)

 Skin care/concerns: Normal | Sensitive | Eczema-prone

When it comes to finding the best beauty blogger in town, it’s hard to look past Drea Chong. The digital content creator and soon-to-be mother is an influential figure in the beauty and fashion industry. 

Apart from producing hair, skincare and makeup content, Drea Chong also writes about fitness, self-growth, career advice and perspective pieces.

The Best Bloggers in Singapore For All Things Beauty

With so many great beauty bloggers to follow, you can certainly look forward to satisfying your daily craving for beauty advice and fashion tips!

Have a favourite beauty blogger that you want to see included? Contact us at to let us know!

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