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Top 15 AI Image Generators That’ll Convince You We’re Living in the Future

Artificial Intelligence (AI) image generators have been sparking lots of interest online, with people using the new technology to create memes, TikTok trends and boost their work productivity. Feed these intelligent programs a text or image input and it’ll scrape through its databases to build a unique image from scratch!

With the prevalence of open source algorithms, many free-to-use and paid image generators have been made available online. Some of them, like WOMBO Dream and neuMidjourney, cater to more casual and curious users, while others present solutions to those in the creative industry. Sites like Hypotenuse and Rytr make it easier for bloggers, graphic designers and social media managers to produce quality content at hyperspeed.

Check out our list of the top 15 AI image generators in the market today, their price points and key features. We’ve even included sample image generations* from each platform with the prompt “photo of a magical forest city from the future” so you can get an idea of the technology’s capabilities!

*Note: Differences in the number or quality of images generated may be a result of the default settings of each platform. Some images have received minor edits for cohesivity.

What is an AI Image Generator?

AI image generators are tools that can create pictures, artworks and designs from scratch, based on text prompts or seed images. 

They generally use two neural networks, one to predict and create an image, and the other to check how accurate the creation is based on images from the internet. The process goes back and forth until a final image is produced.

Many image generators available online are able to create images of different styles like photorealistic images, stylized graphic design and surreal digital art.

Common Uses for AI Image Generators

You’ll typically find these generators being used for a myriad of reasons, including the creation of:

  • License-free graphic designs, logos and images for businesses or blogs
  • Character art for games or videos
  • Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and printable artwork
  • Memes and profile pictures

Many people use them to get inspired or express themselves creatively. There’s also a growing community of users online who use these tools simply to participate in the advancement of the technology. And finally, many people are using it just because it’s fun!

Best AI Image Generators With Text Generation Tools

Here are some sites that offer both image and text generation tools, making them highly popular with content creators!


Key image styles: Concept art, photography, architecture, wallpaper, fashion, video games
Price: From $9/mo (400 images)

AI text generator

AISEO Art sets itself apart by offering a number of cool features to enhance the image generation process. This includes tools like:

  • Art generation – Text to image generator with customizable art style and aspect ratio
  • Image reversal – Creates art based on image URLs
  • Image variation – Creates stylized variations of uploaded image inputs
  • Erase and replace – Erase specific details of an image and replace it with a text prompt
  • AI avatars – Creates 100+ stylized AI avatars based on uploaded photos of yourself

The text to image tool also generates a gallery of past creations based on your prompt, which is great for helping you visualize the kind of output you may get.

PlanPrice per monthNo. of AI generated images per month

2. DeepAI

AI generated image using DeepAI

Key image styles: Cute, fantasy, renaissance, impressionism, surreal, logo generator
Price for paid version: $4.99/mo (500 images; $5 per 500 more)

AI text generator
AI text generator

DeepAI’s text to image generator makes AI art creation incredibly easy and accessible to the masses. Simply key in a prompt, select from a list of free and paid art styles and generate your images. From photorealistic works to more cartoonish and stylistic ones, gain inspiration for your next design project.

DeepAI also offers a slew of other API tools like image colorization, super resolution, deep dream and toonify.

3. Hotpot

Key image styles: Anime, fantasy, icon, Picasso painting, sketch, steampunk
Price for paid version: From $10/mo

Free version (5 credits/day)
AI text generator

Hotpot believes in offering affordable tools for everyone to use. You can generate free designs and artworks within 1 to 15 minutes up to 5 times a day. In contrast, the paid version gets you a set amount of credits you can use to create higher quality images between 3 to 10 seconds. You’ll also get to:

  • Generate multiple images at once
  • Edit, enhance and resize your images
  • Sell your artworks as NFTs

The platform is great for creatives looking for a low-cost way to create graphics, images, icons and logos for social media and marketing campaigns. Many use it as a way to get inspired too, complementing their artistic process.

PlanPrice (pay once)Price (pay monthly)Price (pay yearly)
1000 credits$12$10/mo$100/yr
2500 credits$30$25/mo$250/yr
5000 credits$60$50/mo$500/yr
10,000 credits$120$100/mo$1000/yr
20,000 credits$240$200/mo$2000/yr
35,000 credits$420$350/mo$3500/yr

4. Hypotenuse

AI generated images using Hypotenuse

Key prompt customizations: Type, aesthetic, mood and lighting, artist or style, aspect ratio, size
Price: From $29/mo (200 images)

7 day free trial
AI text generator

When used with its text generation tool, Hypotenuse’s AI image generator makes it easy for marketers and creators to produce high quality content at optimal speeds. The platform’s algorithms are sophisticated yet incredibly easy to maneuver.

Aside from producing stunning images, the text to image tool is designed with the user in mind. You get to toggle a ‘guide me’ option while inputting your commands, which reveals a host of prompts to help you arrive at the image you want. 

They have drop-down lists for additional descriptions for type, aesthetic, mood and lighting, and artist or style. From there, you get to choose from sample descriptions, or be inspired to come up with your own ones.

The software also lets you easily adjust the aspect ratio and size of your generated images to suit your intended use.

PlanPrice per monthText credits per monthNo. of team membersWatermark-free AI images per month
Starter$29100 credits (~25k words)1200 images (1024px resolution)
Growth$59350 credits (~87.5k words)1Unlimited (2048px resolution)
$109700 credits (~175k words)
Unlimited (2048px resolution)

5. Jasper

AI generated image using Jasper

Key prompt customizations: Mood, medium, inspiration, style, keywords
Price: From $20/mo (unlimited images)

5 day free trial (200 images)
AI text generator

Geared to marketers, bloggers and creators, Jasper Art is a handy tool to supplement the platform’s main text generator function. The interface is straightforward and easy to use, with an input box for text commands and multiple drop-down lists to customize the desired end product. 

The lists cover the following categories:

  • Mood – E.g. romantic, whimsical, gloomy
  • Medium – E.g. graffiti, ink, mixed media
  • Inspiration – E.g. Andy Warhol, Claude Monet, Frida Kahlo
  • Style – E.g. baroque, art deco, realism
  • Keywords – E.g. photorealistic, close-up, flat lighting

The platform is great for beginners who are still learning the ropes of crafting specific prompts for the best image outputs.

PlanPriceNo. of AI generated images per month

6. Neuroflash

AI generated image using Neuroflash

Key features: AI images, AI writer, writing a blog section, social media caption, Unsplash image search, clickbait headlines
Price for paid version: From €29 ($30.89)

Free version (1 image/mo)
AI text generator

Neuroflash is a great efficiency enhancing tool for content, marketing and social media teams in any company or agency. Largely an AI text generator, the platform has recently added a beta image generator into its offerings.

The standard images produced are generally larger than many other free tools. However, the free version only entitles you to one image a month and not too many options and styles to tweak and adjust. 

Nonetheless, this may be convenient for creatives looking for a quick way to include gorgeous, license-free images to enhance their written work.

PlanPrice per monthNo. of AI generated images per monthNo. of AI generated words per month
Free-1 image2k words
Basic€29 ($30.89)25 images20k words
Power€79 ($84.15)50 images200k words
Premium€199 ($211.97)Unlimited

7. Rytr

AI generated image using Rytr

Key use cases: Magic command, blog section writing, business idea pitch, story plot, video idea, social media ads
Price for paid version: From $9/mo

Free version (5 images/mo)
AI text generator

Rytr is an AI text generator platform that has a handy image generator embedded into its writing interface. It operates like a document editor, where you can boost your writing for articles and copies for social media, product descriptions and ads.

The image generator is easy to use, simply type a command on the document, highlight it and click “AI Image”. It’s a convenient way to quickly add visuals and spruce up your blog content or for brainstorming graphics for your next great ad!

PlanPrice per monthAI images per month

Best AI Image Generators Without Text Generation Tools

Here are some of the best AI image generators in the market that don’t have text generation tools. Though they can’t help with written content, they’re still great for casual users, graphic designers and digital artists looking for inspiration and copyright-free images!

8. Canva

AI generated images using Canva

Key image styles: Photo, drawing, 3D, painting, pattern, concept art
Price for paid version: From $164.99/year

Free version
30 day free trial
Mobile app (iOS, Android)

Canva’s AI image generator app is woven directly into its image editing platform, making it really easy to use. They use a well-known software called Stable Diffusion to generate any image you can imagine.

With each input, you get 4 image outputs to select from. You’re also able to specify the type of style you want the image to be in, like photorealistic, 3D design and concept art. Edit the images to your liking using the site’s beginner-friendly tools like image and color filters, templates and graphics library.

PlanPrice per yearNo. of usersKey Features
  • 5 GB storage
  • 1+ million free stock photos, graphics, etc.
  • 8,000+ free templates, logos, etc.
  • No custom templates
  • Pro$164.991
  • 1 TB storage
  • 4+ million free stock photos, graphics, etc.
  • 60,000+ free templates, logos, etc.
  • Custom templates
  • Teams$209.905

    9. DALL-E 2

    AI generated images using Dall-E-2

    Key features: Generate variations, eraser, generation frame
    Price for paid version: $15 per 115 credits

    Free version (50 credits for first month, 15 credits/mo subsequently)

    DALL-E 2 by OpenAI is a sophisticated software capable of producing high quality AI-powered images from text or seed image prompts. The platform is user-friendly and geared towards idea generation – evident through their ‘surprise me’ function and proud display of past works.

    Some cool features include an editing function which allows you to:

    • Extend an image output
    • Erase and replace specific areas of the image

    It’s available for free use in beta, where you’ll get 50 credits in your first month and 15 credits each subsequent month! If you run out of credits, you can purchase more as you go along.

    10. Deep Dream Generator

    AI generated image using Deep Dream Generator

    Key features: Adjustable aspect ratios (square, landscape, portrait), adjustable quality (up to 5 MP), face enhance, upscale and enhance, random prompt, add modifiers
    Price for paid version: From $19/mo

    Free version

    With a clean and straightforward interface, Deep Dream Generator is a great site for anyone looking to try out AI image generation. They offer 3 main tools:

    • Text 2 Dream (text to image) – Creates images based off text prompts
    • Deep Style (image to image) – Edits base image based on selected style and parameters
    • Deep Dream (image to image) – Shows you what deep neural networks see with any given base image

    Text 2 Dream also comes with a handy ‘add modifiers’ option that gives you a list of options to specify your desired image output. They’ve included categories like ‘generic’ (e.g. pixar, oil on canvas), ‘artists’ (e.g. Van Gogh, Picasso) and ‘quality’ (e.g. extremely detailed, photorealistic).

    PlanPrice per monthEnergy credits per monthStorageResolution
    Advanced$19120 (12 credits/hr recharge)20 GBFull HD (2.1 MP)
    Professional$39250 (18 credits/hr recharge)50 GBQuad HD+ (5 MP)
    Ultra$99750 (60 credits/hr recharge)200 GB

    11. Midjourney

    AI generated images using Midjourney

    Key features: Make variations, upscale, upscale to max, light upscale redo, beta upscale redo, remaster
    Price: From $10/mo

    Free trial (25 images)
    Available for use on Discord mobile app

    Midjourney is a community-centric platform that operates primarily on a Discord server. There, you get to input prompts to a bot that’ll generate impressively high quality images on a public thread. While waiting for your images to load, you can scroll through the other amazing artworks generated by other active users.

    The platform is great for people looking to collaboratively explore the possibilities of AI technology. You get to gain inspiration from other works and learn the best ways of inputting prompts for awesome results. However, they do have a paid version that allows you to create images privately, as well as plans geared towards corporate use.

    PlanPrice per monthNo. of AI generated images per month (relaxed speed)Fast generationsStealth image generation
    Basic$10-200 minutesΧ
    Standard$30Unlimited15 hoursΧ
    Pro$6030 hours

    12. NightCafe Studio

    AI generated image using NightCafe Studio

    Key image styles: NightCafe, photo, pop art, 3D game, cyberpunk, gouache
    Price: From $7.99 (100 credits); from $9.99 (pro plan)

    Free version (5 credits/day)

    NightCafe Studio allows users to get a taste of the latest AI technology available with a selection of several text to image algorithms. From oldest to newest, they include:

    • Artistic (VQGAN+CLIP)
    • Coherent (CLIP-guided diffusion)
    • Stable (stable diffusion)

    With each new iteration, the technology gets more powerful and better able to create realistic-looking images.

    NightCafe strives to bring the joys and satisfaction of art creation to as many people as possible, no matter their skill level. If you’re just starting out, try creating something with your daily free credits after making an account. You can earn more free credits by doing simple actions like sharing a creation on social media or liking 10 community creations!

    PlanPrice per monthCredits per month
    AI hobbyist$9.99200 (1.6k+ images)
    AI enthusiast$19.99500 (2.8k+ images)
    AI artist$49.991400 (6.4k+ images)
    AI professional$79.992500 (10k+ images)

    13. PixRay

    AI generated image using PixRay

    Key render engines: vqgan, vdiff, fft, fast_pixel, clipdraw, line_draw
    Price for paid version: $0.00055 per second ($0.033 per minute)*
    *It takes around 6 minutes for an image to be generated.

    Free version

    PixRay has a simple interface with great possibilities in producing stunning AI powered images and artworks. Aside from being a fun and interesting platform to use, its main goal is also to allow the masses to enjoy the act of visual creation and expression.

    However, the platform does come with some features that may take you some time getting used to (if you’re a coding noob like me). It allows you to choose a render engine for your image prediction, like vqgan, line_sketch and pixel. You also get to input text settings to control things like aspect, scale and iterations.

    For a first timer, it may take some experimentation to figure out the best one for you.

    14. StarryAI

    AI generated images using StarryAI

    Key image styles: Hyper detailed, storybook illustration, hyperrealism, watercolor, cinema 4D, National Geographic photo
    Price: From $11.99 (pro plan); from $15.99 (40 credits)

    Free version (5 credits/day)
    Mobile app

    Create stunning artwork and designs using StarryAI’s user-friendly online and mobile platforms, featuring 4 different AI softwares:

    • Argo – For artistic and product renders
    • Argo 2 (beta) – Improved version of Argo
    • Altair – For abstract, dream-like images
    • Orion – Coming in January 2023

    Users get to enjoy the tools with 5 free credits a day, where 1 credit can typically generate 4 images. For greater customization, try out their pro plan! This gives you access to advanced settings like adjustable canvas sizes (e.g. landscape, square, wide) and image quality (up to 4x upscaling).

    PlanPriceKey features
    1 month$11.99
  • 50 credits/mo
  • 50% off all additional credit packs
  • Ad-free
  • Unlock all canvas sizes
  • Free 4x upscaling
  • 3 month$29.99 ($10/mo)
    12 month$95.99 ($8/mo)

    15. WOMBO Dream

    AI generated image using WOMBO Dream

    Key image styles: Diorama, cartoonist, meme, surreal, psychedelic, Ghibli
    Price for paid version: From $4.99/mo

    Free version
    3 day free trial (annual plan)
    Mobile app (iOS, Android)

    If you’re new to the world of AI image generation and wondering what it’s all about, check out Dream by WOMBO. Explore the wonders of modern text to image technology with their online software and mobile app. 

    The platform is a great tool for fuelling your imagination and creativity while experimenting with a wide range of art styles. You can even convert your artwork into NFTs or get it printed on canvas.

    PlanPriceNo. of AI generated images per monthAdditional features
  • 4 image outputs per prompt
  • Ad-free
  • Exclusive Discord role
  • Premium styles
  • Priority queue
  • Save as video
  • Annual$29.99/yr
    Lifetime$99.99 (one time payment)

    FAQs About AI Image Generators

    Yes there are. Some common ones include Canva, Hotpot, DeepAI and DALL-E 2.

    You can use an AI image generator like Deep Dream Generator or Hypotenuse. Generally, the process will be as follows.

    1. Input a seed image or type in a text prompt like “Picasso painting of a panda jumping rope”. It helps to be specific with the art style you want in your prompt!
    2. Select from present art style options and adjust other settings (e.g. aspect ratio, image quality).
    3. Wait for your images to be generated. This may take several seconds or minutes, depending on the server.
    4. Once you have your images, you can often choose to edit them, regenerate them or run them through the software again for a different output!

    Generated images are typically unique works created from scratch by AI systems, i.e. they aren’t images of real places or people. However, as these algorithms learn from preexisting images online, these generated images may often seem to be ‘real’ or resemble existing works and portraits.

    As compared to creating art without the help of AI, here are some pros and cons of using image generators.

  • Create images and designs much faster and in bulk
  • Endless source of inspiration
  • Many free softwares available
  • Chance to collaborate with other users online
  • As more people use it, the technology gets better at generating quality images
  • Bulk image generation may be costly for some
  • May require a lot of experimentation when figuring out the right prompts
  • Many debates still ongoing about the ethics of using them (e.g. in art competitions or to replace human designers)

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